Essex Reiki testimonials: Zoe Smith

reiki courses tiptree colchesterAt Reiki Evolution we routinely ask our students to let us have their feedback about the Reiki training and support that they receive. We have set ourselves high standards and want to make sure that our students are happy with their Reiki courses, and soliciting feedback is a good way of making sure that we are on track.

Below you can read Reiki testimonials from people who have attended Zoe Smith’s Reiki Evolution training courses in Colchester (Tiptree), Essex.



What did you think of the course content? A lot was covered on the course but having pre-read the manual & listened to the cd a few times it worked really well.

Did the course meet your expectations? Yes

What did you think of the course materials (manual and CDs)? Brilliant. Easy to learn from & great to be able to replay/re-read to refresh your memory. The book is well laid out so makes it simple to find what you need quickly when needed.

What are your comments about the live training, venue, refreshments provided and your teacher? Everything was well prepared, despite having to change room at the last minute you made me feel very welcome & relaxed. It was especially nice that we were able to make time to get to know each other a bit during the day. By lunchtime it felt like we had all been friends for ages.

Would you recommend this course to others interested in learning Reiki?  Yes, definitely

I have to say that I am really pleased that I chose to train with reiki evolution. I like the way things are explained both from yourself & Zoe. I get a very calm feeling & don’t feel silly for asking questions! I am quite excited to be holding a stall at a local fayre next weekend where I will be offering reiki taster treatments. I am hoping this will give me a bit more self confidence and potential clients for the future. I will be sure to recommend reiki evolution to anyone who us interested in learning reiki!

Paula Emmens, Kent, November 2014


What did you think of the course content? I could not fault the course content. Zoe’s approach gave a great understanding of Reiki and the history in an informative and interesting way. I have received Reiki for a number of years but it was great to know the origins and also the philosophy surrounding it. I left the course with understanding, which does not always happen on a one-day course!

Did the course meet your expectations? The course exceeded my expectations! I thought I would just be attuned to Reiki, I did not know I would leave the day a lighter more positive person. I have been raving about Zoe’s course and been practising on any willing people – of which there are plenty!

What did you think of the course materials (manual and CDs)?  The manuals and CD’s were really helpful. Especially since the day finished and I have been referring to them as a refresher. A Reiki master, who did not provide any material, attuned my mother to Reiki and although she had a wonderful day she said it would have helped her to have these and learn more of the history.

What are your comments about the live training, venue, refreshments provided and your teacher?  Zoe provided a really special environment for the day, she brought along personal items which is really nice, and the day was relaxed and welcoming. Lots to eat and drink.

How do you think the course could be improved?  I think it would be impossible to improve.

I really underestimated how much I would enjoy my day with Zoe. I have learnt so much and it really has had a very positive influence on my life. So much so that after the course I was away for a week at work on a photo shoot and I spent just as much time doing Reiki on my co workers as doing my own job! The whole approach to this particular course is one I think really works. It was not clinical or too esoteric. My dog is also benifiting on a regular basis!

Would you recommend this course to others interested in learning Reiki? Yes I would and already have. My boyfriend is talking of  signing up to Zoe’s future course.

Robyn Knight, Essex, November 2014


What did you think of the course content? I was impressed with the course content.  It was very informative.

Did the course meet your expectations?   Yes it did.  I didn’t know what to expect and was getting a bit nervous beforehand but it was great.  I thoroughly enjoyed it.

What did you think of the course materials (manual and CD’s)?  I have been reading the manual and listening to the CDs since the beginning of September.   They are really good and have really helped my knowledge of Reiki.  I am very glad that I went on this Reiki course which is based on traditional Japanese Reiki rather than just westernised Reiki.  The CDs have been really good for doing my energy exercises at the right pace (not rushing them as I seem to do when doing on my own).  Taggart’s voice is very soothing.

What are your comments about the live training, venue, refreshments provided and your teacher?  The live training was excellent.  Zoe ensured that we understood each stage of the course.  We had some group discussions which helped to understand Reiki.  The venue was really nice.  There was a childrens’ party going on whilst we were there but that didn’t distract us at all, in fact it helped to realise how in tune we were getting with the course.  There were plenty of refreshments provided.  Zoe was an excellent teacher (and host!).  I definitely will be booking my second degree Reiki course with her.

How do you think the course could be improved?  I don’t think it could be improved.  It was excellent the way it was.

Would you recommend this course to others interested in learning Reiki?   I would definitely recommend this course to other people.  Even my friends who are trained in Reiki have been impressed with the manual.  One even wants to order it herself!

Anne Watson, Essex, December 2014


“The course was excellent.  It far exceeded my expectations.  The course manuals are so informative and great to have as back up after the course.

Zoe is an excellent teacher.  She made us feel at ease immediately.  The day went so quickly (unfortunately!). I just didn’t want it to end.

Thank you so much for sharing the Reiki experience.”

Anne Watson, Essex, June 2015

“The Reiki course I attended was excellent. A most enjoyable day and filled me with enthusiasm. There was simply no comparison with the Reiki first degree I did elsewhere and I would recommend your courses to anyone, as being thorough and comprehensive. The amount of work you have put into your course is very evident by their content. Also, your website is so very supportive and encouraging, and your Monday attunement  gives such a sense of belonging to a community and being very connected to Reiki practitioners all over the globe. Blessings on your work.”

Elizabeth Bosworth, Norfolk, June 2015

What did you think of the course content? – not really knowing what to expect having never encountered Reiki before I think there was plenty to take in.  Having read the manual, and listened to the CD’s before hand helped greatly when it came to the practical.  I believe all was covered on the day and I intend to re-read and re-listen to try and absorb it all.
Did the course meet your expectations? – I did not really know what to expect so yes.  I was utterly surprised by the varied feelings and sensations I had throughout the day and honestly did not expect to experience so much.  I was utterly drained at the end of the day and by 9pm I could not keep my eyes open and went to bed.
What did you think of the course materials (manual and CD’s)? – interesting and enlightening.  I thought the manual was very comprehensive and the audio CD compliments it very well.  It is very useful to have the meditations on CD also to help in getting into the habit and learning the sequences.
What are your comments about the live training, venue, refreshments provided and your teacher? – The training was comprehensive.  As I say above I did not expect to experience as much as I did on the day.  The venue was a little cold but Zoe applied blankets so we soon warmed up and it was nice that it was in a small intimate room as there were only two of us on the course with our teacher.  Refreshments were unexpected and the chocolate cake was a lovely end to the day (not sure my hips would agree!), so apart from my sandwich my drink and apple came home with me again.  Zoe is a very good teacher and has a way with words to explain things so that you understand.  She also gave you the opportunity to explore and try things out for yourself with no pressure and it all seemed very natural.
Reiki is now with me for life 🙂
Would you recommend this course to others interested in learning Reiki? – 100% yes

Christine Sorrell, Essex, October 2015


What did you think of the course content?
I loved the simplicity of the content. As someone who uses Reiki simply and intuitively this is what drew me to the Reiki Evolution course for doing my 2nd Degree. I was a bit disillusioned after Reiki, 1 which I did with someone else – and even though I had enjoyed it and I knew very little about Reiki at that stage, my intuition told me that it had been flowered up somewhat, and that Reiki was purer and simpler than what I had been told.

So imagine my joy when I signed up for a Reiki Evolution course and I received the course manual in the post. Wonderful. The course manual and the course content was presented in an easy to understand format, and the meditations and exercises (at home and on the live day) were a joy to complete. It was not ritualistic or ostentatious, it was Reiki in its purest and most natural form, which is what I new existed and what I have waited for all these years.

Did the course meet your expectations?
Yes, and more so. After doing Reiki 1 (and moving several times) I waited nearly 7 years to find the ‘right’ course and the ‘right’ teacher to do Reiki 2. I’m glad I listened to my instincts and waited for all that time rather than rushing into booking the 2nd Degree.

The day of the course was fantastic and the whole thing was very well organised – from booking, to receiving the manual in the post, to the day of the live course. The teacher (Zoe Smith) was happy, friendly and knowledgeable, she was a complete blessing and I’m so glad that I managed to get a space on her course, which I travelled a little distance to be on.

What did you think of the course materials (manual and CDs)?
These are a fantastic source of information and I have been dipping in and out of them ever since I received them. They are written simply and contain all you would need to know. They are uplifting and positive and contain a lot of practical information for becoming a Practitioner and therefore moving forwards with your Reiki journey after 2nd Degree. I like the fact that everything is covered in the manual so that you can enjoy the day of the live course with no need to make notes. Perfect.

What are your comments about the live training, and your teacher?
Having completed the 1st Degree it was good to get the course material and be able to start working with the energies of the symbols. This was good for me as I was so eager and excited (read impatient!) to do the course. This meant that we had a good knowledge on the day of what we would be covering, and it also provided an opportunity to brush up a little if need be, or just provide confidence for the live course.
The live training was wonderful, the empowerments were beautiful, and the other students were also really lovely. The teacher (Zoe Smith) was friendly and open and led us through a truly remarkable day, most definitely the star of the show.

How do you think the course could be improved?
I’m not sure how the course could be improved, for me it was pretty much perfect, but I will say that only having four students on the course was a great idea.

When I completed Reiki 1 there was about 12 people (!) and that was far too many! Only having four students meant we got to know each other really well, which meant for shy people (like myself) it meant having the confidence to ask questions, and it meant there was time for us all to ask questions if need be, and give feedback on our exercises and meditations, further enriching our experience of the day. If there had been more of us there simply would not have been time to explore all the things we did. That really enhanced the experience for me, and if I had to compare between Reiki 1 and Reiki 2 in terms of course set-up only having four students was the deal-breaker for me.

I’m so glad I chose Reiki Evolution with Silver Spiral Zoe Smith. I am so excited to be taking the next step on my Reiki journey and hopefully doing the Master/Teacher level at a later date in the future with Zoe.

Lauren Huntley, Suffolk, November 2015


“I found the course content really beneficial. We had a lot of practical sessions which was really helpful to me as due to having so much going on in my personal life lately that I have not given enough time to Reiki, it acted as a refresher and I quickly remembered what we needed to do.

The course exceeded my expectations, as I am always apprehensive before anything like that and I found all participants on the course to be lovely and that really helped with the way the course flowed.

The manual is easy to read and is interesting and I still have to finish it, also the CD I found very relaxing. The venue was easy to find and the teacher Zoe is very knowledgeable and was able to answer any questions that the students had.

I don’t think that the course can be improved in anyway. I would definatley recommend the course to others, I think it will help others to stay grounded, help them to mediate and give them some me time.”

Debbie Lloyd, Kent, November 2015


“What did you think of the course content? Good as followed on nicely from the first part. It felt like it developed the skills learned on the first part to a further level by adding further skills.

Did the course meet your expectations? Yes

What did you think of the course materials (manual and CDs)? Good. Nice explanations and interesting experiences of others.

What are your comments about the live training, venue, refreshments provided and your teacher? I prefer to carry out live training as this suits my style of learning. The venue and refreshments are all good.

How do you think the course could be improved? It feels ok as it is

Would you recommend this course to others interested in learning Reiki? Yes

Thank you Zoe – you are a good teacher.”

Sandy Tubby, Essex, November 2015


“It was a really good, well managed course, and absolutely gave me the knowledge I needed. I prefer to learn hands on and a lot of my questions were automatically answered in the day.

Zoe was an amazing tutor, very knowledgable, very understanding of all our questions. A truly inspirational day, I felt incredibly relaxed and learnt so much from Zoe.”

Sheila Rackham, Suffolk, April 2015


“The course content was satisfactory and met my expectations. I found the book and over all the CD very useful.

The live training was good. My favorite thing was the Reiki session. It was a different experience and certainly interesting. My teacher was very good and the home study approach is good too because when I went to the course I was already familiar with the course contents, so, it was less to take in.

In the whole, very good. Thank you very much.”

Kryssia Groom, Essex, June 2016

“On completeing The Reiki Evolution Shinpiden {Master/teacher} I must say I can not praise it enough, from the core course work material supplied, {which in itself is a revolation to an open minded student} to yourself and Zoe guided me through the process with support and light humour, which on reflection made the process very enjoyable.

I cannot find any fault or would not change anything.”

Colin Westley, Essex, October 2016

“I would like to say that I thought it was absolutely marvellous. I did my reiki 2 with Zoe Smith and it was such a special day.

Firstly can i say that I thought the course content was spot on. I was looking to go deeper into my work with reiki and the  intricacies of the energies and when I received my manual I knew that it was exactly the right thing as a next step. 
I have been practicing with the energy and was ready to understand the differences between the earth and the heavenly energy and felt that as I studied the manual and listened to the cd’s and started to work on the meditations that it was all very clear and followed on wonderfully from all that I had learnt in Shoden. When i did reiki one there was obviously excitement and some nervousness  before my love course but with reiki 2 I was just so excited and ready to learn more! 
I thought that in the manual, recapping certain information ,for example the history of reiki and summarising what we had learnt in Shoden was really helpful before moving onto the material of Okunden. I loved that I was able to practice the symbols in advance as I gained a  lot of confidence before my live course.
As a busy mum of 2 children I found the cd so useful to listen to whilst in the kitchen cooking or in the car as I have to grab time where I can . This was a wonderful way of cementing what I had read in the manual before hand. I always felt that I was topping up my information so it really went in.
The live training was brilliant. It was a wonderful relaxed environment and yet so  productive. We covered everything in detail and it reaffirmed all that i had studied before the course but with greater expansion and being able to ask questions and discuss with my teacher.  Zoe is a truly inspirational teacher as she is very natural, honest, engaging and very clear in her presentation of information. You feel that she is on your reiki journey with you and she is very open to her students input on the day . This makes for wonderful energy in the teaching environment , gives students confidence to work with the energies and to  give  honest feedback  to their peers about  what they are experiencing . We felt that  that we  were in a nurturing environment which means that it brings out the best in everyone and allows the energy to flow!  Quite simply…. it couldnt have been better. 
I thank you so much for Reiki Evolution and introducing me to Reiki. I also would like to thank you for your empowerments on Mondays , it is simply such a wonderful addition to the course, thank you.”
Ruth Maston, Essex, November 2016
“The content of the course was very informative and there was a lot of material available.  Having the manual and the CDs was a good combination and really beneficial, as each individual has a different way of learning, so everthing was covered with the two separate methods.
The course exceeded my expectations, mainly because I didn’t know what to expect! It was an amazing day which I will never forget!
The material provided for study was very well presented, professional and informative.  Both the manual and the CDs are great for dipping into, if you want to refresh your memory. The manual provides a handy visual aid, for hand positionings, for example, whilst I find the CD helpful for meditation, as my mind is prone to wandering!
The venue was very nice, in a quiet village, clean and with great facilities.  There was a good selection of refreshments lots of lovely teas and even some chocolate, which was a nice surprise ?.  Zoe really made the day a wonderful experience, she’s a brilliant teacher, very warm and open.  And she has so much knowledge.  The course was a very uplifting experience.  I had resigned myself to thinking I would never feel or see anything when practising Reiki but during and after attunements I saw amazing colours and felt heat and vibrations.  It was awesome, so blissful.  I didnt want the day to end!
I would definitely recommend this course, without hesitation.”
Jacqueline Bramble, Essex, February 2017
“What did you think of the course content? I loved the course content, so much information to take in, but all very relevant.  Having the pre live day time to get to grips with the 3 symbols was very helpful.
Did the course meet your expectations? Definitely, and more!  Not only did it meet my expectations, but the live day gave me the opportunity to meet with some lovely like minded people.
What did you think of the course materials (manual and CDs)? The course materials were very informative and clear.  They answered all the questions I had along the way (you must of second guessed my questions!), and when I had finished I just couldn’t wait for my live course day.
What are your comments about the live training, and your teacher?I so much enjoyed my live day, didn’t want it to finish! The day flashed by.  It was very informal and relaxed, and the location was superb, the room was bursting with energy by the time we left.
Zoe was a fabulous teacher, she has a wealth of knowledge to draw from and was very happy for us to have discussions.  She was very welcoming, and I shall be attending her monthly shares.”
Jill Mound, Essex, May 2017
“I knew very little about Reiki and had this urge to find out more that’s when I came across Reiki Evolution. Your articles interested me greatly and I felt that being trained by a Reiki Evolution teacher would be best because of the genuine nature of the history. 
The home course material books , cds and literature were received and read with much excitement. Personally took me sometime to digest the material as Reiki was so very new to me. After reading the books then listening to the cds it all came together. This gave me a greater understanding of Reiki and more confidence every time I read and listened to the cds. 
I could feel myself relaxing and being more aware in mind and body looking at my surrounding with more care .
Meeting Zoe my Reiki teacher I instantly felt relaxed and could put a face to this mysterious journey I was on . Zoe has a wonder personally, lovely warm smile and explained through out the days training with great deliverance. Zoe has loads of passion and knowledge to share. All the home course work all seemed to come together even more that day. A definite must to read and listen to the cds first at home running up to the training day. The practical part of the course has given me hands on experience of Reiki , this was after the morning of empowerments from Zoe which made me feel all tucked up in energy. We have distant healing in our group and the energy that was felt oh good us all was amazing.
A truly wonderful day. 
We were given the homework for 21 days to do Hatsu Rei Ho. On Mondays to be able to receive empowerments from Taggart. Also a Reiki share is coming up in July which I am going on. I want to go and share my energy on people, animals and everything! I am hoping to take the second Reiki course in September. All very exciting and I would recommend Reiki Evolution. I can’t think of a way that the course can be improved.
Zoe supplied a generous array of refreshments and the Messing village hall where the day course was held is delightful.”
Rowan, Essex, June 2017

“I am very happy to say how much I have enjoyed the training and how pleased I am Ichose Reiki evolution as my preferred guide!

I thought the pre-course manual and Cds were excellent and it is so helpful to have the Meditation Cds as a continuous guide for my ongoing practice. I also really love your soothing and calm voice, Taggart! As someone who has always found meditation dificult, the daily practice of Hatsurei is something I now look forward to and it helps me feel so grounded and connected.

I found the background in the course guide fascinating and I feel truly honoured to be part of something so special. Zoe herself isan excellent teacher who helped bring all all the theory to life in an engaging and supporting way, making us feel that nothing was too much trouble and no question too silly. I loved the atmosphere she created and feel very grateful for the continuing support from both her and yourself through the group Facebook page and newsletters.

I am so glad that I finally took this step to open myself up to Reiki, the difference it is making to my own health and well being is incredible and the fact that I can channel it to help others is a wonderful feeling too. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend this course or Zoe herself to anyone.”

Beccy Miller, Essex, August 2017

“I thoroughly enjoyed the day with Zoe and found the course very well managed and at a nice pace throughout the day, Zoe is very professional and a lovely person.

The day filled me with a lot of knowledge and also significantly improved my understanding, delivery of reiki and confidence in my own ability. I am looking forward to offering this to my family and friends to further build my own confidence levels.

I look forward to ‘tuning into you’ on Monday’s.”

Sheila Rackham, Suffolk, February 2018

“The course material and CDs were very good quality and provided me with plenty of information before the course.
Zoe is a fantastic reiki master, who provided lots more information and hands on experience. The Tibetan singing bowl and reiki drum were a lovely part of the day too. By the end of the day, I felt completely energised and connected to reiki.
I felt that the day ran perfectly and am now looking forward to reiki second degree.”
Paula Scott, Essex, April 2018

“What a fantastic day! I thoroughly enjoyed the live training day of reiki from the minute I walked in and met Zoe. I didn’t really know what to expect but Zoe’s lovely warm welcome made me relax instantly. The day went by so quickly but we learnt such a lot, I came away from the day feeling confident with the information we had learnt and couldn’t wait to start my Reiki journey.

The manual and CDs arrived soon after my booking of the the course, the manual was very interesting and very informative, the CDs were also great with the first one going over the manual and the second 4 meditation tracks which I am still using.

After the course which was a Saturday, i have been practising the Hatsurei every day and on the Monday tuned in to Taggart for extra empowerment, I was surprised how powerful that was! I really confirmed to me the strength of reiki. I don’t think there was anything on the course that could be improved on.

Thank you Zoe.”

June Doubleday, Essex, April 2018

“Extremely thorough course and lots of support and information given. I like the home study then being able to focus on practical on the set practical days.

The manuals are very comprehensive and the various learning materials for different styles of learning is brilliant. I like the depth of knowledge of both attunements and empowerments and am happy with follow up and aftercare given to students.

My teacher Zoe is brilliant and made me feel comfortable. I’m so blessed to have come across the Masters course with Reiki Evolution. ”

Victoria Narey, Suffolk, December 2018

“I thought the course content was clear and naturally flowed, with time for questions and general discussion. I had no expectations as such, apart from ending the day with a working base knowledge; on this basis, the course more than met my expectations, with grateful thanks to a very good teacher.

I am not somebody who learns by reading; however, I did find the manual interesting and clear, and the audio downloads are good. I learn by doing; therefore I got an enormous amount out of the live training, including feedback from my Reiki partner.

The venue was nice, with the room being just the right size and décor, which added to the calm of the day. I was amazed by the refreshments provided by the teacher; above and beyond. I cannot think of anything that might have improved the course; it was great.

The teacher was open and welcoming, and was willing to discuss any questions raised, at any time. Whilst the course initially appears long, the time did not drag at any point; in fact, I was really not aware of time at all, which was lovely. I got a lot out of the day, not just the training, and from the reactions of the other participants I am not alone in this view.

I would definitely recommend this course to others.”

Edith Mile, Essex, January 2019

“I would just like to say how amazing the reiki evolution course was with Zoe. The pre course reading was excellent and gave me a very good understanding of reiki before attending the live course.On the day of the live course the content was easy to follow and Zoe put us at ease with any questions that we had and she was very helpful and professional in every way.

The venue was very comfortable and clean and on arrival Zoe made us feel very welcome. We had refreshments and introductions and throughout the day we were provided with nibbles and drinks which was a nice touch.

Zoe was very pleasant and easy to understand and the empowerments were amazing,I felt so relaxed and calm. Being able to practice on each other and feel the results is a great way to begin reiki and with only four people on the course it was very personal.

Since the course I have been practising Hatsurei,self healing and distant healing with amazing results which I couldn’t feel before the course.I would definitely recommend this course and cannot wait for stage 2.”

Melanie Ponsonby, Essex, February 2019

“I found the course really great, from the home study material to the live training. I found it so interesting and informative and Zoe was brilliant on the day. She made it easy and fun, at the same time being serious about the training. I have learnt so much from this course and am looking forward to doing Reiki 2 so I can become a Reiki Practioner and help other people with all I have and will learn.”

Lesley Keen, Essex, June 2019

“The Reiki live course was absolutely wonderful, and Reiki has now become an integral part of my life. Zoe delivered the course really well and gave time to each of us to discuss and contribute towards the lesson.

The Reiki healing session in the afternoon felt almost outer worldly; the energy was very much alive and almost tangible to me at times. The day was set at a good pace, and the information was relevant for the first level.

I attended the session having no previous knowledge or study as it was a birthday gift, but I feel that this has worked well for me as the study now has context with it and so has become very easily part of me and my daily life.

I am looking forward to further study too. It was a lovely shared experience and I felt best delivered with at least 3-4 people in a session (as on the day).”

Janine Piper, Essex, August 2019

“For me, this course was fantastic, and a real step up in my practice, self healing & meditation. I booked this course through Reiki Evolution, and Zoe Smith delivered it online. The online delivery exceeded my expectations, and the energy amongst the group was tangible. Zoe’s relaxed yet professional approach made this course easy to access, informative and very enjoyable.
I regularly refer to the manual and CD, which I found best to do both before and after the course. Both of these have been an integral part of my practice. 
For the Second Degree, this course worked exceptionally well for me online, and I particularly liked it being over two half day sessions which worked to allow time for reflection and practice over the week;  I used this time to engage in daily distance healing for my mum.
I’m now practising daily mediations with the two energies and letting go with intentions rather than visualisation which is really allowing me to merge myself with the energy; the section about this on the CD gave me both the confidence and trust to do.
 I look forward to embedding my practice and when the time is right, enjoying the Reiki Master course.”
Janine Piper, Essex, July 2020


What did you think of the course content?
I like the live training content, as we managed to do 3 empowerments and the Western style Reiki 2 attunement. It is the best of both worlds.

Did the course meet your expectations?

What did you think of the course materials (manual and CDs)?
I think the material content is rich. It also resonates with me about moving closer to the simplicity of the original system. I appreciate the guided meditations, as they give me a good idea about how long each meditation is, and what to do in the early days when I could not remember all the steps.

What are your comments about the live training, and your teacher, or the pre-course study?
Zoe was lovely. She tried to adapt her teaching to each of us. I was more confident when I left the course.
The home study approach was what helped me decide to go with Reiki Evolution, as having time to read, note down my questions and practise the symbols suit me much better than a 2-day live course.

I also like the certificate and note you sent after the course. Thank you for your empowerment every Monday.”

Linh Nguyen, Essex, September 2021


“I thoroughly enjoyed my course and found it very helpful. The course and materials were very comprehensive. The day of the live course was amazing and it was so good to be able to share my experiences with others. Zoe made us all feel very welcome and comfortable with everything. And, for me, there were a number of very positive indications that Reiki was ‘real’ and not just imagination or wishful thinking. I’m really glad that I was led to Reiki Evolution because I really like the ‘no mumbo-jumbo’ approach!”
Ruth Hatchett, Essex, December 2021

“I have just finished Shoden and attended the live course with Zoe in Tiptree. Zoe has excellent facilities. She explained everything very well and has a nice friendly approach. It was good to practise the energy work and receive the empowerments.

I particularly liked the CDs, your voice is very soothing and the background bongs helped to focus my mind. The manual is interesting and I particularly liked the photos showing the hand positions.

I enjoyed Shoden so much I signed up for Okuden in September.”

Gillian Reynolds, Essex, June 2022

“I just wanted to thank you for Reiki Evolution! I am having the most wonderful experience and am so grateful I found Reiki Evolution and am now preparing for my Level 3!
Your course materials are fantastic, I really enjoy and benefit from the CDs and manuals and am so happy to have Zoe Smith as my tutor and trainer. 
Your organisation, attention to detail and communication is absolutely first class and I cannot express enough how happy and grateful I am that thanks to you/Reiki Evolution/Zoe I have begun my Reiki journey after many years of it not being the right time nor the right trainer/course.   
My 20+ year career background is holistic and sports massage therapy and healthcare (nursing) so I have experienced and been surrounded by many emotional, physical, mental, spiritual energies, all of varying levels of intensity and impact. I have tried to manage and understand these energies however as the years have passed, I realised more was needed. 
Now in a turning point in my life, Reiki literally ‘popped’ its head up and went ‘I’m ready for you now!’
I booked onto my Level 1 with ease,and had no expectation other than keeping an open mind and seeing how I got on and felt. Within the first few hours I knew I would be booking my Level 2. 
Since completing my Level 1 I have not missed a single days Reiki practice or Monday empowerment. I have had successful distant healings and hands on. I LOVE Reiki!
I have recently completed my Level 2, again, with no expectation or plan other than to experience the day and see how I felt. Again, within a few hours I knew I would be booking my Level 3!
I am comfortable and happy using CKR, SHK and HSZSN. They are wonderful. 
I have just received all my Level 3 course material and oh my goodness Taggart, it is incredible!
Thank you!”
Philippa Spalding, Essex, August 2022
“Level 1 (Shoden) Reiki: An excellent course, very thourough and inspiring.
Great pre course manual and audio tracks to listen to whenever you need to.
Excellent support from Zoe, she created a warm and relaxing atmosphere which gave us confidence.  She presented Reiki in a way that was straightforward to understand. I found the course a lot of fun too and I feel all learning is best when you are having fun.
It didn’t feel like we were just being lectured to, we all had a chance to share our experiences with Reiki, asking and answering questions.
One section of the course went into the next perfectly, a great flow, very natural and organic.
I can’t recommend this course enough.”
Daisy Waring, Essex, March 2023