Focus on: Blogs by Reiki Evolution teachers (part ii)

reiki sensations feelings in hands

Here is another instalment in a new series of blogs that I have put together, where I will be focusing on a particular area of Reiki practice or teaching and detailing any useful blog posts that are available on the Reiki Evolution web site.

Here is something rather different because today we focus on blogs written by Hannah Shine (Hertfordshire), Martine Moorby (Harrogate) and Linda Vickers (Tyne & Wear), all members of the Reiki Evolution team of trusted teachers.


Useful blogs

Hannah Shine

How creative is your Reiki?

Just for today, I am free from worry

What happened when I gave a Reiki treatment

Reiki – a very portable therapy


Martine Moorby

Using elements of Hatsurei ho


Linda Vickers

Using your breath when giving a Reiki treatment


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