Five Element Reiki Course: Essex


What Is Five Element Reiki?

Five Element Reiki is a healing system that is based on the principles of traditional Chinese medicine, in particular five element theory. It is a system that uses symbols to represent the energy of the elements, and the treatments require the use of standard hand positions, where the practitioner rests their hands on or near the “organs” that are related to each element.

Home Study Assignments

These assignments assist you in researching the five TCM elements, their energy and their associated symbols. This will take you approximately 3-4 weeks to complete. Allow yourself time to absorb the information, as you will need to become very familiar with the energy of the elements, their attributes and how they may affect one another.

Course Schedule –  Practical Day

Students to arrive for 9:30 am for a 9:45 start
  • Welcome & Introduction
  • Group led Hatsurei ho
  • Basics of TCM
  • Discuss the Nourishing & Control Cycles
  • Feedback on pre-course work & Element Meditations

Break (Selection of Teas & Coffee supplied)

  • Explain the use of tools
  • Charging the crystals with element symbols (crystals supplied)
  • Working on yourself with the Five Elements Meditation – including the crystals

Lunch (Bring your own, or you can purchase from the nearby shops)

  • Review of the Morning – Any Questions
  • Treating Others – In pairs practical sessions
  • – Working with pendulum to check state of the elements
  • – Preparing the elements – (Spirit Column Symbol)
  • – Five Element Reiki Treatment (crystals optional)
  • Complete client form to record your findings (includes organ & aspect focus)

Break (Selection of Teas & Coffee supplied)

  • Discuss delivery of feedback to the client. (including the difference between western concept of organs and eastern)
  • Q & A

You will learn:

Five Element Reiki Meditation
A personal practice to cleanse and clear the elements. This is an incredibly deep healing method.

How to treat others
Preparing the elements, and working intuitively to create harmony. Using aspect focus (Mental, emotional, physical, spiritual) and organ focus. Each element has paired organs one Yin & One Yang.

This is an incredibly empowering course as we combine the knowledge of traditional Chinese Medicine Elements, energy flow of Chi (Qi) with our Reiki hands on treatment providing a comprehensive way to promote balance and harmony both within and without.

Course requirements

You will need to be at Reiki 2 level (Okuden) or above since we will be working with Reiki symbols, this is a practitioner level course. 

Five Element Reiki Course materials

The course is accompanied by a downloadable manual/workbook and your very own 5 element crystal set, supplied on the training day.

The Certificate

All courses are accompanied by an attractive certificate provided by Zoe Smith. The course will qualify you to work professionally as a Five Element Reiki Practitioner

Course venue

Courses are held in the delightful village of Tiptree, near Colchester. The venue is a charming holistic studio on the ground floor. There is a kitchen with fridge and toaster available for use.

Course Fees

The fee for the Five Element Reiki Practitioner Course is £190, with a £80 deposit paid in advance, or £90 if you want the discounted hard copy of the book included. The balance of £110 to be paid to Zoe Smith on the day of your course.

Ongoing Support and Advice

Once you’ve been on your Five Element Reiki Practitioner course we want you to know that your teacher will be on hand to deal with any questions or queries that you might have.

Reserve Your Place

FIVE ELEMENT Reiki course  
  • Mar 24 – ALREADY FULL
  • Aug 11
The Five Element Reiki Practitioner course costs £190. You pay a deposit of £80 now and a further £110 to your teacher on the day of your course.
 If you would like a (discounted) printed course manual, that costs an extra £10, and you pay a £90 deposit, with £110 due on the day of the course.
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