Focus on: Developing Reiki intuition

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Here is another instalment in a new series of blogs that I have put together, where I will be focusing on a particular area of Reiki practice or teaching and detailing any useful blog posts that I have written, and any useful resources I have to help you.

Today we focus on developing your Reiki intuition and the resources that we have to help you with this.


Useful blogs

You can be more intuitive with your Reiki

Develop your Reiki intuition (part i)

Develop your Reiki intuition (part ii)

Develop your Reiki intuition (part iii)

Develop your Reiki intuition (part iv)


Resources to help you…


Special “Nentatsu ho” meditations to develop intuition, sensitivity and mindfulness

“Your Reiki Workout” Book and eBook contain many helpful intuition exercises




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