Focus on: Treating other people

Here is another instalment in a new series of blogs that I have put together, where I will be focusing on a particular area of Reiki practice or teaching and detailing any useful blog posts that I have written, and any useful resources I have to help you.

Today we focus on treatmenting other people and the resources that we have to help you with this.


Useful blogs

 The basics

How to start a Reiki treatment

What if I get it wrong?

Reiki sensations when you treat someone

Get out of the way!


Treatment hand positions

What had positions should I use?

How long should I spend in each hand position?

Do I need to keep one hand on the body at all times?

Do I have to treat both sides?


Some things to think about

I can’t feel anything happening

When nobody feels anything

Experiencing disturbing things

What does it all mean?

Talking to clients about strong reactions

Reiki is not all fluffy bunnies!

Silly ideas in Reiki

Reiki treatments and winning the lottery


Resources to help you…


“Talking you through a Reiki treatment” audio CD or MP3 tracks

Music for Reiki treatments on MP3


Reiki First Degree Manual or eManual with detailed info about giving treatments

Reiki Second Degree Manual or eManual with detailed info about giving treatments

Reiki First and Second Degree audio CDs or MP3 tracks complement the manuals perfectly


Special “Nentatsu ho” meditations to develop intuition, sensitivity and mindfulness

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