Five Element Reiki Home Study Course: Discounted for Reiki Evolution students only

  • 12 weeks duration
  • Very practical course
  • Progress at your speed
  • Graded energy projects to carry out
  • Work on yourself and others
  • One-to-one support by e-mail
  • Comprehensive course book
  • Certificated

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Welcome to the the world of Five Element Reiki, a world of precision energy work that is available to all Reiki people attuned at Second Degree level or above. Five Element Reiki is a profound and penetrating healing system based on intuition, creative visualisation and intent.

There are some vague hints that the Five Elements formed a part of the practice of the Reiki that Mikao Usui taught, but as yet we have no information about what was involved. So we can’t say that Five Element Reiki is an original Usui method. What we can say though is that Five Element Healing brings Reiki in a way closer to its roots, in the principles of Traditional Chinese Medicine.

Five Element Reiki is an eclectic blend of techniques and principles from shiatsu and teate (traditional Japanese palm healing), mixed with a creative approach to energy work that involves a lot of intuition, creative visualisation, and the use of intent. It is a simple and uncluttered system that allows you to focus specific energies to penetrate deeply, balancing a person’s energetic make-up: a simple “energy acupuncture” if you like, but you don’t need to know anything about acupuncture points or meridians, thankfully!

  • Would you like to learn all about the Five Elements of Traditional Chinese Medicine?
  • Do you feel you’d like to be able to find out exactly where a person’s imbalances lie, and monitor their imbalances intuitively during a course of treatments?
  • Can see yourself using energy in a precise and focused way to restore balance, sending the energy like a laser beam to deal with specific imbalances in someone’s body/mind/spirit?
  • Do you like the sound of using a system that is based on intuitive working, intent and creative visualisation, where you have choices and can find your own way of working?

… then maybe this system is for you.

All about Five Element Reiki

Five Element Reiki is an eclectic blend of traditional Chinese and Japanese approaches to health, combined with a simple and creative approach to energy work. It is a powerful three stage system where you:

  • Detect energy imbalances
  • Balance a person’s elements
  • Treat using five different energies

The course teaches a new way of working with Reiki through knowledge of five-element theory, energy diagnosis, creative energy work, new symbolism and intuition. The system reflects the principles of Traditional Chinese Medicine, uses diagnostic tools from Shiatsu and treatment techniques used in Japanese Palm Healing, together with creative ways of working with energy.

The course takes you from first principles to being able to treat someone with confidence. Like all our courses, the Five Element Healing course is accompanied by a comprehensive manual which deals with everything we teach and more, and you benefit from free ongoing advice and support.

Origins of the Five Element Reiki system

Taggart found himself being drawn to the ideas of Traditional Chinese Medicine, particularly the Five Phase Theory, and felt that he could use this system in his practice of Reiki. However, he did not want to go down the ‘academic’ route of learning in detail about the taking of pulses, the detailed courses of meridians and the learning of specific acupuncture points. That sort of approach seemed to him to really be getting away from the simplicity of the Reiki that he loves.

So he was looking for a way of working with energy in a way that reflected the Five Elements, but a system based on using energy alone, a system based on intuition and intent, a focused and intense healing system that dealt with specific imbalances, but in a way that allowed you to dance and merge with the energy, a method that did not allow your head to ‘get in the way’.

Taggart had a few ideas that seemed to feel ‘right’, that seemed to make sense, and he went with the flow, not analysing too much but just seeing where the system would take him. The system became clear, and Taggart wrote the summary of the course before going back to fill in the detail… so Taggart knew where he was going before he knew how to get there! Five Element Reiki is a system that evolved naturally, intuitively, making more and more sense; it is basically a channelled system.

Once Taggart had the basic system in place, he experimented with his Reiki Master students, getting them to meditate on the five energies, to give feedback when Taggart was carrying out a series of treatments on them. The feedback was entirely positive, and we came to the conclusion that we had something quite special here.

Taggart presented the first live courses in Autumn 2001, received a uniformly positive and enthusiastic response, and decided to share the system further. We offer the system as a Home Study Course because the training can be done at more of a leisurely pace, because it is now accessible to Reiki people all over the world, and because this way we can give our students individual attention.

What is covered on the course?

First Principles

We start by giving a good grounding in Traditional Chinese Medicine, in particular the Five Element or Five Phase theory. Now Five Element Reiki is not a complex, academic subject. The theory is not essential. In fact, you can practice Five Element Reiki perfectly well even if you know nothing at all about Five Phase theory. What we provide is an overview, something that will satisfy the enquiring mind. So when you detect an imbalance, you will be able to have an idea how that imbalace could be reflected in a person’s body, in their thoughts and their emotions, and you will be able to understand why you see some of the changes that you’ll see when you treat people. We are not experts in TCM and Five Element Theory – not by any means – and fortunately with this system you don’t need to be!

Working with new energies

You will be working with five new energies, the energies of Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal and Water. These are represented by five new symbols, and you need to become familiar with these energies. You achieve this by carrying out a series of meditations. In doing this you sensitise yourself to the energies; if you are going to be using them in practice then you need to be throughly familiar with them.

Developing your intuitive potential

This healing system relies on the use of intuition to detect elemental imbalances and we provide you with a range of exercises to go through which start to ‘flex’ your intuitive muscles.

Detecting imbalances

The first stage of the healing system involves detecting energy imbalances; working out which elements are out of balance, what is the nature of that imbalances, and to what degree the element is out of balance. You will practice detecting energy imbalances using a number of different methods, so you can try out different approaches and decide what method(s) work best for you. Once we know where the imbalances are, we can move on to bring someone’s elements into line.

Treating the elements

Once we know which elements are out of balance, and to what degree, we move on to ‘treat’ the elements using their five energies. This is done using the new symbols and creative visualisation, and follows a treatment approach that is used in Traditional Japanese Palm Healing (teate). By using these energies in an intense and focused way, we send the energy deep, to deal with the ramifications and associations of each element. By narrowing our focus, again and again, we intensify the healing effect, and that is the essence of this system.

The consistent message that we are getting from our students is that Five Element treatments are *so* deep!


An important part of the Five Element Reiki system is being able to work on yourself, which students are taught how to do. You find out where your imbalances lie, what sort of imbalances they are and how pronounced they are, and you focus energy on yourself to rectify these imbalances effectively.

Receive one-to-one support as you work through your course

It would not really be good enough to just give a student some training materials and tell them to get on with it. We think that it is very important to make sure that our home study students have carried out all the practical exercises that they need to carry out in order to feel confident in what they are doing, and it is important that we are on hand to answer and questions or queries that our students have, and to advise them and support them as they progress through their course.

What we do is to break the course down into a series of stages, or ‘projects’, where for each stage the student does some reading, carries out practical energy exercises and then sends us feedback by e-mail to let us know what they have done and what they have experienced. We can then gear our support to what the student has done and what they need.

Training is one-to-one.

The Five Element Reiki Course book

Each Reiki Evolution course is accompanied by a comprehensive downloadable course book that covers everything we teach during your course, and more besides. Our “Five Element Reiki” course book runs to nearly 300 pages and provides you with a permanent record of your training. It is a useful reference volume.

The Certificate

The “Five Element Reiki” home study course is accompanied by a certificate of completion, displaying the seal of the Reiki Evolution school and signed by Taggart King, your teacher.

Course Fees

The fee for the “Five Element Reiki” Home Study Course is £189.00 either paid in full in advance or in three monthly instalments of £63.00 each. our fees cover Taggart’s tuition for a period of one year from the date of enrolment. After that time, if you have not completed the course, you would need to enrol anew.

Ongoing Support and Advice

Once you’ve been through your “Five Element Reiki” home study course we want you to know that Taggart will be on hand to be on hand to deal with any questions or queries that you might have and to help and support you in your practice.

How to enrol on your Five Element Reiki home study course

REQUIREMENTS: to enrol on this course, you need to be at at least Second Degree, feel comfortable with working intuitively (the “Reiji ho” approach, for example) and you need access to at least five different people to practise on during your course. This is a hands-on, practical course!

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Three monthly instalments of £63.00
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“On a personal level, I am very happy with 5 Element Reiki. I do a self treatment every day and bring my Water element into balance – it doesn’t get badly out of balance any more either. Because my Water element is being supported in this way I’m feeling all sorts of benefits – I’m not as fatigued, and when I do get tired I recover quickly. I’m much more at peace and can let go of anxieties and worries quite easily now and this in turn helps to maintain energy levels. Also my husband is given a treatment on a very regular basis, and because we are both balanced now our relationship has improved and is much more accepting and peaceful. Brilliant, thank you.

I found the course content well structured and easy to follow, with each step flowing quite naturally from the last. It was such a lovely treatment that people who were only going to come once ended up coming and being a guinea pig for me many more times, so I received lots of feedback and experience of using the energies.

It was good to know that you were only an email away. When I first started with Reiki 1 I had millions of questions to ask my poor and patient teacher, but as time has passed the answers often arise from some wise place deep within, so I haven’t needed to ask for a huge amount of guidance from you. Just knowing you were happy with my progress was fine. I should imagine that the amount of input you give varies a great deal with each student anyway.

I had a set time frame in which I could finish the course and you were happy to be flexible with the projects too. I felt that you were accommodating, flexible and supportive throughout the course and I can’t think of any ways in which it could be improved upon.”

Sandy Busby, North Yorkshire

“Content: all the info you need is there. Though I must add that it is not a simple course to take as a home course, one needs some intuition and some self confidence to do it this way. However, I found you could see through my emailed words well enough to coach me, so we managed! And of course the results speak for themselves, as soon as you get some. That helped as well.

“Presentation: The material is clear and well written. The course is well structured, with very clear stages and assignments, which I appreciated very much. One should realise it takes some effort and time to really study the syllabus, exactly as you predicted. It is certainly not a ‘read-through-once-and-know-it-all’ syllabus. I also liked the images. They are a help in understanding the material. The symbols are easy and come naturally.

“Support: well Taggart, what can I say? You are very supportive, both ‘live’ and at a distance. Providing my emails reached you (we have been bugged occasionally…) you were always very quick to answer, giving attention to all my questions and observations and adding your personal knowledge to the whole. I enjoyed our contacts very much. I will miss them!

“Then the system itself. Compared to standard reiki it adds possibilities, I find it helps treating disturbances that wouldn’t ‘move’ before. It is like having more tools to work with, while still doing the same work. One setback to me is, that the system is more difficult than standard (teate) reiki. There is more knowledge to obtain first – which means more to let go of once you get more familiar with the energies. It takes some time to get out of your head again and back into the feeling of being guided by the energy.

“For the rest, I found the 5eR-system to be very powerful. I believe we only touched the surface of what is possible with it, there is much more to experience (as you undoubtedly already have done). It is fascinating to see what happens to a person once his energies are becoming more and more balanced.

“To someone considering learning 5eR I’d say: do not start unless you are prepared to take the study seriously. Working with 5eR is not as ‘harmless’ as standard reiki, but if you really make the effort to understand the material, to practise a lot and to treat yourself while observing the effects, you will infinitely intensify your ability to work with reiki. You will learn tools that enable you to treat very deeplying problems and help people in many ways. You will become more aware of the elements in everything there is. And if you are lucky, you will work on yourself in the process, letting go of old patterns that are not compatible with better balanced elements. I know I was that lucky, though I did not always like it at the very moment. *S*

“So far for now, Taggart… Thanks again for everything. I learned a lot, had quite some fun and am richer for the course!

“Love and hugs,”

Cassandra van Dijk, Reiki Master, Netherlands

“Received the Five Elements Practitioners certificate today – many thanks. I thought the course was very comprehensive and with just enough information on TCM in the manual to whet the appetite – it has made me want to learn more and I’m also very interested in meridians.

“I find the Five Element Reiki system brings quicker results than the usual Reiki treatments even with Karuna. I recommended the course to my Karuna master/teacher in Scotland when I was talking to her on the phone yesterday – she is a very powerful healer.

“Anyway, I have had some very interesting and successful results with Five Elements which have quite surprised me – and this is just the beginning! Once I got going I found it particularly fascinating and will be using it more as everybody I tell wants to have a treatment…… I really got quite excited when I saw the change in Di, my case study.”

Jill Collins, Reiki Master, Isle of Man

“My friends were delighted with the results of the Five Element Healing. They said that it was a lot stronger than the Usui on its own. They felt the energy stronger and the relaxation deeper. I felt that it was very strong and it is as if it has reawakened the Reiki energy. I am not a very sensitive person, so for me to notice a difference it must be strong!

“The only trouble is my friends all want to have the Five Element Reiki each time we have a session, I have only done one complete Usui Reiki since I started! It certainly complements the Usui Reiki, an inseparable companion really. Good for you, Taggart, for devising this course for us.

“What would I say to anyone thinking of doing the course?… Easy: “Do it, it is well worth it, in other words invaluable”

Jill Keat, Reiki Master, Anglesey

“At first I found the course a bit daunting, however once I started to read the manual I was completely fascinated and couldn’t contain my excitement. The manual was first class; you put so much into the preparation of your courses which is very obvious. Although, for me, working with the manual, doing the cases, tracking progress and even experimenting took in excess of 60 hours I feel it was well worth it to gain the confidence to go ahead and use it

“The first question I was asked by one of my Reiki students (they knew I was doing the course) was if Reiki can address everything why is there a need to do Five Element Reiki? After doing some experimental work with one of Ian’s clients (a very difficult case) I deduced that Reiki will and can help deep-seated emotional problems but it may take quite a long time, but patience and resolve will get you there. However if you go in and do a Five Element Reiki you get to the root and balance in most cases immediately, and then this is followed up by regular Reiki sessions and the situation can be turned around to the client’s advantage.

“… the clients report in general that (Five Element Reiki) was so different from the normal Reiki, so much deeper and they all have felt particularly good after it.

“I would suggest that this course is great for those doing Reiki on a regular basis and can only be beneficial in their practice of Reiki and to the benefit of their clients.

“Thank you, Taggart, for leading me through it and encouraging my desire for further experimentation with these new energies.”

Irene Hill, Reiki Master, Scotland