Equine Reiki Testimonials: Sarah Berrisford

equine reiki course lincolnshireAt Reiki Evolution we routinely ask our students to let us have their feedback about the training and support that they receive. We have set ourselves high standards and want to make sure that our students are happy with their training, and soliciting feedback is a good way of making sure that we are on track.

Below you can read testimonials from people who have attended Sarah Berrisford’s Equine Reiki training courses in Spalding, Lincolnshire.



“I thought the course was wonderful and I’m very proud to display my certificate on my office wall. I especially enjoyed the attunements as it has been some time since I passed my Reiki 2 course. I also thought the horses were wonderful too, so calm and gentle. They really helped me build my confidence around horses. The venue was perfect too as you yourself Sarah.

I definately want to do the level 2 course. I felt I noticed a difference when I went to the stables last week and felt very calm on a hack, even when we came across a group of quad bikes in a field. So I will be experimenting and hope to gain confidence and reiki success with horses. Also have to say being a small group was lovely too.”

Marion King, Cambridgeshire, January 2010

“Thank you Sarah for giving us such a wonderful day at your Equine centre! As I told you I just knew one end of the horse from the other – and despite that I was able to handle not one but two horses – Toby and Pancha – it was a great feeling! I was a bit apprehensive when I arrived but after you and your sister showed us how to handle the horse and make them listen to you – all my apprehensions disappeared! When I told my family and friends that I not only handled Toby but also put the collar and gave him Reiki and the 2nd time round gave Reiki to Pancha in his stable without him being tied up, they just couldn’t believe me!

The day was packed with such knowledge, subtle energy and such good company that I’m glad I attended the Course. I’m now looking forward to the 2nd level in March.”

Hira Kelshikar, Kent, January 2010

“The day with Sarah was great. The class space was lovely and warm, clean and welcoming. Lovely music softly playing, tea magically appearing and a very genuine friendly atmosphere.

The time we spent with the horses was great too- very nice facilities, safe horses suitable for people of all levels of horse experience and generous teaching and attention from Sarah.

The Reiju Empowerments were really beautiful, with a shared experiences throughout the group of bright white light during the final one.

I had a lovely day, had some wonderful information coming through from the horses which Sarah backed up and I came away feeling very positive, encouraged and more confident in my work. I intend to complete level 2 and 3 with her.

She’s a great teacher and- unlike many healing teachers- really seems to want others to be great too.”

Emma Dinnage, Hampshire, February 2010

“First of all I thoroughly enjoyed the course. I felt welcome and at home right from the beginning of the day. I learned a great deal about Reiki around horses and gained alot of confidence in my own ability to do it. I particularly liked the ‘free in the stable’ way of working. I did this with Pancho and am still feeling what he was giving me! The lovely calm atmosphere of the yard was wonderful.

I particularly liked the feedback and discussion sections where we were sharing experiences. It really helped me to realise that what I was feeling and experiencing was ‘real’.

I am really looking forward to the next level and the Animal Communication course in the summer.”

Janice White, February 2010

“I really enjoyed my Equine Reiki training course. I thought the staff were very friendly and welcoming and the horses were lovely, very well behaved and I felt completely safe with the ones that I worked with. The yard has a nice feel about it.

It was lovely to be able to be very hands on after the initial safety talk and I reall got a lot from the horses. Sarah was a good teacher and was able to answer any questions that our group had.

I enjoyed it so much and would like to make a career out of this eventually so am already booking up for my Advanced course!”

Jane Green, Essex, March 2010

“Dearest Sarah, Thank you for such a wonderful experience with your most beautiful horses yesterday. They feel more human than most humans! As I told Caroline, – a beautiful teacher, wonderful company, beautiful horses, and wonderful weather. What more could one ask for?

I still find it difficult to believe that – just with knowing one end of the horse from the other – you turned me into a horse lover! It was such a spititual experience giving reiki to the horses – with each one actually telling you where it wanted the reiki and moving away when they had enough! And such playful and loving horses too!

Thank you so much for being there with us and teaching us equine reiki! Many thanks to Vicky for all her guidance and help! May you continue to guide and inspire many more people!

Thank you Taggart for giving me a beautiful chance to learn something new!”

Hira Kelshikar, Kent, March 2010

“I had really enjoyed the Basic course with Sarah and Vicky some months earlier, and felt ready to move on to new experiences (and what an experience it turned out to be!). I have taught and worked with Reiki for many years, but very little with Horses (about 15 Hrs including the 1st course !!) and I have not ridden or owned a Horse, but felt drawn to working with them.

The Advanced course was just as informal, relaxing, practical, hands-on (and off ) as the Level one, but the powerful attunement linked to the Horses presence makes a huge difference.

I felt empowered yet peaceful throughout and at the last session of the day Sarah and Vicky invited me to work with Oceano, a large and frustrated Stallion! (He had injured himself and was on box rest). Working in the Stable, it took about 15 mins, but we eventually made a healing connection, I felt his Aura, his Chakras, and had a visualisation of me sitting on his back. We both stood there suspended in time.

A very, very special moment for both of us!

The day spent at Epona has inspired me carry on with this work and develop a client base in the North West. So if you are thinking of working with Horses and Reiki, don’t hesitate to try out The Epona Centre first.”

Adrian Price, Cheshire, March 2010

“I LOVED the course – probably the best day I have had in a while! The experiences were amazing, I felt a real connection with the horses and it seemed as if I was able to view a MRI type scan image of the horses anatomy. Very odd I know.

I felt very safe around all the horses and never felt nervous as I know people can do. This was both due to the horses being so calm and also the confidence you gave me by the first part of the course involving the basic horse handling.

The instruction was so good it has got to be some of the best instruction I have ever had – and I’ve had loads of training in the past. The course was extremely well structured and pitched at the right level with a steady progression throughout the day.

I honestly can’t think of anything that could be improved about the day – even the continuous cups of tea were really delicious – so much so that I have been drinking the same tea myself now everyday at work!!! 🙂 The course has given me the confidence to help a friend with her horse – so that to me is the best way to prove how good the course was!”

Mike Rampling, Suffolk, March 2010

“A completely amazing day, made to feel at ease and relaxed. Sarah and Vicky gave very clear instruction and explanations at all times. The horses were fantastic and great to work with and are a credit to the girls, also the variety of different horses we worked on made the experience very interesting. During the day I was quite emotional at times, because of the reactions I got from the horses, everything was just amazing and any doubts I had about using Reiki on horses was washed away. At the end of the day I came away from the course feeling I’d achieved so much, with the help and guidance from Sarah and Vicky and their fantastic horses.

I very much look forward to the next course on this amazing journey!”

Annie Stead, North Yorkshire, March 2010

“I thoroughly enjoyed the 14th and came away feeling very energised and up! Sarah and Vicky give a warm welcome as do their horses. I felt completely safe, comfortable and relaxed all day. Receiving the Reiki empowerments again opened me up more over the ensuing days/weeks and felt very peaceful on the day too! I was very relaxed for a couple of days – could not stay awake! Followed by a huge burst of physical energy giving me new purpose and more confidence.

I found using Reiki on horses very different to humans – the enrgy is much stronger in the bond I felt with the horse, it surprised and delighted me – found it very moving. Since then I have given Reiki to some friends horses and each time I do it, the connection grows, the reactions of the horses differ, it’s very rewarding and all of the horses have benefitted, their owners tell me. Wish I had known what I know now years ago when I had horses!”

Carole Allen, Bedfordshire, April 2010

“The course was excellent. The pace was just right, starting with the energy flowing through the empowerments, which is always a lovely way to bring the group together.

The demonstration of how to understand and deal with a horses body language was very useful for me and we had plenty of time to work with the energy with horses, discuss our experiences and use that to work again. It was very useful to work on the younger horses in the afternoon too.

The information on Chakras, looking at them and working on eachothers’ and the horses’ was helpful and gives a very useful additional focus to help with a treatment, giving a potentially wider indication of problems. It is a very special place to learn and be and Sarah and Vicky are so welcoming and very accomplished Equine Reiki people.”

Emma Gray, Leicestershire, June 2010

“Every element of this course was exemplary. As soon as I discovered the Epona Equine Reiki website I knew in my heart that the next steps on my Reiki path were laid out in front of me.

On the day I just knew I was exactly where I was supposed to be and everything felt “right”. Having the course manual sent out in advance is such a good idea, allowing students to be well prepared. The content was well presented and very clear.

The day itself was excellent in all respects. Sarah was very welcoming and everyone was instantly put at ease. The timetable for the day was well thought out and packed with practical elements. Health and Safety aspects of working around and with horses was well covered, with Vicky quietly assisting those with less experience and giving them confidence. The Reiju Empowerments were beautiful and deeply peaceful.

The stars of the show, the equine teachers, also demonstrated great patience and were a joy to be with. The practical sessions were well explained beforehand and there was no feeling of being rushed, people could work at their own pace. There was time for students to share their experiences after each element and to ask questions. I particularly liked the music playing softly in the background whilst we offered Reiki to the horses.

Thank you, Sarah – I will be back!”

Elinor Mary Thomas, Yorkshire, June 2010

“This course has given me so much confidence in my ability to work with horses and to trust my intuition. I felt the safety instruction was relevant and important especially for people unused to being or working with horses. I felt safe and trusted the animals even when working in the ‘kick’ zone.

The whole day was calm and peaceful. I loved receiving the Reiju empowerments and discovered a new spirit helper in a black dog! Thank you from the bottom of my heart. What I came away with money can’t buy!”

Dianne Chapman, Cornwall, June 2010

“I loved the course, it was brilliant! The location is great, Sarah is a knowledgable, helpful and interesting teacher and the horses wonderful and great teachers themselves. I felt safe and at home around the horses even though I’d never met them before.

The instructions about the horses and using Reiki was pitched just right – enough info but still left me with things to discover myself. The best bits about the course were the balance of instructions and theory with hands on experience. The way the day was good and time for many questions. I felt like I’d had a day of healing and soul searching myself, rather emotional at times (good clearing out) and feeling much more positive and calmer since the course. Thank you very much to you all!“

Beth Osborne, Rutland, July 2010

“As someone who is unfamiliar with horses I was a little nervous about meeting and working with them. I needn’t have worried: Sarah has an amazing ability to put you at ease whilst instilling a confidence to work with the horses confidently and safely.

I thoroughly enjoyed the day and will definitely continue my equine journey. A journey and experience I hope to build on at the Epona Equine Reiki Centre because of the excellent tuition, empathy and respect for the attendees and also the horses and the support and follow up afterwards. Thank you so much.”

Karen Hughes, Cheshire, June 2010

“I had a lovely time on 21st July 2010, on arrival you were made to feel really welcome. The horses were the stars, they were great, the feedback you got from them was amazing, they were so calm. Beautifully turned out and a pleasure to work with, very rewarding. The course was hands on. I enjoyed this, making the contact with the horses gaining experience all the time. Sarah and Vicky are amazing lovely girls. Keep up the good work. I went on this course as I love working around horses and wanted to include horses in my Reiki. I found it so interesting now I am looking forward to doing the Advanced Course in September.

It was great to work in such a clean, relaxed and friendly atmosphere. Thank you for the most enjoyable day and see you all in September.“

Linda Carr, Scotland, July 2010

“Yet another very professionally run course at the Epona Equine Reiki Centre. Sarah is very accomplished and knowledgeable and is a naturally gifted teacher. She gives confidence to her students and is always relaxed and serene. The comprehensive Equine Reiki Master Practitioner Manual was full of exercises to practise and become familiar with before the course and lots of new things to learn. This enabled me to feel more confident during the sessions on both days and to know exactly which techniques I need to develop further.

The horses, as ever, were wonderful – gentle and patient – and the yard and stables were well-kept and clean. The whole place had a great atmosphere and energy. Both days were packed with practical sessions which were discussed beforehand, with plenty of time for questions and feedback afterwards.

The visit to Sue King’s yard was another great experience and it was nice to meet her special equine family. Thank you, Sarah, for a most enjoyable and inspiring course. “

Elinor Mary Thomas, Yorkshire, October 2010

“Thoroughly enjoyed the course, it was truly magical and it really helped me after undergoing the Basic Course and I am definitely interested in the Masters, so I hope I will feel ready by March 2011. There was a good variety of horses to work on which again helps to increase confidence and improve Reiki techniques. It was interesting to listen to other people’s experiences as well. A wonderful course and I’m looking forward to working with horses. “

Marion King, Cambridgeshire, September 2010

“I Really enjoyed the course and learnt a lot more about using Reiki with horses. It was good experience working on the horses and being able to feel the connection with them and observe their reactions. Thank you to you and the horses for a really good course. “

Daphne Adams, Grantham, September 2010

“As with previous courses, I thoroughly enjoyed the 2 day Equine Reiki Master Practitioner Course, which went far too quickly. I absolutely loved being around the horses. I have already been on a couple of courses and therefore was familiar with Sarah’s expertise and knowledge, so I expected to learn a lot – however, I learnt and experienced far more than even I expected.

I felt very safe around the horses – Sarah very carefully picks horses for people and fully explains how to handle them. Sarah creates a lot of confidence in people, and also has a beautiful way of guiding people in the right direction, whilst also boosting their confidence and assuring them they are doing nothing wrong.

Sarah lets everyone go at their own pace and never rushes anyone. She relaxes people and makes them feel competent. Vicky is also extremely friendly and helpful. Nothing could be improved, in my opinion. “

Sue Rees, Kent, October 2010

“As a Reiki Master/Teacher I found the Basic Equine Reiki course really useful. To be able to interact and communicate with the horses was such a humbling experience and I felt that they gave me as much as I gave them, everyone was different and offered a different feeling, even showing their sense of humour.

Sarah looked after me all day and I felt confident and 100% safe with her wonderful charges.

I would very much like to continue my Equine Reiki further on other courses. To be able to offer my help and understanding of equines. I left feeling part of a wonderful Reiki family. “

Susan Human, Leicestershire, October 2010

“I had a great time on the Advanced Course. Everyone was so nice, especially our equine friends, they were just fantastic, they give you so much back. Thank you once again for a lovely time and I look forward to seeing you all again next year for the Masters Course. Hugs and kisses to all my equine friends’, thank you. “

Linda Carr, Scotland, September 2010

“I had a really wonderful day! Especially my first Reiki practice session, which definitely felt like a two-way treatment! I’d been having a rough couple of weeks before hand, but things have been better since and I’m sure it’s the Reiki!! I felt welcome, safe and comfortable with the Reiki throughout the day. Thanks again! “

Wendy Vaughan, Wiltshire, February 2011

“I have done a few courses now with Sarah and they were all fantastic, but I really enjoyed equine masters. Everything on the two days were brill everyone was so chilled out. The horses as usual were the stars they are amazing. Thank you.

There was a lot more to take in and learn over the two days but I really enjoyed empowering the horse and becoming the horse they were just amazing the feed back you got was great. Our trip to sue’s yard was really good, working with different horses for the 1st time they also were amazing thank you Sue.

Thank you Sarah for giving me so much enjoyment with our equine friends.”

Linda Carr, Scotland, March 2011 – Equine Reiki 3

“As usual I thoroughly enjoyed the course I can’t believe how quickly it went I felt totally engaged throughout. The horses were wonderful to work with and I enjoyed the exercises.

I particularly enjoyed going to the stables on the second day, it made it all feel very real and helps with your confidence.”

Marion King, Cambridgeshire, March 2011 – Equine Reiki 3

“A lovely tranquil yard which enabled me to easily concentrate on the Reiki practical sessions. The horses were very receptive and ‘eager’ to be practiced on. I thought that they would be more than suitable for less experienced people with horses as they were quiet and calm and would put a nervous person at ease.

I was surprised how easily I tuned into the horses when doing the practical and how calm I felt afterwards. Initially it felt like they were giving me some calming energy back to help assist me! It was useful to talk after each session to hear what other people experienced. It made me realise that we were all doing things correctly even though we experienced different images, feelings etc when you backed up our experiences in relation to the horses past etc.

I didn’t know how well I could go with my intuition and was surprised how I was pulled to certain areas or made aware that certain areas did not require Reiki by listening to the horse. A truly uplifting experience and can’t wait for the Equine Reiki 2 course in May.”

Angie Morris, Warwickshire, March 2011 – Equine Reiki 1

“I hung on to this review because I wanted to write something worthwhile, But the only thing I can say is this course was utterly brilliant.”

Sue King, Cambridgeshire, March 2011 – Equine Reiki 1

“I thoroughly enjoyed the course on Basic Equine Reiki. Although I have been around horses all my life, I hadn’t practised Reiki on a horse (I have only been attuned to level II since last summer), so it proved to be invaluable to be ‘guided’ in how to practise. It was also interesting to be taught a different Reiki method and so has broadened my practise generally.

The horses at The Hacienda were all lovely and although obviously used to receiving healing, still gave me so much confidence by their reaction to the sessions (thank you Monty and Toby!)

Although the day was structured, I felt there was plenty of time for open discussion and to share experiences and I didn’t feel rushed during the practical sessions.

I felt very honored and humbled to be given the opportunity to practise on such lovely ‘clients’ and I know how without doubt that my Reiki path is heading towards offering healing to horses first and foremost (along with the occasional canine!)

I very much look forward to continuing my journey on the Advanced course.”

Jenny Coley, Leicestershire, April 2011 – Equine Reiki 1

“What another fantastic day on one of your courses! You are obviously so incredibly gifted, yet you make everyone on your course feel included and that what they have to say is valuable.

I always feel confident that I am guided and coached appropriately in a safe environment.

Look forward to the next one.”

Karen Hughes, Cheshire, May 2011, Equine Reiki 2

“Another brilliant day with Sarah and the horses. The only improvement that could be made! – “to slow down time” as the day goes by too quickly. I’m really looking forward to the Master course.”

Brenda Pullan, Yorkshire, May 2011

“The day was great, there really isn’t anything I could comment on that could have been better. The horses were amazing, the empowerments were very powerful. Thank you for a fantastic day and teaching me on how to handle horses in a gentle manner. What I’ve learnt will prove invaluable to me for the future.”

Michelle Shorthouse, Nottinghamshire, June 2011

“I really enjoyed the course and will definately be booking more. The course is very well organised from the moment you book, during the course and after the course. Sarah is lovely, very down to earth and very friendly. She has a lovely teaching style and I would love to learn more.

The horses are great, very well behaved and easy to approach for a Reiki treatment. I was touched at how much you get from a Reiki treatment for a horse, although you are the one giving the treatment. This course has also given me the confidence that I can make a difference, not only to humans but to horses too! Thank you Sarah for a fantastic course!”

Anna Catchpole, Norfolk, June 2011, Equine Reiki 1

“It was an amazing experience to have one of Sarah’s horses give me Reiki, and another in a field was so responsive, she knew and came over to me, it was wonderful to be sure I was communicating so now when I give reiki to my own horse I have more confidence I am doing it right. The whole day was really lovely and peaceful and meant a lot to me.

Libby Brennan, WIltshire, August 2011, Equine Reiki 1

“A lovely day again, I really enjoyed it!”

Wendy Vaughan, Wiltshire, August 2011 – Equine Reiki 2

“I found the course very intersting and thoroughly enjoyed it. I have been around horses all my life from ponies to racehorses, as I was born and bred on a farm and we had horses most of the time and I am sure you can feel a horses temperament as soon as you look over the stable door, you seem to get that feeling and I felt very safe amongst these equines. I liked the theory first and then going straight out to do the practical Reiki and I was very surprised at the reactions I was getting from the different horses. We had a different horse every time so every reaction was a new one.

I do not think you can improve in what you are doing, everything seemed to run very smoothly and I am looking forward to the Master Practitioner Course in October.”

Pat Froud, Oxon, August 2011 – Equine Reiki 2

“I enjoyed the course immensely. There was a very friendly atmosphere and I was made to feel very comfortable and calm. In the class room I found that working with people that cared made the lesson even more interesting. At one point in a lesson, we were looking at photographs of horses. One particular photograph that I choose made me feel very sad and emotional. I had made a connection with the horse that had been re-stabled and probably missed his friends. I never thought I could make a connection like this with a horse. It just showed the power of Reiki. The use of Reiki on a horse and how to handle the horse was taught to a high standard. I gave a Reiki treatment to a horse. The horse invited me into her stable and her world. It made me feel exceptionally calm and privileged, knowing that the horse trusted me. I was so pleased to see the horse receive the Reiki, and to see the horse so calm. At one point the horse laid down. I never once felt unsafe working with the horses. The course in my opinion was a success, and was well worth the trip there. Thank you for such excellent tuition.”

Peter Gospel, London, August 2011 – Equine Reiki 3

“Thank you Sarah, I enjoyed the day very much and felt very safe around your horses. It was special – I felt I was attracted to their energy and we were communicating – I saw many different colours and even pictures in my head and enjoyed the peace. I have tummy/ gut problems and the lovely big grey horse was definately giving Reiki to me while free in the stable – I felt it coming up my legs up and out of my tummy! Now I have more confidence treating my own horse and my daughters horse and both have been very rewarding. Thank you”

Libby Brennan, Wiltshire, August 2011 – Equine Reiki 1

”In August this year I attended the Basic Equine Reiki Course at Epona. It was a wonderful day – Sarah was very welcoming, making us all feel comfortable with a refreshing cup of tea after some long journeys to the centre. Introductions amongst the group were friendly and informal and the size of the group gave everybody a turn to share experiences and ask questions, The ‘energy’ at the centre was beautifully happy and warm and extended beyond Sarah’s thoughtful and kind approach, to the horses who in their individual ways were able to demonstrate that it is the ‘here and now’ that is important; particularly when trusting our intuition. Sarah provided everybody with a tour of the centre, introduced the horses and gave a good safety demonstration and tips for those who may not be familiar with working around horses. We were shown the hand positions for giving Reiki to horses and then able to immediately put them into practice, working individually with one of the horses. The energy exchanged when working closely with the horses is something I know we will always cherish from the day! The course has turned my feelings of perhaps I can also help horses I meet, into a knowledge that I can and should reach out with Reiki whenever I can… I am very much looking forward to the Advanced Course. Thank you”.

Julie Brazier, Brighton, August 2011 – Equine Reiki 1

“Very well structured and well conducted course. Covered all aspects as set out in the progranme. The handling of the horses was well explained particularly for those like me who do not have daily contact with horses. This course has encouraged ne to start offering my services within the Equine Industry with confidence. Thank you.”

Bernadette Hillewaert, August 2011 – Equine Reiki 2

”I found this to be an excellent course to further my development with animal Reiki. I had not been around horses for many years and Sarah made me feel very welcome and put me totally at ease. It was a lovely day and the horses were the stars, such lovely temperaments, all of them a credit to you. Thank you for giving me this opportunity and I can’t wait to take the next course in 2012.”

Cheryl Brine, Lancashire, September 2011 – Equine Reiki 1

“Thank you sarah, for yet again a great course I really enjoyed the course and learnt so much, which helps my confidence and that I can do Reiki. For me I really enjoy your teaching style , which is very natural and down to earth, which I believe is essential in a teaching environment. The horses are beautiful and it was great to experience different types and ages. I really can’t think of anything to improve on and I hope to book the Masters Course soon. Thank you again.”

Anna Catchpole, Norfolk, November 2011 – Equine Reiki 2

“Lovely welcome. Things were explained clearly and I was made to feel at ease – Although I don’t have much experience with horses – I felt very safe, and Sarah gave me confidence when I was with the horses, as I knew she was only a short distance away, keeping her eye on things in case I needed her. The horses were lovely, it was very humbling and an amazing experience. The follow up after the day has been also very helpful and much appreciated. I really value the ongoing support that is offered by Sarah. Overall a very profound experience. Thank you.”

Catherine Birkinhead, Bedfordshire, November 2011 – Equine Reiki 1

“As before the Course was extremely enjoyable and very informative I like the relaxed atmosphere which I think helps you grasp all the exercises and information more easily. I also enjoyed going to see Sue and her horses it all made the day more interesting to see other animals as well as yours. I cannot speak more highly about the two days I spent with you and your animals you can see the animals really love you and you love them. Thanks again, keep in touch and let me know of anything going on which you think would be of interest to me.”

Pat Froud, Oxon, March 2012

“The Advanced Equine Reiki course was brilliant. We were all welcomed in with a lovely cuppa and made to feel instantly at ease, the group was small enough to feel like you could get to know everyone, which i thought was priceless as im not the most confident of people. The course was superbly executed questions were always welcomed at anytime, and very reassuring.Sarah is a great teacher no question is to silly no matter how daft you may think it is, puts everything across so you understand very reassuring and you can see how much she loves what she does and how much she loves her horses… would i recommend this course?? Yes indeed looking forward to when I can do the next.

Thanx sarah for helping me on my journey.”

Samantha Marriott, Beds, March 2012

“I recently attended my Basic Level One Equine Reiki training with the lovely Sarah at the Epona Equine Reiki Centre. I am at Reiki Master level but as I am not a rider and have almost no experience around horses I did have a few concerns about gaining confidence around these beautiful animals !!! I gave a treatment to Pancho who responded beautifully to the treatment…I got the impression he was giving me the confidence though ha All I can say is after completion of the day I gained more confidence and understanding of the horse and I know with more experience I can become a good Equine and Canine ( and their humans of course) Reiki Practitioner. I have just booked for the Advanced Training Course. If like myself you feel you have an affinity with horses but are not a rider please don’t be put off. Sara’s training will give you everything you need. It was one of my best days ever.”

Elaine Rotherham, South Yorkshire, March 2012

“What a wonderful day. The course exceeded my expectations because I learned so much more than the lessons I had anticipated. I hoped to come away with some useful, practical tips about how to relate my knowledge of and love for Reiki to horses, and I am pleased to say this happened. However, what I had not anticipated was the overwhelming gracious wisdom given to me freely by each of the horses I worked with. Thank you Toby and Pancho.

Thanks also to you Sarah for your gentle, considered and aware approach that enabled me to feel comfortable and confident….and most of all…capable of offereing something small back to the universe. Thank you for sharing your space and energy.”

Hilary Imrie-Smith, Nottinghamshire, March 2012

“This Course is truly amazing, we learnt so much with regards to the use of Reiki with horses.

In particular we learnt how to gain confidence with using our intuition, the use of symbols, distant healing, and using Chakras.

Sarah is an encouraging tutor, and the horses we practised on are both beautiful, and appreciative, making the whole day amazingly informative, and extremely rewarding.

We both feel ready to move forward with additional confidence to treat not only our own horses, and those of our friends, but to offer Reiki to others who may like their horses to experience the benefit Reiki offers.

Highly recommended !”

David Gibson, Nottinghamshire, March 2012

“I found the course very informative, the group size was perfect small enough to be personal and comfortable. I thoroughly enjoyed the course Sarah made sure we all understood what she was putting across to us, made everyone feel very welcome. It was way more than what I expected and would definitely recommend anyone to go on a course with her.”

Samantha Marriott, Beds, March 2012

“I absolutely love your courses Sarah! You have an amazing gift of making participants feel completely at ease and able to participate without judgement.This enables everyone to get the most out of your courses.

It/they are always pitched and placed perfectly to achieve what everyone needs to for their own personal growth.

You and your team (headed by Pancho) are expert tutors and I look forward to seeing you at the Reiki Retreat!!!”

Karen Hughes, Warrington, March 2012

“Sarah is an excellent teacher, and has a wealth of experience and knowledge in Reiki as well as her first love, horses! The advanced Equine Reiki course was fully booked, and the group was relaxed, interesting, and good fun, with varying amounts of experience. Time was given through the day for us to share our experiences with each other, which made it a really supportive environment.

I have plenty of experience with Reiki but not so much with horses, and Sarah was a supportive, nurturing Teacher, helping me to gain confidence, giving me tips and techniques and being there if I needed her. Her horses are also great teachers, and they seemed to know what was needed in each session for me to grow and develop!

I had an extremely healing experience with Pancho! While I was working on his heart chakra, I too received healing from him in my heart, it was very emotional and extremely touching. I felt privileged to have such an opportunity.

I really enjoyed using different techniques with Reiki and working intuitively, including communicating with the horses, it was most insightful and really fun to do!

Epona Equine Reiki Centre is a very special place, with a wonderful teacher and lovely horses, I would recommend it to anyone who is drawn to Reiki or horses or both…. and you do not have to be an experienced horse person to benefit from what this course has to offer! Thank you Sarah, the horses and the other students for making it a really special day :0) The icing on the cake was having the chance to do Reiki drumming with Sarah for the horses at the end of the day (not part of the course, I may add!) – truly amazing!!”

Cathy Birkinhead, Bedfordshire, April 2012

“I found the course to be very informative, relaxing, enlighteningand a very enjoyable day. You are an excellent host and teacher Sarah.and I look forward to my progression under your expertise.”

Avis Senior, Lincolnshire, April 2012

“As a whole I really enjoyed the course, you make a great teacher as you are not only knowledgeable when it comes to the practicality side of being with horses and looking after them but because on spiritual level you are someone I can relate to and feel at ease talking to about the subject due to your own experiences. It was good to meet other people of similar experience and knowledge – even some with more knowledge as it’s a learning curve! The horses are just great and I felt absolutely no fear at all of them and I don’t think I ever will now generally speaking – not that I did but I see horses differently now I see them as souls/teachers it’s pretty amazing!Basically I am very greatful for the experience, for you making me feel welcome and sharing your expertise is priceless.”

Keeley Dixon, Bedfordshire, April 2012

“I attended Equine Reiki 1 and 2 in April and found them both to be enjoyable and rewarding.

I especially liked the fact that we were all encouraged to feel our own way and use our own intuition throughout, without being told we had to do things in a set or specific way.

It was much more informal than I had imagined it would be – I had expected to be reading through manuals etc. The highlights were of course working on the horses themselves. It has been very useful in helping me to gain confidence (and not be so nervous) when approaching / dealing with unfamiliar horses.

Thank you for sharing your knowledge and experiences with us.”

Melanie Elliott, Norfolk, April 2012

”Enjoy the course? Loved every minute of it. We were blessed with the weather too. Not having had anything to do with horses before, I was a little curious how it would all pan out, if not a bit anxious. I couldn’t have had a more gentle introduction to horses – thanks to my ‘clients’ and Sarah’s generosity. Looking forward to the Advanced Reiki.

I can’t fault anything. Very clear instructions, verbal and written. I can’t think of anything to improve the course. I guess I didn’t really know what to expect . It was perfect. A perfect introduction to horses, as it nudged me to research them a little bit and I definitely would like to pursue my ambition of learning to ride now.

You can see/feel the love the animals have for Sarah (and vice versa). The photos on face book are just lovely. More please! What a privilege… So many jealous friends. Two have already asked for your details. Thanks!”

Karen Wright, Surrey, May 2012

”I have attended both equine Reiki 1 and 2 courses with Sarah and was absolutely delighted with every aspect of the courses. I have learned so much from the lovely Sarah – she and the beautiful horses are incredible teachers – it was more than I could have imagined. The pre-course notes and post-course care are excellent. I would highly recommend this course to anybody that’s thinking of working with equines; it’s perfect – I cannot fault it. I fully intend to come back to see Sarah for the third course – hopefully soon!”

Annie Dainter, West Lothian, June 2012

”I have recently attended Equine Reiki Stage 1 and found the whole experience thoroughly enjoyable and worthwhile. Sarah was attentive to all the ladies on the course and made sure we understood each step of the way. The horses were delightful to work with and actually taught me an awful lot as well! The course exceeded my expectations and I cannot see where there could be improvements made. I would like to thank Sarah for a wonderful experience and hope to see her again soon.”

Jo Denman, West Sussex, June 2012

“I attended both the basic and advanced courses at Epona Equine Reiki centre and I was very pleased that I did! Sarah is a very supportive and approachable teacher who loves to pass on her knowledge and understanding. I learned many things over the two courses which has increased both my general Reiki and equine knowledge.

Of all the things I learned while on the course the one that changed me the most was learning the ability to connect so fully with the horses through Reiki so that I can feel their discomfort, pain and emotion. That is a gift I will forever be thankful for!!

I thoroughly enjoyed my time with Sarah, Vicky and their wonderful selection of animals it now has a special place in heart that I will take with me always. Thank you for everything.”

Ali Cammidge, Perth, September 2012

“Would like to leave some feedback regarding the 1st and 2nd degree courses I took with you. I really did enjoy both days spent with you and your horses. I found your teaching methods very easy to understand and also very relaxing!

I have learnt SO much. I also feel that you are always there should any problems arise with my own clients. Thank you SO much for all your help.”

Zoe Buswell, Leicestershire, September 2012

“I really enjoyed the course, I learnt so much, Sarah is very knowledgeable and presents the course well. I feel confident in using my new skills and confident I can contact Sarah in the future for support and advice. I felt I was able to ask questions and take the opportunity to learn as much as I could as the atmosphere was very relaxed.

For me the course confirmed my belief in Reiki – it comes to you when you need it and are ready to receive it. I had amazing experiences with the horses during the day and would recommend the course to anyone wanting to truly learn about equine Reiki from someone who has a great passion and knowledge for Reiki. Thank you Sarah for enabling the next step in my Reiki journey.”

Faye Baker, Lincolnshire, September 2012

“I attended Equine Reiki 2 in September and I thoroughly enjoyed the day. It was wonderful to work so closely with the horses and learn so much. Sarah explained the use of the symbols very clearly and we were able to use them with the horses. It was interesting to hear the feedback of other students in the group and we had plenty of opportunity to ask questions and discuss relevant topics. I also appreciate the very warm welcome from Sarah and her sister. An excellent day, thank you.”

Kath de Mengel, Sheffield, September 2012

“Last Thursday the 27th of September, I spent the day with Sarah Berrisford doing my advanced Equine Reiki. Like the first time I went there, it was a wonderful experience. Sarah is a lovely caring girl who is very passionate about horses and it shows. I am now looking forward to next year when I do my Masters course with her.”

Viki Bond, Cornwall, October 2012

“I was inspired to attend the course Sarah teaches, when a friend raved about the effects of Reiki treatments on her horses. As the Reiki practitioner who had done the treatments lived in another part of the country, she was not available regularly, so she suggested I train to do it! I was led to the Reiki Evolution website, and found, to my delight, that Sarah’s course was just what I was looking for. Despite the fact that I am not a horse rider, I had no hesitation in booking, as I was confident that I would learn everything I needed to know. I also found very comfortable accommodation nearby, ensuring that I could be as fresh as a daisy for the course.

Sarah was warm and welcoming, and her home and the yard had a very positive feeling. I was excited and raring to go. Sarah is a really good teacher – she outlined what we would do on the day, how we would learn the skills, and gave us the practical experiences to try them out. Her teaching skills encompassed all the learning styles – audio, visual and kinaesthetic. She was encouraging and positive throughout the day, and the way she structured the course enabled me to take on board each new skill that was presented in bite sized pieces. Her horses were also great teachers and very responsive.

I enjoyed everything about the course – the pre-course information really prepared me for the day, the empowerments were brilliant and it was also good to be able to discuss our experiences as we went through the course. I was so inspired, that I booked on the next Advanced Equine Reiki Course! I also approached several horse owners I know so that I could practise my skills before I attend the next course. Thank you, Sarah, and your horses, for such a wonderful and memorable day.”

Lesley Nell, Oxfordshire, October 2012

This is the second course I have attended at Epona and I just love to go. Sarah is always open to questions throughout out the day and give us ideas, tips and always answers us with honesty and understanding.

I like the way that it is a relaxed day of learning. The fact we have lots of horses to choose from and experience is a great benefit.

The fact that we get handling tips in with the course is good for those of us that are new to horsemanship.”

Mariea Sweeting, Lincolnshire, November 2012

I am delighted to write another glowing review of Sarah’s advanced Equine reiki course which I have just attended.!!! Her welcome(which included a welcome cuppa and biccies!!) was as warm as I remember from the first visit.The empowerments were moving and the wonderful welcome extended to the horses who were ,as usual, ready to share their time with us!!!!

I am saving all my pennies to be able to do my masters course in 2013 and hope to be able to move forward with my own reiki in the meantime. Many thanks to Sarah ,her family and her wonderful horses.”

Alison Hotson, Cambridgeshire, November 2012

”I thoroughly enjoyed the course, it definitely fulfilled my expectations I think the course was just long enough. Yes I would recommend the course to others.

It was a pleasure meeting you I found you very easy to get on with and put me at ease from the word go. I loved doing Reiki on the different animals as I know I wouldn’t have experienced this without the course. I was starting to lose confidence with the dogs at the RSPCA as nothing seems to really happen but you have made me feel better about it all which really does help the nagging doubts I have on occasion.”

Clare Fogarty, Buckingham, November 2012

”Having met Sarah and the horses previously I was keen to do my 2nd stage. I had a thoroughly enjoyable day which was complimented by lots of laughter, love and conversation. Sarah is a wonderful teacher and her love for the horses and their interaction and teachings to myself and the other students was lovely to see and feel. Thank you again Sarah.”

Jo Denman, West Sussex, November 2012

I was overwhelmed with the Equine Reiki Course. I felt privilged to have one to one teaching on the day, but hope that the other lady who didn’t attend is alright. Somehow I felt it was meant to be, especially as on my way to you I had wondered how I would manage my fear of horses with lots of people around!!

The instructions given were very, very good and I have bought your books so that I can reinforce your teaching. I thoroughly enjoyed the course, I must admit that I was more than a little nervous when I arrived but that was allayed as soon as we met and started to chat.

It was a very relaxed and flexible course. I have the feeling that you probably teach each course in a different way, depending upon your students, but with the same course content, which I find very reassuring.

Was the course what I expected? I don’t know what I expected really, but I know that my expectations would have been surpassed by the course.

I couldn’t believe how quickly my lifetime fear of horses was allayed and how quickly the horses responded to Reiki and how much I could sense, feel and see whilst channelling Reiki with them.

I felt very connected to Toby and had great difficulty leaving to come home the following day. But I’m home and he seems to be with me somehow, especially when I channel Reiki. I am still overwhelmed when I reflect on that day and would like to continue my journey with horses. There is a connection in my heart with horses and healing and in that light I have to continue learning with them and would be very grateful if I could continue to learn with such wonderful teachers. I have already told the owner of our B and B that i will be booking with them again next year as I will be coming back for another course !!

Love and Blessings to you and all of the beautiful horses.”

Jan Griffiths, Glamorgan, November 2012

“Decided at short notice to sign up for Human Reiki 1 and Equine Reiki 1 not really knowing anything about Reiki. The course materials were sent out straight away and the content was easy to follow and interesting. Sarah was welcoming and non judgmental to everyones reasons for wanting to connect to Reiki. The course setting is fantastic and very relaxing. On the Equine course Sarah’s horses were well behaved and very safe when working with them. This is essential when learning something new and also shows how happy and well cared for they are.
The empowerments were amazing with everyone having different reactions to how they felt. No one wanted to leave at the end of the day as the setting felt such a special place!
I came away from the courses having a stronger connection to my horses and felt that they were  really talking to me and I was actually listening!
Really looking forward to my next course in September and continuing my journey”
Caroline Fish, Cambridgeshire, June 2014

“Really enjoyed my 2 day course which, although covering a multitude of scenarios and healing techniques, was delivered in a very relaxed and informal situation. Sarah was not only a professional and extremely knowledgeable tutor, but clearly loves animals of all species, be it that her expertise is with horses and their welfare in the equine world

Personally, I loved the location, tranquillity and peace, especially for meditations , and I loved the opportunity to experience hands on healing with horses in a completely private and unobtrusive situation.  This, for many students, gives them the confidence to explore their personal feelings and connections with horses (any animal) without the anxiety of human intervention and for me, was probably the most significant aspect of the course.

Thanks Sarah. Amazing, Inspiring and know this will be so beneficial to all I am hoping to learn and achieve in healing for animals.

Jane McBrien, Surrey, March 2016

“The courses were brilliant did both equine reiki 1 & 2 really enjoyed them very interesting, nice place, nice horses, nice people.”

Suzanne Price, Wrexham, March 2016

!I am still buzzing from doing my Equine Reiki Advanced with you and your fantastic horses. I now have the confidence to offer Reiki to people for their horses, this is helped by knowing that  can call on you if I need any guidance along the way. I will see you for my Equine Reiki Master next year.”

Tricia Jordan, Essex, July 2016

“A really thought provoking and magical day. I thoroughly enjoyed my time practising Reiki with your horses. An unforgettable day which has shown me a path in life I wish to pursue. I’m looking forward to practising on my own horse and moving on to complete Reiki 2.”

Claire Wellbeloved, Gwent, October 2016

“Thank you Sarah for another fabulous day with a lovely group of people and with the horses who with their own characters made the day perfect. I found it so much easier to connect with them and listen to them. I look forward to my level 3 next year. ”

Julie Banks,  East Yorkshire, October 2016

“Many thanks for putting on a lovely course in such peaceful surroundings. I really enjoyed the company of the other people on the course and found it interesting to hear their feedback from the empowerments and treatments on your lovely horses. I loved working with your horses, found it very moving, healing and very uplifting. I hope to come back for the drumming course.”

Carole Milnes, Manchester, April 2017

“So many thanks for a fab day with yourself and Dulcie last week (plus the beautiful horses of course) I had the most lovely day. It was a good mixture of practical and out with the horses plus those wonderfully spiritual enhancements.
I got some good ‘top tips’. I especially liked the linking into the animals chakras, which I did on my dog over the weekend and she seemed to like it, I will be certainly be doing the masters when you put it on next year.”

Carol Boote, South Yorkshire, September 2017

“Wow, what a fantastic day. Sarah you are an excellent thoughtful teacher. You make everyone so welcome. Having taken two previous courses with you, I knew this course would be exceptional too, and it was. The facilities you have are absolutely spot on for the training. You radiate Reiki, knowledge, confidence and energy to inspire students to feel at ease working with the animals. I could ask questions at anytime which I think is really important especially when working with animals.

For me it was nice to meet up with Pancho, a horse I had previously worked with. He has a great personality and really enjoys Reiki.
I loved all the meditations and especially the empowerments for myself and I felt really moved with the energy.

The new techniques on this course are excellent. I was able to connect and merge with the animals and really get to know them. One was particularly memorable and that was to do a Reiki Empowerment on a horse. Wow…! For me it was awe inspiring.
I cant wait to encapsulate all that I learned into my work with animals.

The manual which is supplied with the course covers everything which we do on the day and is always there for referring back to afterwards if one wishes to.

One thing I am really pleased with is that I know I can keep in contact with Sarah at anytime for a chat and any help I may need.
Thank You So Much for this course Sarah, I always look forward to seeing you ” A Beautiful Soul “.
Hope to see you in the near future.”

Sean Hall, Norfolk, September 2017

“I attended day two, Advanced Equine Reiki, with Sarah Berrisford in September 2017 at the Epona Equine Reiki Centre.
From start to finish the day was a lovely experience, and seemed to go far too quickly. Always a sign you are enjoying yourself!
Sarah and her sister Vicky led our group starting with introductions, progressing into the first empowerment, and then out to the yard to work with their wonderful horses. Sarah’s demonstration of Reiki energy at work with Valentino was very powerful to watch. There were plenty of opportunities for questions and discussion, to explore our thoughts around working with horses using Reiki. The space that Sarah and Vicky created and held for us to learn was supportive, enabling and comfortable. There is such a gentle, relaxed essence to Sarah’s instruction, and her enthusiasm for helping her clients grow their understanding and embodiment of Reiki is super.
The centre has a calm, restorative energy, largely due I think to how Sarah, Vicky, and the horses live the Reiki precepts. It’s free from negative energy….the kind of environment you don’t want to leave.

Thank you so much for enabling my continued journey with Reiki. I’ll definitely be coming back next year for Reiki III and Reiki Drumming training.”

Alison Dubbins, Yorkshire, September 2017

For any lover of horses, animals and Reiki this course is an ABSOLUTE MUST.

Prior to the course, Sarah and Vicky are warm and welcoming, answering emails and queries in a polite, friendly manner. On the day of the course they demonstrate empathy with horses and humans alike, have an in depth knowledge of all matters equine and Reiki, and are more than willing to share this with their students. 

The classroom, and its setting, immediately bring a calmness facilitating connection with Reiki.  Then, having already met Sarah and Vicky, you’re introduced to the horses.  Stunningly beautiful creatures who offer a wealth of knowledge of their own and allow you to learn from them.  Very much are you aware of the oneness of nature and the part you play in within it.   

One of my favourite sayings and, incidentally, one which I heard on the day from my teachers was ‘keep it simple’.  How true!! There was no posturing, either spiritual or equine, and we were taken away from more complex ‘ceremonies’ of Reiki allowing us the opportunity of working simply with nature herself.  For my part, my connection to Reiki was stronger than it has ever been and I experienced some amazing ‘bonding’ with the horses I worked with.

I can also wholly recommend Sarahs books on Reiki with horses and animals alike.  Written in language easy to understand, and with clear, concise instructions, you have a good basis from which to work.  But the course itself is the icing on the cake and I cannot recommend it enough.

Thank you ladies, and of course, the horses, for a truly wonderful, awe inspiring, breath taking day.  It really was amazing.”

Karen Glazier, South Yorkshire, April 2018