Focus on: Reiki self-treatments

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Here is another instalment in a new series of blogs that I have put together, where I will be focusing on a particular area of Reiki practice or teaching and detailing any useful blog posts that I have written, and any useful resources I have to help you.

Today we focus on Reiki self-treatments and the resources that we have to help you with this.


Useful blogs

The basics

Simple energy exercises to get the energy flowing

Self-treating for 21 days

Reiki for anxiety

Reiki for stress


How to self-treat

How to do a self-treatment (part i)

How to do a self-treatment (part ii)

How to do a self-treatment (part iii)

How to do a self-treatment (part iv)

How to do a self-treatment (part v)


Taggart’s ‘releasing exercise’

Taggart’s 10-day Reiki challenge: the ‘releasing exercise’


Other things to think about

The issue of ‘grounding’ and Reiki?

Which bits of me need treating?

Why don’t I feel so much when I self-treat?

Can I do Hatsurei ho if I can’t visualise?


The Reiki precepts

Overview of the Reiki precepts

Mindfulness and compassion

Something new: Taggart’s ‘precepts rehearsal’


Working with chakras

A Reiki chakra meditation for you


Resources to help you…


Reiki self-treatment meditations on MP3

Reiki music for meditation

“Reiki inner smile” meditation on MP3

First Degree Manual or eManual

Special “Nentatsu ho” meditations to develop intuition, sensitivity and mindfulness

Special “Nentatsu ho” meditations to fully embrace the Reiki precepts



2 thoughts on “Focus on: Reiki self-treatments

  1. I’m completely stunned with the results I’ve experienced while practicing Reiki regularly. It had helped me maintain proper physical and mental health and helped me to cure physical pain in my body.

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