Glasgow Reiki Testimonials: Margaret Craig

glasgow reiki course scotlandAt Reiki Evolution we routinely ask our students to let us have their feedback about the training and support that they receive. We have set ourselves high standards and want to make sure that our students are happy with their training, and soliciting feedback is a good way of making sure that we are on track.

Below you can read testimonials from people who have attended Margaret Craig’s Reiki Evolution training courses in Glasgow, Scotland.

“The course content was comprehensive and indepth but without being overwhelming. To be honest, although it’s only the second course I have completed with Reiki Evolution (and definitely not the last), the course was what I have come to expect from you – brilliant. The course materials were fantastic; very easy to follow, clear and concise. I particularly like having the manual and cds there to refresh my memory at any stage – not something I have seen other course providers offering.

The live training day with Margaret proved again why it was the right decision to study with you; she is a wonderful asset to Reiki Evolution. A warm welcome and calm and relaxed atmosphere enabled me to ask any questions without feeling daft and experience the day to its fullest. Margaret’s ongoing support (both on the day and since) shows her commitment to her students and helped to boost my confidence when treating people.

I can honestly say I have never enjoyed learning anything as much. I am really looking forward to doing another course with you soon.”

Jennifer Hyland, West Lothian, January 2010

 “Once again your dedication to informing us, without any bias, about Mikao Usui’s original system is such a breath of fresh air compared to what is out in the public domain. For many years I’ve had a deep interest in Japan and what you are teaching fits so well with my humble understanding of the Japanese culture.

Your format for pre course study, support and all your documentation is comprehensive and much valued.

My weekend course with Margaret was one of those special moments in my life when you know that you are in the right place at the right time. It’s like visiting a close friend; she makes you feel so welcome. Her compassion and understanding shines. Her expertise in guiding you through all that is needed to be taught and the support she gives through your experiences on the day and after the course is wonderful. Margaret is a fantastic representative for Reiki Evolution in Scotland.

I look forward to my journey on the Reiki path.”

Jim Dickson, Edinburgh, February 2010

 “Just to let you know that I thoroughly enjoyed last Saturday at Margaret’s beautiful house. Margaret is such a warm, lovely, caring person and made us very welcome in her home. I felt that she was deeply passionate about Reiki and I am glad that I chose her to be my Teacher.

I went along having studied the workbook, and having taken sneaky peeks at other students experiences (I could’nt help myself!). I tried to keep an open mind but could not help but wonder what I might happen. Have to say I was blown away by the day, and by my experiences which just got better as the day progressed.

Following on from then I have been practising my meditation every night (except for last following a birthday night out!!)and have felt so completely happy and rejuvenated! I think that my experience was quite life changing and I really mean that. Won’t go into details but I feel as though great weights have been lifted that had been present for a very long time.

My sister asked me to give her a “treatment” last Sunday. I was a little nervous as might be expected but was glad to find that the tingly shocks were still present in my hands and it was lovely. She said that she felt so much more calmer during last week than normal, amongst other things.

Not much left to say but a huge Thank You to you, and especially to Margaret. I definitely wish to pursue my Reiki studies and proceed to the next level as soon as might be possible.”

Alison Thomson, Glasgow, March 2010

 “The Course manual and CD’s were excellent. I enjoyed the live day, interesting experience, nice group of people. Margaret made us all very welcome and relaxed in her home.

Margaret is clearly a very experienced teacher with a most pleasant manner. She facilitated very well so we all felt free to ask even our daftest queries. Everyone had all their questions answered.

If I decide to take it further I would use Reiki Evoultion again.”

Christine Walker, Angus, March 2010

“The course was very enlightening,the workbook and C/Ds were fantastic. Margaret is a tremendous teacher. I was pleasantly surprised to find the group in which I had my first attunements made up of such lovely people.

I am still excited by the lessons learned and am striving to practice the meditation and self healing daily. Currently I have a lot of pain from a longstanding leg problem(no pun intended) and obtaining some relief through Reiki. Many thanks for the course and the introduction of such powerful energies.”

John Smith, Glasgow, March 2010

“When I first started looking online for a Reiki teacher I was initially drawn to Reiki Evolution because you issue the course material in advance. I like to know as much as possible about anything I undertake beforehand so your style of teaching suits me very well. I think your course material is excellent and it was great to be able to absorb all the information and practice the exercises at my own pace. I felt well prepared for my live training with Margaret and was able to fully enjoy the experience on the day. Margaret is a wonderful teacher and a very lovely person and made my day an unforgettable experience.

I feel that I have had the very best of Reiki Training as you teach the traditional methods of Usui rather than the usual ‘western’ methods and am very glad I chose this course.”

Anne Drysdale, Midlothian, May 2010

“I worked with Margaret Craig at the end of June. I found the course materials excellent, even more so now I have worked with Margaret and can relate things to my actual experience. I had never been to any Reiki course before and was surprised by some of the experiences I had. I felt heat and saw changing colours when Margaret was working with me. When I received my first full I felt a number of very pleasant sensations – at one point I felt my rib cage ‘dissolving’! When I gave treatment in return I felt lots of movement over the person I was treating. It left me quite shaken wondering if I had imagined it all but the person said she too was having reactions. I am trying hard to make time to practise every day and so far have succeeded. However I have a very fidgety husband who can’t keep still so he is my challenge!”

Isobel Delussey, Inverclyde, July 2010

“I very much enjoyed my day at Margaret Craig’s home: she is such a gifted lady. The combination of manual and live learning was, certainly for me, the best way to learn. I also enjoyed meeting the other people on the course and hope to meet up again at some time in the future. There is nothing I can add to enhance what is already an exceptional course and I look forward to continuing with the Master/Teacher course as soon as I am able to do so. “

Alexandra Barclay, Midlothian, July 2010

“I thoroughly enjoyed the Reiki 1 course. I found it an extremely relaxed & comfortable environment in which to learn & our teacher Margaret was excellent. I had an amazing day! It was really helpful to work with a partner, to share our different experiences & give each other a treatment; I really enjoyed learning from that.

In terms of the learning materials, I found them to be exactly what I needed. The audio CD was great for the car & I listened to it over & over (your voice is very therapeutic!) which made it really easy to then absorb the content of the manual. The technical information contained in the manual about giving a treatment was really thorough. I really like your overall approach to Reiki & staying true to the original source, i.e. what Mikao Usui taught; that’s really important to me & is what prompted me to study with you. I was also very reassured by the tone of the manual, which constantly reminds you to keep it simple & not to get caught up in rules & rituals that have since been created by others & are unnecessary; this made it so much easier to learn about Reiki & be confident practising it. “

Lauren Taylor, Renfrewshire, November 2010

“I wanted to express to you my gratitude to Margaret Craig: I attended a Reiki Master/Teacher course at her home, booked for 27/28 November, I was able to attend on the Saturday but not on the Sunday due to severe weather conditions, Margaret accommodated me on the RMT course she was running the following weekend so I attended that on the Sunday. Both days were excellent and it was good to do the first day with one other student as it was a more intense learning day. The second day was spent with 4 other students and the energy in the room was amazing. Margaret is such an excellent teacher who is prepared to share without reservation. I am very humbled by the whole ‘Reiki’ experience and look forward to my ongoing learning.

The material you provide on all the courses is invaluable, and comprehensive: the DVD, CDs and booklets provide a student with such a great grounding for the live course as well as a wonderful ongoing resource once the courses are completed. Thank you so much for this experience.“

Alexandra Barclay, Midlothian, December 2010

“I attended the RMT with Margaret Craig on the 4th & 5th of December. Margaret was absolutely fantastic to work with, she relaxed us totally, it was such a fun packed two days and Margaret certainly made us part of her family. It was a pleasure and honour to have Margaret take me through the RMT course. The course more than filled all expectations. The manuals CDs and DVD were such a great asset to have before arriving to take the course Taggart thank you. I have actually posted the Master manual and DVD to a dear friend over in Washington State to look over. Sarah will be rapt at this manual and the knowledge that you have packed into it. I’d like to thank you Taggart for everything from your manuals CDs & DVD on all the courses and of course your wonderful teachers.”

David Ramsay, Perthshire & Kinross, December 2010

“The course content for the Master/Teacher was brilliant. It has so many ways to learn the Attunements which is good as if you could pick it up by reading at about it. You could pick it up in many other ways. Yes the course did meet my expectations. Margaret is a great teacher and is very patience with us all at the class. She will go over anything I am not sure about and make you feel relaxed, at easy.“

Belinda Jones, Merseyside, January 2011

“The course was excellent and fulfilled my needs and expectations. The whole day was a wonderful experience, the type of Reiki I found to be more true to the Usui system than my previous training. Margaret is an excellent and gifted teacher and I connected very well with everyone on the course. The course material is first class, I use the meditations daily and find my Reiki has benefited greatly from using them. I’m currently planning on arranging my Reiki 2.”

David Allan, Fort William, January 2011

“The course and its content has met and exceeded my expectations. I use the Reiki meditations CD every day to aid my personal development, your voice and the “music” seem to aid the flow of energy and help open me up and to be a clearer channel. I have enjoyed the manuals and the instructional CD’s for both courses and have found them to be informative, concise and easy to read. I don’t have any complaints.

Finally I would like to say that I find Margaret to be fine teacher and a warm and kind person and I was very well looked after on the day of the course.”

David Allan, Fort William, March 2011

“I found the whole experience amazing, from the moment my manuals/cd’s arrived, which are excellent quality and helped me immensely with the live training and set me on my journey with Reiki Evolution.

My teacher was Margaret Craig, I travelled from Inverness and recieved such a warm welcome and offered a cup of tea, which was gratefully accepted. I felt comfortable from the moment I arrived, the whole day was informative and Margaret was so interesting and knowledgeable, in fact she is amazing and I felt a lovely warm connection to her, which enhanced the whole course for me.

I took so much more away with me than I could possibly have dreamt of and having gone through a bad patch prior to the course, Margaret gave me the confidence to follow my dream and I have been given an opportunity to do just that. It has been a very positive outcome for me and I would recommend Margaret and Reiki Evolution Courses to anyone, I also intend to return to Margaret for my Reiki Teacher’s course,when the time is right. Thank You”

Valerie Ross, Inverness-shire, May 2011

“I was glad to find your website and found it very impressive! which spurred me on to do my Reiki first degree. I received the course material in plenty of time and again I was very impressed by the content and it was laid out in a way that was very easy to follow! I shall treasure my Shoden manual and the CD’s

I initially looked for a teacher that was’nt too far from were I lived, but distance would’nt have been my final decision as I felt we had to connect!…Margaret Craig is a really lovely lady…as I told her, her name seemed familiar to me and that she looks just like a lady who lives down my road! She has a double! I had already been going through some sort of clear out…as if Reiki was already preparing me! so one of my first questions to Margaret was going to be,’ is it possible to feel a clear out even before I’ve been attuned’!…but as we were casually chatting she answered my question even before I asked it! of course the answer was yes. After my first Reiju empowerment. I felt, what can only be described as severe butterfly’s in my stomach and solar plexus area. In my second empowerment I had a very powerful release, Margaret was very good and told me that I am safe and to just let go! I was actually sobbing! but I stayed in my seat, I then felt a calmness come over me then I quietly cried again then I became calm again. My third and final empowerment was nice and calm and colourful!

Margaret is very knowledgeable and patient with me and the other four ladies there. I enjoyed the chance to give and receive treatment as I’d never had a Reiki treatment before!….I do feel confident enough to go and do a full treatment although I haven’t had the chance yet.

Thank you for adding me to the Reiki Evolution ning site. It is full of fascinating stuff I’m still feeling my way round but it is a fantastic idea! One of the best things about this course is the ongoing support and advice! It is great to know that there is always going to be someone to talk things through with if need be!

I think the course is perfect the way it is, no improvements needed!

I have been doing my Hatsurei and self-treatment meditation every day and practicing on my husband, but only head treatments! I feel the energy flowing and find it easy to merge with it…I sleep much better and fall asleep with one hand on my heart and the other on my solar plexus!

Received my Shoden Certificate today! I love it!…thank you for the gifts of the postcard image of Mikao Usui and the Reiki precepts in Japanese calligraphy, it is lovely!”

Sharon Kennedy, Aberdeenshire, June 2011

“I enjoyed the course very much. The manuals and CD are very clear; and simple to follow, also the manual is great to keep referring too. The live course was excellent and Margaret Craig made the day very enjoyable and in a relaxed atmosphere. Margaret was very clear with her explanations and answers when we had any questions. Her home is very welcoming and relaxing. It is also great to know that I can keep in touch with Margaret and contact her for any advice which is a great comfort.”

Jacqueline McCallum, Glasgow, July 2011

“I really enjoyed the reiki II training with Margaret Craig. The pre-course materials were, again, well presented and certainly allowed me to take in the information at my own pace before the live course. The live course was taken at a good pace, enhanced what I had already picked up and Margaret is very approachable and good at instilling me with the confidence to enjoy it.”

Shirley Burton, Glasgow, July 2011

“I loved working with Margaret – she answered all my questions plus more. The Manuals and CDs were brillant to work with. My previous training had left we weary and a little uncomfortable – there was an obsession on protection and rituals. Margaret made Reiki beautiful again for me and I have no fears around doing what is so rewarding on soo many levels for me and thoes I share Reiki with. It was a beautiful experience for me and I would highly recomend Reik Evolution and Margaret Craig to anyone intrested in Reiki

Cant imagine how it could be improved. It was seriously excellent!”

Nuzhat Flanagan, Lanarkshire, July 2011

“I think your CDs and manual for level one and two are excellent in presentation and scope of the information provided. I would say that the information in the manuals exceeded my expectations. The Reiki master teacher, Margaret Craig was very pleasant to talk to. She was very enthusiastic about Reiki and I enjoyed her company. Margaret’s home was very clean and very well presented.

Margaret’s teaching was relaxed and pleasant and she was very good at asking if I had any questions. I am glad that I found Reiki Evolution and I would be quick to recommend it to anyone I meet who is interested in learning Reiki.”

Peter Duffy, South Lanarkshire, August 2011

“The course is very comprehensive and did meet my expectations and a bit more. The course materials are well presented, easy to understand and value for money.

My Reiki teacher is Margaret Craig. Margaret is an excellent teacher who I have bonded with very well. She has helped me on my spiritual journey and guided me with great wisdom.”

David Allan, Fort William, September 2011

What did you think of the course content? “I enjoyed pre live course studies and felt I benefited from same for live course.”

Did the course meet your expectations? “Yes”

What did you think of the course materials (manual and CDs)?”All appropriate information in materials, use meditation CD daily.”

What are your comments about the live training and your teacher? “Margaret delivers the training in a lovely warm manner, I came away feeling very refreshed and happy with learning…here’s to a Reiki life!”

Audrey Ford, Argyll & Bute, October 2011

 ”The Reiki Evolution, Reiki 2 course contained lots of information about the Usui Reiki system, which are the latest updates from Japan. The course content holds your interest without being too complicated. Everything is simple, flowing and feels so natural to just sit and submit to the wonderful earth and heavenly energies. Anyone doing the Reiki Evolution, Reiki 2 course is in for something special when you learn to recognise these energies.

I tried not to have any expectations of the course, however I just felt it would be special. The other students, location and teacher on the course made this a great day.

The course manual and CD are what makes this course different from others. Simply follow the instructions when you receive the course manual and CD. Any questions you may have can be noted down on the Questionnaire, included in the pack. You find that these questions will be answered as you work your way through the manual and listen to the CD. If you can imagine having your teacher beside you at all times, guiding you in the right direction with the exercises. Of course, the benefit of this is that the disc can be replayed if and when required. It’s such an easy way to learn Reiki 2.

After the simple and effective home study course, I attended the live course with Margaret Craig. This gave the opportunity for the teacher to assist me with any questions or concerns I may have had with the practical side of my learning. The master teacher is very knowledgeable, a lovely & interesting person to spend the day with to receive these flowing empowerments. The day of the live course passed so quickly, however the smiles last so much longer.

I would have to think very hard to consider how the courses could be improved. However if I can think of anything I’ll be sure to post it on your web site, which is just another benefit to Reiki Evolution.”

Richard Tyrrell, Glasgow, October 2011

“I thoroughly enjoyed my First Degree course with Margaret. I felt quite emotional at different points in the day. There was only myself and a man on the day which I was pleased it was very personal just us. When it came time for me to practice Reiki I felt a cold sensation on Colin’s lower leg both when ‘scanning’ over him and when I was giving him a treatment. Margaret asked him if he had any bother and it turned out he had broken bones twice where I had felt the cold!! I can’t think of anything that would have improved the day. I am at college (very mature student!) doing an HND in Complementary therapies. I have always been interested in such things as a client. Some girls in college practise Reiki in quite a complicated manner and to those interested in studying Reiki I have recommended you. I would recommend Reiki evolution to anyone with an interest in Reiki. I found your way of teaching so straightforward pure and simple. I had been looking around before booking with you and I just knew your course was going to be the best. Colin travelled all the way from Oban to do it the ‘Reiki Evolution’ way. He must have passed a lot of other Reiki teachers to get to Margaret on such a long journey!!. I liked that I got a CD which I put on my iPod and listened to every day. The manual was interesting and it is a great idea that you have the manual and CD to listen to in your own time. I think it made a difference that having read the manual you could have questions ready on the day if there was anything you didn’t understand and of course Margaret went over everything. Hearing girls talking in college about their course, I would not have liked to have turned up without the prior knowledge I had having read your manual and listened to the CD Its a great way to learn written word pictures and CD. I’m looking forward to doing Reiki 2 in the new year with Margaret.”

Sheila Finn, Glasgow, December 2011

”I think the course content was very good everything was explained clearly and easy to follow. I went to the coarse with no expectations but left feeling excited about what I had learned. Margaret my tutor for the live course was fantastic, she was a lovely lady who explained things so well, she was encouraging patient and very kind. The course manual and cd was great, and so far practice has been going good, I feel my outlook on life has changed for the better really quickly, and I look forward to further study.”

Sarah Strang, North Lanarkshire, March 2012

”I came to Reiki Evolution after working through a distance learning course which left me confused and doubtful. I discovered Reiki Evolution about 2 years ago and liked your traditional approach. Your course descriptions were so explicit that I was able to research traditional reiki and almost self train. This is possibly my only negative comment! The website has so much content that is quite easy to take your information and find resources without signing up for a course! (I taught myself the symbols from youtube!)

However, your manual and CDS are so concise and for me they cleared away all confusions. Having followed all your instructions I was well prepared for the training day and the meditation CD is now part of my daily ritual. I was thrilled that you explained about possible clearout. I have been through this, and then some, but without understanding what was happening so your explanation made total sense. I have done all the meditations so can’t wait to move on now to degree 2.

The actual training day was not only good fun but also enlightening. Margaret is not just an excellent master, she clearly had similar beliefs and interests to me and I found her fascinating. I found the empowerments very calming and I enjoyed the opportunity to practice reiki positions. In all it was a lovely experience and I gained a lot of clarity. I now know that I truly understand the Evolution system. I have never slept so well!

I now look forward to completing degree 2 with you.”

Una Chrystal, East Renfrewshire, March 2012

”I thoroughly enjoyed doing my Reiki 1 course. The materials were sent quickly and are of excellent quality – clear, concise and easy to understand. Reading and listening to them did not feel like a chore, and time flew by most enjoyably. The content was very interesting and at no time did I feel pressured to go over and over the manual as it seemed to sink in so easily.

The live course with Margaret Craig was very informal and easy going. She was wonderful and patient and nothing was too much trouble for her.

I am getting on with my exercises and treatments, both human and canine, and am finding them easier and more enjoyable each time. I think that I will most likely carry on to Reiki 2, so thank you for making the whole first step into Reiki so simple, straightforward, pressure-free and painless! I look forward to continuing with my studies and seeing where they take me in the future.”

Kirstie Brown, Isle of Lewis, March 2012

”I have to say that I’ve been absolutely delighted with every aspect of my experience of the reiki evolution courses. I was incredibly impressed with the course materials for my Okuden course and found it very useful to have all the material from the Shoden course included in that. The content of the course was perfect and I feel incredibly lucky to have Margaret as my teacher – she is so supportive and I felt very comfortable and at ease with everything on the day of my course.”

Annie Dainter, West Lothian, July 2012

“The reason I chose Reiki Evolution when I first started reiki was that I liked the emphasis on working on yourself rather than it just being a complementary therapy, and I have been really delighted with the materials and training I have received.

For both levels 1 and 2, I found I listened to the CDs in the car on my way to and from work and this worked really well to reinforce the main points.

I liked the fact that I got the materials well in advance of the course and was able to read and absorb the information at my own pace.  For level 2 this meant I had plenty of time to practise the symbols.

I still always use the meditations CD for hatsurei ho and the self-treatment meditation, and found it useful that I could practise the distant healing meditation and the energy meditation before the level 2 course.

I very much enjoyed working with Margaret on the day of the course.  She creates a very warm and welcoming atmosphere and explains things clearly.  I also know that I can email her at any time if I have any questions.”

Jill Bolling, East Renfrewshire, May 2013

“The manual (Shoden) is exceptional , easy to follow & understand. The 2 CD’s are excellent & reinforce the manual to a great extent. The meditations CD is superb.

The course was well above my expectations & kept my interest. The live training  was certainly interesting & quite an experience. The teacher Margaret Craig explained everything & answered my questions satisfactorily . It was a delight  to be taught by a lovely lady.

I do not think you could improve your course as the content and practice has been well thought out.

Alan Woodward, Fife, August 2013

“I thought that the course content was very informative with lots of background historical information  as well as good solid practical advice.

I enjoyed the course very much.  I felt I had plenty of time to read over the manual and listen to the cds  before the live course.

The cds and course manual were excellent giving an insight into how reiki came about, I especially liked being talked through the meditations and treatments on the cds. the manual had lots of information  and the illustrations showing the hand positions were very good.

The live training was also excellent. I had the first and second empowerments and felt some energy around me on the third one I felt a lot of energy in a vortex above me and saw pale green and lots of white, when doing the treatment I felt my palms very hot. My teacher, Margaret, also said she felt a lot of heat from my hands, at the end of the treatment when smoothing down the energy over Margaret I could feel a great amount of energy when I did it. I thoroughly enjoyed my day with Margaret.”

Mary Brooks, Glasgow, September 2013

“The course was excellent. Margaret was a very thorough and excellent teacher. Very warm and open. The course material was excellent. I had a very good, inspiring day.”

Steven Whinnery, Glasgow, November 2014

“I find your courses are top notch. I always knew they were very well structured and the material you give out is second to none. I find the audio versions of the manuals so easy for me as I can listen to them on the way to work. I found the DVD of the empowerments and attunements great to help me practice along to.

I went on a couple of other courses this year and it just made your courses stand out even more.

With the amazing material you have on offer and being so generous to allow other people to use it, it will really help my transition from student to teacher. Thanks for all you do.”

Sharon Forbes, Glasgow, November 2014

“I thoroughly enjoyed the course and gained so much from it.My teacher Margaret was absolutely wonderful, walking into her house was like receiving a massive hug! She put me at ease straight away and I felt extremely comfortable in her hands.

I found the course materials and CD’s very helpful and easy to follow. All in all the course exceeded my expectations and I feel that it has had the most profound and positive effect on my life. I cant wait to do the next one!

Thank you so much.”

Emma Gillespie, Glasgow, December 2014

“The course content was really good for me and I never really had any expectations of what to expect prior to going. Thanks for early access to the digital content as time was tight between applying for and actual date of course. The printed materials are excellent – very well produced and a great reference as are the mp3 files/cd content – which help me a lot to get the best from my study.I thoroughly enjoyed the course with Margaret and my fellow student – we all got on well and I feel as there was only 2 students we got a lot of attention from Margaret, which felt like a bonus. During one of the attunements she gave I felt what i can only describe as Joy and thought i might burst out laughing.

I am not as stressed with work and my busy schedule out of work also. I can sometimes feel the stress creeping back in, but it doesn’t seem to have the same hold and is soon forgotten when i practice my daily Hatsurei ho.I am practising on my girlfriend, who is loving  it and one of her friends is interested in doing the first course also – so I passed on to her the site details.”

John Morrison, Renfrewshire, January 2015

“I attended the June 7 Reiki II with Margaret Craig and it was excellent in all respects.

1) Course materials- even better than the material you sent me 10 years ago when I last did Reiki II with Margaret- so clear and engaging, especially on how to draw and use the symbols. The CDs are invaluable and really get the energy flowing.

2) Margaret remembered me from a decade ago which meant alot to me – like meeting up with an old friend/wise owl.  Margaret is incredibly kind and perceptive and I sense that she gets a lot of that knowledge from reading personal energy/auras which is a gift I want from a teacher as it gives great wisdom and authority to their teaching.
I felt this from Margaret last time and, combined with the Reiki Evolution materials and technique is why I went back to Margaret.

3) Venue- Margaretś house had a wonderful energy- I wanted to have a nap on the sofa as soon as I arrived! I can be very uptight so this was a great feeling.

4)Training day-I experienced a lot of tangible sensations during the attunements and meditations, which is something I really enjoyed last time also.  Margaret imparted all the main points included in the materials and I  appreciated the fact that Margaretś approach dovetailed with the course materials;  Reiki Evolution is a truly professional training course.  There is so much to learn but Margaret emphasized simplicity of practice which is confidence inspiring.  Margaret also advised that she is ¨ on tap¨ for continuing advice and support.

All in all I wont hesitate to recommend Reiki Evolution to anyone with an interest in Reiki.

Many thanks.”

Madeleine Pollitt, Glasgow, June 2015

What did you think of the course content? Amazing! Exceeded my expectations
Did the course meet your expectations? yep! 
What did you think of the course materials (manual and CDs)? Very good!
What are your comments about the live training, and your teacher? I loved Margaret! She was fantastic and creating a loving, warm, safe space. 
How do you think the course could be improved? Nothing, it was perfect for me!”

Stephanie Wall, Glasgow, October 2015

“First of all, I thought the content was just right for the level of the course. It was beneficial to have a good, sound introduction to the history of reiki and how it was transmitted through the centuries by different practitioners. The course met my expectations, definitely and I would recommend it to anyone.

The course material was exceptional and really well developed for all types of learners. I enjoyed listening to the CDs, Taggart’s voice is calm and soothing and made a very useful learning tool.

I thought that it was a very good idea to do some background work individually prior to the course as this gave me the opportunity to reach the live training already prepared and ready to experience Reiki ‘hands-on’. Needless to say Margaret was very professional and extremely willing to pass every ounce of knowledge but also helped me learning better by creating a loving and welcoming environment. I will go back to Margaret for my Level 2 as soon as I can.

I am not sure I could find any criticism to build on, everything seemed perfect to me.”

Manuela Zucchi, Hampshire, November 2015

“I visited Margaret’s lovely home for my first level Reiki and absolutely loved it.She endured we all felt very relaxed and comfortable.
I had worked hard on the pre course study but of course still worried that the others attending the course would have some deeper insight into Reiki than I. Instantly I was reassured that this was not so. The study materials really had set me up for the course and I found I was ready to take it all in.
The course itself was more comfortable and relaxed than I thought it would be. I enjoyed it very much and came away feeling very revived!
I look forward to Part 2!”
Rowan Acey, Argyll, December 2015
“Over the past year I have completed Reiki First and Second Degree courses and last weekend I undertook Master/Teacher Course, all with Margaret Craig. The course materials, instructions and CDs are of the utmost quality. The course content is so in depth. I feel you could go back to the books and always find something new. My course tutor was amazing. Always checking in prior to and after courses to ensure any questions are answered and to provide ongoing support. The live courses with Margaret were all special and she tries her utmost to ensure you get as much out of the days as is possible. I could not recommend any higher.”
Kirsty Chalmers, East Ayrshire, July 2016
“I loved the course with Margaret. It was simple and straight to the point. The course manual and CDs were excellent preparation for the day. I don’t have any suggestion for improvement as I felt happy with my experience and would recommend the course to others.
Thanks for this wonderful gift.”
Julie Graham, Glasgow, June 2017
“I attended Reki 1 course with Margaret on Saturday. I wasn’t sure what to expect. However I really enjoyed the day and I am so glad I went. Margaret was very welcoming , made me feel at ease and delivered the course in a warm, but well structured way. I would love to go back and attend for the next course with Margaret once I am ready and I have consolidated everything I have learned so far.
The course manual I received prior to attending was straight forward, interesting and easy to follow. I am so glad I attended and now reiki can be part of my life and those around me. Thank you.”
Diane Murphy, Glasgow, July 2017
What did you think of the course content? Comprehensive. There was a lot about the history, which maybe wasn’t necessary but I found that interesting and it gave me a sense that this was a no-nonsense course, grounded in a traditional paradigm.
Did the course meet your expectations? Yes – exceeded actuallyWhat did you think of the course materials (manual and CDs)? Good quality materials and you have a nice voice, Taggart, which made the meditations nice to follow. I used the guided Reiki session to guide me through 3 one-hour practice sessions prior to the course with family members.What are your comments about the live training, and your teacher? The live training was very special. The day was lovely and Margaret made us all feel very much at home. My 3 empowerments were impressive. In the first one I felt a lot of red heat rise from my tanden to my throat and Margaret said she had seen a lotus flower unfurl during the empowerment. In the second one, my hands and throat again burned red hot. I expected that the third one might be the same. However in my third one I felt a huge pressure in my head and an incandescent white light rose up inside me, into my head and I felt a huge release of emotion and tears spilled down my cheeks. My hands were burning white hot and Margaret said that she had actually seen a white mist rise from both my hands and head. She received a message that said I was going through a ‘mind expansion’, and she saw my mind expanding into the universe. I felt it. It was a very powerful and beautiful feeling.I have been very aware of a significant shift in my perception since that point. In fact it wouldn’t be going too far to say that I have entered a new phase in my life since then.On a practical note, since I did the live training last week, I have done two Reiki treatments. The first was a distance healing and the recipient told me they felt a huge sense of calm and well being during the time I was sending. The second was a short session today with a friend who said that during the session she had had visions, pulsating purple colours and had a huge sobbing release of emotions and felt a huge peace afterwards. So it seems that the empowerments have definitely boosted my energy channelling.”

Shuna Marr, Glasgow, August 2017

“The course I recently completed with Margaret Craig was very enjoyable, Margaret was a very welcoming host and very informative, I thoroughly enjoyed my day with her, she took her time explaining and showing me what to do. As you are aware I didn’t do my Reiki 1 course with Reiki Evolution but all I can say is I am delighted I found you.
The course information I received before my live course was excellent after my Reiki 1 course I did come away quite vague as to what I was to do next, with the course material you supply before the the live course is so helpful and gives you the time to study at your own pace to understand and take everything in, then you can go and enjoy your live course without being bogged down with too much information.
Thank you to Margaret and yourself for allowing me to do Reiki 2 with yourselves.”
Andrina Hughes, Lanarkshire, September 2017

“I found the course content excellent revisiting the course manual and cds. Reinforcing what I had read and listened to on the cd. Additionally the empowerment’s received from Margaret were amazing very powerful, could not believe that this energy is all around us and can be used to help our selfs in so many ways and also other people.The only expectations I had prior to attending the course was that I would enjoy it as my colleague had attended a reiki first degree course with Margaret previously. She thought the course and Margaret were fantastic. The course exceeded my expectations not only did I really enjoy the course it was very informative.

The course materials were excellent explained in a manner that was easy to understand. The order of both CD and manual was well set out when listening to CD prior to then reading the pages set out in manual done in a fashion that broke each section into a sequence that was able to follow allowing more time for learning rather than everything all over the place.

The live training brought together what I learned from course materials and much much more

Margaret is very professional and truly has a gift. I liked the fact course was informal. Margaret made me feel welcome and at ease. We had so many laughs and by end of the course I felt that I had known Margaret for years.It was a pleasure having Margaret pass on her wisdom to me which has been invaluable and also knowing if I have any questions Margaret can be contacted.Margaret is a lovely genuine caring person and this shines through when you meet her.”

Lesley, Renfrewshire, October 2017

“Margaret Craig was extremely welcoming and made me feel very comfortable in her home. She explained different aspects of Reiki throughout the day and was continually reassuring myself and the other student attending. She made everything so easy and simple to understand. Nothing was rushed and she gave us her undivided attention. She answered all our questions and referred us to the appropriate parts of the course book as the day progressed. Also Margaret gave us valuable information on Reiki in general and explained Reiki 2 and Reiki Master to us. She also told us about the group on Facebook.

I found that the empowerments she gave me did have an effect on me. The meditations were deeper and I could feel energy as a “magnetic bounce” during the exercises, scanning and treatment. The other student felt heat from my hands during her treatment.

Margaret gave us time to discuss the experiences we had practising meditation, energy and self-treatment from the course book. She also gave us direction to improve our skills especially during the treatments. She explained how to avoid bad posture, treatment table height etc. Our health was a priority to her. I felt really encouraged by her and certainly more confident.

Margaret was an excellent teacher and also went out of her way to accommodate us at lunch break. She ate lunch with us and she showed a genuine interest in us.

When I feel ready, I am going to go back to Margaret for Reiki 2. Margaret is a credit to your organisation.

As for the course book I found the history of Mikao Usui extremely interesting. I feel the origin of any treatment is important as this gives the student and ultimately any clients a background to understanding the treatment.

The photographs in the book are of immense help not only for correct positioning of the hands but also for visualisation in self-treatments, and how to position clients. The text was easy to understand, concise and not bulked out by continuous repitition of paragraphs.

I found the cds a great advantage. The meditation cd is fantastic, I take this with me just about everywhere!

As for improvements to the course, I personally can’t think of any.”

Linda Pitt, Glasgow, November 2017

“The course more than met my expectations. Margaret was wonderful and knowledgeable. I felt so comfortable and it was an incredible learning experience. Margaret was excellent at teaching and listening. I left feeling positive and enriched by the experience. I thought the cd and manual were both accessible and incredibly informative without being overwhelming. I would like to progress and come back for reiki 2 next year!!!! I am so pleased I chose this reiki course because the experience was so just so enriching. There is not one single thing I would have changed.”

Abi Reid, Glasgow, December 2017

“The Okuden course was excellent. The materials were easy to work through and informative. I listened to the cd several times. I also purchased some additional distant healing meditations which were useful. I found it straightforward to do the exercises in the course and to learn the symbols. Having the lines numbered was very helpful in remembering them.

The day course was excellent and Margaret was again a most gracious and welcoming host. I again found the empowerments to be quite dramatic and powerful, as they had been in the first course, but in a different way. It was a most enlightening day.

I have no suggestions for improvement of the course. It was a wonderful experience just as it was.”

Shuna Marr, Glasgow, December 2017

“I found the method of study offered by Reiki Evolution to be highly informative and intensive providing me with a wealth of foundational information that allowed me to gain a basic understanding of Reiki and to prepare adequately for the study day at my own pace. The information exchanged on the CD introduced me to meditation for the first time in a manner that was instantly beneficial and easy to understand.

In relation to my instructor, what a lovely woman! Margaret opened her home willingly and immediately set the tone of a relaxed environment that set me at ease and prepared for a god days study. Margaret is clearly an expert in the subject and a skilled practitioner who showed a genuine warmth towards her students.

Maybe of note…. I wear a Fitbit tracker that among other things tracks sleep and different levels of sleep. I noticed that on the day when performing and receiving a treatment my Fitbit recorded that I was in the deepest level of sleep for a period of two hours, hard to achieve even in a good nights sleep!

Anyway thanks Taggart and I look forward to crossing paths with your organisation again for future courses.”

Scott MacLachlan, Glasgow, February 2018

“Having been on different Reiki courses in the past, I can wholeheartedly say that Reiki Evolution has the best setup that I have come across so far. It really worked well for me. Margaret was a delight to work with as a teacher and I really took away a lot from my time with her. My understanding of what reiki really is has been transformed. The course truly was a very enjoyable way to spend the day.

The format of the course suited me so well. Being able to take my own time to become familiar with the material before attending the live course really was invaluable for me, I think more courses should be taught in this way. Listening to the CD’s whilst reading the book or practicing self healing seemed to cover all bases for me and I attended the live course feeling prepared.

I can’t thank you and Margaret enough for providing me with such a wonderful learning experience. Not only has my understanding of Reiki evolved but my understanding of life in general has come a long way.

Thank you so much and hopefully our paths cross again in the future.”

Kira Proctor, Stirlingshire, March 2018

What did you think of the course content?
Extremely helpful and lots of good information.

Did the course meet your expectations?
Yes and more.
What did you think of the course materials (manual and CDs)?
Loved it as I have Dyslexia I found having all this information before hand was fab.   On the day of the course I then could understand what Margaret was talking about.

What are your comments about the live training, and your teacher, or the home study approach?
What can I say about Margaret.  It was a pleasure to be taught my someone like her.  She made me feel at ease and did everything to accommodate for my health issues ie having fibromyalgia.   Would not have anyone teach me my Reiki 2.
Yvonne Barrie, Glasgow, May 2018

“I find the overall tone of your material to be open to all, non-judgemental and fluid in nature. By not setting definite ‘Reiki rules’ it gives the practitioner the freedom to bring what you have taught into their own practice and make it their own. I think some people get hung up on doing things the ‘right way’ and I suppose that is a symptom of being in a 3 dimensional world where science tells us there must be measurables, or else it doesn’t exist.

I believe that the more the practitioner explores and practises with Reiki, the more open they become to different ideas. I’m sure the energies work on subjective perception as much as they do on healing. Your courses allow a door into that ‘out of the box’ way of thinking, yet it is presented in a manner that is light and humorous whilst at the same time being informative and engaging.

The course delivered more than I expected and I found the style of learning to be very useful. I think that to sit and listen to theory can be dull so having the course separated into home and live study is perfect. It gives the student the opportunity to learn at their own pace; especially with the range of teaching style offered.

Margaret is an absolute delight to learn from. I find her warm, approachable and wickedly funny. She makes every student feel welcomed and special and she has the time and patience for every question. She represents you and your ethic very well.

In terms of improvement, I feel it would be helpful for others joining the course from another lineage to know before the time of booking that there will be a lot of catch up material to read. Whilst I thoroughly enjoyed reading all the information – it is invaluable! – I did have to push myself quite hard to review it all in the short time I had before the course began whilst still keeping up with my university degree and home business.

Overall, I had been looking for a Reiki master teacher course for about 2 years now and kept coming back to your site again and again. It stands out from the rest because of the quality of the information and because of your style of conveying what Reiki has to offer. So please, keep doing what you are doing.”

Elaine Wilson, East Ayrshire, May 2018

“The course did indeed meet my expectations, to begin with we had a small visualisation meditation where one of the students was every enthusiastic about seeing things…unfortunately I didn’t see anything and tried very hard not to be despondent…but when the Reiju attunements started I was astonished to see colours. LOTS of colour!

Working with the 2 other students was really good as well. We all had different types of energy so it was fun experiencing and learning how to work with each other. I was glad that there were live training sessions nearby (I was still 5 hours away) as I find it so much easier being 1-1/4-1 instead of studying at home.

I really enjoyed learning about how the Japanese Reiki was founded and its divergence into Western Reiki. I’m glad that I’m learning and training in both and will definitely be re-reading the history again and again. I haven’t listened to all the audio but what I’ve heard is very relaxing and easy to understand.

Since doing my level 1 Reiki, I have given small sessions with my friends and family (skeptical and not so, all ages) and their responses have been amazing. All have said they felt so, so relaxed (one almost fell asleep) and they all felt differing reactions to the Reiki in the form of colour, warmth, tingles and pressure.

I had said before starting that the main result I want for the people I work with is to feel relaxed and comfortable. Anything they feel or see is just a bonus! I’ll definitely be doing my level 2 with Reiki Evolution at some point this year.”

Tripti Samal, Argyll & Bute, May 2018

“Regarding the Reiki Second Degree ( Okuden) on 27th May: the course content was excellent, having completed Reiki First Degree ( Shoden ) in 1998 via a different lineage, this was a breath of fresh air, totally inspiring. Thus this exceeded my expectations of the course.
Both the manual and CDs are a great idea, giving the opportunity to fully understand the course using it before and after. Margaret Craig Reiki Master/ Teacher. Was an excellent teacher putting all at ease from the start of the course and being at one with all throughout the day.
Don’t have any improvement for this course, just a thank you for the experience.”

Steve Westerman, Glasgow, June 2018

“I completed level 1 reiki with Margaret Craig in Glasgow last Saturday. It was a lovely experience. I’d trained in Western reiki many years ago but hadn’t practiced in a very long time & wanted to re-train from the start in the authentic reiki. I had been drawn to your website & knew it was the right training for me.
The course materials are great. Lots of information to read & work through, but it never felt too much. Great resources to keep referring to.
Learning with Margaret was lovely. I felt very relaxed throughout the day & Margaret was attentive to checking that I was fine & answering any queries. Receiving the empowerments was a calm & wonderful experience.
I am using the meditations to help me improve & deepen my practice & experience & will look forward to progressing to level 2 when the time feels right.”
Jane Kindlen, South Ayrshire, July 2018

What did you think of the course content? “I think that the written material is very well put together, easy to follow and interesting. It prepares you well for the meeting with the teacher.

Did the course meet your expectations? Yes it did, I am very happy to have undertaken the level1 reiki and hope to do level2 soon. I feel it improved my perception of life/world.

What did you think of the course materials (manual and CDs)? Very concise, informative, easy to follow. Like it very much. Still reading it and listening.

What are your comments about the live training, and your teacher? Margaret was very welcoming, aproachable, kind. She was able to answer all questions and explained the everything. The day was organised and to the point. There was just two students which made it run smoothly too. I will most likely take level 2 reiki with her again.”

Helena Trebar, Midlothian, August 2018

“I enjoyed the course. I thought the materials provided were appropriate and easy to follow. I liked having the option to download the materials rather than having hard copies. The practical training day was good and Margaret was lovely. Overall a positive experience. ”

Lisa Doherty, Glasgow, Septemebr 2018

“I thoroughly enjoyed the training with Margaret, she is so lovely and approachable. I went along with absolutely no expectations but still slightly skeptical if I am being honest. Margaret was understanding of this, I think because she must have known it wouldn’t last long! I spent the entire day being amazed at what was happening, it was wonderful. I thought I would be the one student who didn’t feel anything, just like you had mentioned in the course materials. But I could see colours, I heard noises, my hands tingled and felt warm, and I felt more relaxed than I can ever remember.

The course materials are excellent. They are easy for a complete beginner, like myself, to understand even if they have never had a Reiki treatment or done any research on it. I especially enjoyed the audio files as they were relaxing to listen to but informative at the same time. The home study and day of practical training is perfect for me, it’s so easy to work around. I wouldn’t change a thing about the course, I don’t think you can improve upon it at all. It’s perfect as it is.

Margaret was an absolute joy to learn from, she really is wonderful. I feel like I could ask her for help even after training and it wouldn’t be a trouble to her. She seemed to really understand my personality within a few minutes of me arriving and I felt very comfortable with her. It was lovely to learn from someone who is so passionate about what she does and the benefits that we can all gain from Reiki.

I felt so confident when I left on Saturday night that I emailed the SSPCA to offer my help to their unwanted animals, so I will be putting my course to good use. I definitely want to take this further so you will no doubt hear from me again!

Thank you for putting together such a wonderful course, it was fabulous to experience it.”

Nicola Polk, Glasgow, November 2018

“Here is a short excerpt from the email I sent to Margaret following my live training on Saturday:

” Dear Margaret, I just wanted to say thank you again for leading us through such a lovely day on Saturday. I enjoyed it immensely and have been basking in its beautiful glow ever since. I loved your warmth and openness and your kind and compassionate approach to the training. I’m enjoying continuing with my energy work and self treatments, and the distant Reiju empowerment that came through to me this morning felt wonderful… Again many thanks for a beautiful first degree training.”

As a spiritual healer (for many years) I was very excitied to have made the decision to go ahead with my Reiki training, to expand my personal growth and enjoy exploring the similarities and differences in the two modalities. I was initially attracted to the Reiki Evolution course due to its simple, straightforward and down to earth approach and to its affinity with the original teachings. I am delighted to say that every area of this first course has been thoroughly enjoyable, meeting all of the expectations that I had and answering all of the questions that were in my mind about Reiki.

The course materials are an invaluable resource, being easy to read/ listen to with clear instructions and guidance in all of the techniques. I loved receiving the package in advance of the training as I thoroughly enjoyed absorbing all of the information contained within it and I felt very well prepared when my live day arrived.

There are no suggestions for improvement that spring to mind and I am very much looking forward to taking my second degree training with Margaret when I am ready for the next step.

Many thanks for putting together such a great package.”

Jane Miller, Glasgow, April 2019

“I was thrilled to receive my First Degree certificate in the post this morning. What can I say, only a big thank  you to yourself and Margaret, in helping me to accomplish this.  I thoroughly enjoyed the day.

The course content and materials were very informative and easy to follow.  I was feeling a little nervous at the start on the training day,  but Margaret,  with her  lovely gentle voice and calm  manner, soon put me at ease.  I would recommend  training with her  to anyone  thinking about learning Reiki. I will be enrolling on her 2nd Degree Course later in the year.

For me,  the training day surpassed  my expectations. I can honestly say that,   I feel calmer and   know which direction I want my life to go now. I not only want to use reiki to the good of others, but I know it’s the beginning to my own self healing journey.”

Jo Barber, South Ayrshire, April 2019

“I thoroughly enjoyed my course with Margaret. It was a lovely day, so relaxing and also full of information.

I loved the pre-reading and listening, and have used the material every day since my course.

I don’t know that I had any fixed expectations but I was not disappointed in anyway. Basically I can’t think of any improvements – which is why I was happy to sign up to the Equine Reiki so quickly.

Loving Reiki as a lifestyle and feeling full of energy and much calmer.”

Gillian Thompson-Fitch, South Lanarkshire, June 2019

“What a fantastic course (1st Degree) and Margaret Craig was a superb teacher. The course was relaxed and very practical which is exactly what I was looking for. At the end of the course I had a feeling of “inner peace” and warmth. I have been buzzing about it since the weekend. I even did a quick treatment on my mate’s back pain – which he says he could feel and did help!

That’s it for now, and I am busy working on my family to gain experience of what I learned and I look forward to doing the 2nd degree course with Margaret – once my intuition tells me I’m ready!”

Ian Hunter, Glasgow, July 2019

“I can honestly say from the minute I signed up with Reiki Evolution I have been nothing but impressed.

What did you think of the course content? – I thought the content was great, detailed but relaxed delivery. Covered all the textbook content and this flowed very well.

Did the course meet your expectations? More than met them, I was a little apprehensive as the materials were so detailed but the course was relaxed but thorough.

What did you think of the course materials (manual and CDs)? I love the materials, I will continue to use them as this is an ongoing learning journey for me. The guidance was easy to follow even though I had not completed 1&2 with RE.

What are your comments about the live training, and your teacher? I was made feel most welcome by Margaret on my arrival to her home, which is beautiful and has such a wonderful energy just like she has. I felt the course went at a good pace although by the end of day 2 with all the energy I felt exhausted but that is to be expected. I enjoyed the energy exercises and at last I have learnt to trust my intuition instead of dismissing it as a silly thought. With 2 spot on areas of concern identified this has given my conscious brain the evidence it needed. Margaret has just such a lovely way about her, an amazing teacher, relaxed, funny, full of wisdom and reassurance.

Thank you so much, now the real learning begins. I had a client last night and although I was nervous using different techniques to connect etc…she floated out the door.”

Phyllis Anderson, West Lothian, July 2019

What did you think of the course content?
“I thought it was very detailed there is alot of information to process and ponder over then put into action , I think it’s a good mixture of information such as the history , what is reiki,  why do reiki and it made you really understand from your own viewpoint.
Did the course meet your expectations?
I went in with open mind and did not have any expectations about what I was going to learn, but I knew that I would like to take in as much as I could and that did meet my expectations in that it felt tailored and unique experience to everyone that was on the course too.
What did you think of the course materials (manual and CDs)?
I think its very straightforward and simple whilst being effective. It does feel calming to listen to the meditation part.
What are your comments about the live training, and your teacher?
Our teacher Margaret Craig really was accommodating from start to finish, very relaxing atmosphere,  made each of us feel connected to her because she gave alot of support and her energy of course and you could learn a lot because you can tell Margaret is passionate about what she does and like second nature to her so it made me feel comfortable. Being in a small class in a home environment to me is the ideal study situation its personalised and more intimate , you get to learn more this way.Many thanks again hope to be back for part 2.”
Sumlee Forrest, Fife, July 2019
“After booking my master/teacher course with Reiki Evolution, I received all materials through the post which were very insightful and full of information, I also received all this information via email from Taggart before I attended the course and found this very helpful having both formats. I found the CD very handy as I commute a lot, so I was able to simply have this on while driving, even now after my course I still do this. The way the instructions are all broke down, explaining what tracks to listen to with what page to read etc is very helpful, it breaks it up nicely.I found the course material a little overwhelming at some points, however, I had left it a little late to book the course and this was most likely where the anxiety came from. I’d worried a little that I hadn’t learned, or did enough. Once I arrived to Margaret’s lovely home I straight away felt at ease. Remembering it was only a few years ago I’d felt the exact same way. Margaret assured me not to worry and that I would be fine.

The 2 days spent together were lovely, full of strong warm, welcoming energy….reiki energy, it felt so natural and Margaret was full of wonderful information as usual. Although studied in the pre work pack Margaret still spoke us through everything that was needed, and in such a simple way filling us with confidence to practice ourselves and reminding us that we truly do know more than we think.

I can’t quite explain the emotion I felt receiving my empowerment on day 2, but what I can say is it was magical, for us all in the room, the energies were incredible. The tears were shed. I knew the journey has stepped into its next chapter for me.

I thank you so much for the wonderful experience I’ve had with reiki evolution yet again. It’s now week 3 and I’m feeling so clear, calm and happy….I’m practising daily and loving the doors that are opening.”

Stephanie Bruce, Glasgow, October 2019

“I would like to say a very big thank you and I’m very grateful to have stumbled (literally), upon Reiki-evolution. I was going through a troubled time and after meditating (my version at the time) one night before bed, I woke up the very next morning and had Reiki on my mind. I had never given this topic a moments thought before. I had heard of Reiki in the past but I have never had any knowledge of it. So when I woke up with reiki on my mind it was a big revelation on many levels.

I googled Reiki in Scotland and found you both. I still had not done any research on Reiki itself. I returned to Scotland and registered immediately. I Still had no clue what Reiki was. I just knew it felt right. SO…….when the study materials arrived I felt absolutely overwhelmed and very out of my depth. I had no clue where to begin………. BUT thanks to Reiki evolution it was so easy. I just had to start at the beginning and the rest flowed so beautifully.

I found the SHODEN AUDIO CD the most beneficial in the first few days as it gave me great insight and enthusiasm. It was such a treat to listen to in the car…… I was never stressed in traffic! Listening to the Audio CD then reading the manual was the most amazing way to absorb all the information in a gentle not too intense manner. Everything was made very simple with great examples, inspiring lessons and encouragement.

I thoroughly enjoyed the home study pack and the one day live course. The live course was fantastic for putting theory into practice with a wonderful teacher like Margaret. She was kind and supportive. I am so grateful to have completed the first degree course but I would like to take more time “mastering” this level and practicing techniques before I move onto the second degree. I am planning to do the second degree in January time. I will have a look at your website for dates.

Once again, many thanks for the encouragement, great course and look forward to continuing in the very near future.
PS. Thank you for the distant empowerment’s. My Sunday night and Monday night go to’s.”

Sam Edwards, Inverclyde, October 2019

What did you think of the course content?

“The Reiki Evolution course content is excellent. I have really enjoyed learning from the wealth of information in the study packs, audio tracks and practical training sessions. Everything is so well organised and accessible, it makes learning a joy. I really liked the recommendation of reading through the information first to gain a good understanding before attending the practical training session. I found that very helpful and meant I could relax and make the very most of learning the practical side of things. I was very impressed with the speed at which the study materials arrived with me after signing up for the course. I spent a lot of time looking at the different Reiki courses available, I am so pleased I chose this one; I really like the direct connection to the original teachings of Mikao Usui. There is a gentle simplicity to the teachings which resonates well with me.

Did the course meet your expectations?

The course more than met my expectations. I would highly recommend Reiki Evolution Training. All aspects of the course are so well thought out from teaching materials and practical training through to support before after and during the course. I have learnt such a lot and have felt the benefit of following the recommended daily meditations and precepts.

I really liked the attention to detail in correspondence and little things that made you feel welcomed and valued. The course and all aspects of it are extremely well organised.

What did you think of the course materials (manual and CDs)?

I found the course materials excellent, very informative and accessible, although it covers a great deal of information this is laid out in such a way that you can easily absorb all the important points. The mix of text, visuals, and information sheets worked very well. The audio tracks which accompany the manual are superb. The manual is a great handbook; it covers so much interesting information in a lot of detail. I will continue to use it as an important reference as I progress along on my Reiki journey. I liked the extra sheets which came with the handbook these were useful reminders and allowed for easy access to important hand positions etc. I received all teaching materials very soon after enrolling so I could start work straight away.

What are your comments about the live training, and your teacher?

The live training was wonderful. My teacher was Margaret Craig who was warm and very welcoming. I had a fantastic day and felt that I learnt a great deal. Having the opportunity to read through the study pack beforehand was a huge help and I was able to relax and enjoy the day building on knowledge from the home study beforehand. This worked so well for me and I would strongly recommend it to others. On the day we were given ample time to practice working with Reiki energy on ourselves and each other and Margaret was there to answer questions and guide us along the way.

How do you think the course could be improved?

I cannot think of any way to improve the course, it is excellent and wonderful value for money.”

Karen Borland, East Ayrshire, October 2019

“What did you think of the course content? Very detailed, educational, easy to follow and thorough
Did the course meet your expectations? Yes
What did you think of the course materials (manual and CDs)? The books were brilliant, I’m sure I will refer back to them. As were the accompanying tracks sent to me, especially the meditations.
What are your comments about the live training, and your teacher? Live training level 2 with Margaret Craig was a real honour. She is incredibly warm, welcoming, gentle and easy going. Also very knowledgeable and wise. It all went to schedule, and the vibes were fantastic.
How do you think the course could be improved? Not applicable! No complaints.”
Anon, Glasgow, June 2021
“The course content covered everything I expected. Both the manual and CDs were very helpful.
I had looked forward to the course for a long time and it did not disappoint.
Margaret was very attentive, gentle and intuitive”
Christine Maule, North Lanarkshire, June 2021
What did you think of the course content?
“I have no comparison with other courses. I found the content of the live course very interesting and also the completion of the home study prior to attending the day course was very important. This allowed us to carry out more practical work.
Did the course meet your expectations?
I had no expectations, although after some home research, looking at other Reiki courses (western) I was very much attracted to the traditional style and very much enjoyed how this was relayed to me by Margarets teaching which complemented the pre-course study material.
What did you think of the course materials (manual and CDs)?
I thought the hard copy of the study material was very useful, easy to understand and structured well. I used the online cd and again found it useful for reinforcing understanding of the written instructions
I also found the information on your youtube channel informative but only found it by accident when searching for information on youtube.
What are your comments about the live training, and your teacher?
I very much feel that a live course is the best way to learn about such a deep subject, its invaluable being in the presence of a teacher that has experience and understanding who is also able to help you express the thoughts and feelings that crop up during the course. Margaret was lovely, a genuinely friendly and compassionate person. Her teaching style was very relaxed and open and all aspects of the study material were covered thoroughly. I very much look forward to seeing her again for the level 2 course.
Jerome Neville, Glasgow, June 2021

“It was a wonderful experience with a small, intimate class of me and just one other. The day was structured very well, finishing off with full body treatments where we brought together everything we had learned that day. Margaret was encouraging, understanding and I feel very lucky to have met and have been taught by her.

In the lead up to the day I carried out the home study, by listening to the mp3’s, reading the manuals and practising the meditations.

All in all I feel honoured to have completed the course and very fortunate we were granted the day which we were with Margaret especially in these (still) uncertain times.

My certificate and letter including Reiki lineage were so gratefully received so thank you so much Taggart.

In the coming months I will absolutely be looking at completing my Reiki 2 with Reiki Evolution.”

Laura Sharp, Glasgow, July 2021

Course Content: I found the course easy to read and comprehensive, certainly increased my interest in Reiki. Margaret has fabulous knowledge and happy to share, she does so in such a relaxed and kind manner which put me at ease

Meet Expectations: the course both met and exceeded my expectations, the simplicity and taking away all the bells and whistles I have observed on social media and streaming channels and stripping back to a pure form allowed me to understand Reiki better and enjoy the experience more.

Materials and manual: I really like the manual and audio files were easy to download and listen to which helped with meditations and excercises.

Live Training: what can I say Margaret is an absolute gem! I felt an immediate connection with Margaret from moment she opened the door ( we both commented on it) having one other student in such intimate session for me was great as we were able to build a bond and trust very quickly allowing us to open our minds and go with what we were being instructed to do and allowed us to feel the experience. Margaret is a warm, inviting and knowledgeable person with the ability to make people feel welcome instantly. Having put all I have learned into practice in the 5 days since the course I already feel Reiki has had a big impact on me and I feel a sense of peace has started to grow within me, I will definitely be interested in doing the 2nd degree with Margaret..I couldn’t imagine doing it with anyone else!”

Theresa Adamson, Glasgow, October 2021

What did you think of the course content?
“I have no comparison with other reiki courses, but I found the style and the content very easy to understand. I felt that it reflected the nature of how the traditional Usui Reiki should be practised and it was presented in an uncomplicated delicate fashion.

Did the course meet your expectation
I had no expectations for the level 2 course as I knew the teacher from attending the level 1 course, I wasn’t disappointed, all questions were answered and the content of the study material reinforced.

What did you think of the course materials (manual and CDs)?
I ordered the hard copy of the material and found it to be good quality, and the cds are useful for reference

What are your comments about the live training, and your teacher, or the home study approach?
The home study element allowed for plenty of re reading and practical exercises to be carried out prior to attending the live course. This meant if you carried out the work the days training was really enjoyable as it was devoted to the real hands on use of Reiki.

Margaret is a fantastic teacher, very caring, compassionate and gives her students a very comfortable environment to learn and practice in.

How do you think the course could be improved?
Wouldn’t change anything.”

Jerome Neville, Glasgow, December 2021

“As with course 1 the manual and audio tracks were great and really useful as pre study materials, very comprehensive and I liked the way it described some of the methods taught by other streams of reiki which allows you to chat with other reiki practitioners who studied elsewhere… the material never once hinted this stream was the best I came to that conclusion on my own by the simpleness and elegance.

My face to face course was brought forward by several weeks ( my choice) to fill space with another student who subsequently did not attend, this meant I had a 1-2-1 course with Margaret. As with level 1 Margaret was fantastic and we both shared some amazing experiences throughout the day. Margaret is a fantastic teacher and her ongoing support has been amazing since my level 1 with her last year, I know I still have lots to learn from her many years of experience and hope to continue my reiki journey with her in

the future.”

Theresa Adamson, Glasgow, January 2022

What did you think of the course content?
“I really liked the course content. It was interesting and informative enough for a first level, and not too much to be overwhelming. The different formats were really useful.
Did the course meet your expectations?
I didn’t know what to expect. But I was happy with the course.
What did you think of the course materials (manual and CDs)?
I was happy with the materials. Having the mp3s on my phone is very handy, and makes it much easier to fit into a busy day. I got the printed handbook to which I prefer to pdfs on my phone.
All materials were well laid out and easy to understand.
What are your comments about the live training, and your teacher, or the home study approach?
I was happy with the training day. It was good that there was only 2 of us in the class. Margaret was very kind and welcoming and made sure we got through the days activities without feeling rushed. I left with a good understanding of reiki feeling ready and confident to continue to practice.
How do you think the course could be improved?
I was happy with the course as it was.”
Ruth Lafferty, Renfrewshire, February 2022
“I thoroughly enjoyed my day with Margaret Craig last week, it was great to put into practice all I had been learning and to get the encouragement and validation that what I doing was correct.
Margaret was just lovely,  so kind and knowledgeable and very tuned on to how I and the other attendee were feeling.
I felt very comfortable in Margaret’s lovely home, and thought that the pace of the course was just right. The empowerments felt very calming, like a blessing.  Margaret put us at ease when we were treating each other in the afternoon and gave us useful feedback and lots of opportunities to ask questions.
A very enjoyable and fulfilling day, and I’m looking forward to keeping up my practice.”
Lynn Mearns, Glasgow, June 2022

“I found the Reiki First Degree course to be excellent both in content and format. The way it was set out, letting the student know exactly what pages to read and re-read and which audio tracks to listen to meant that by the day of the live course I was completely familiar with all of the material.

The day of the live course was wonderful too and I will definitely be registering for Second Degree.”
Michelle Bennett, Glasgow, July 2022
“I attended Reiki 1course on the 9th July in Glasgow Margaret Craig was the tutor. Margaret was excellent she was very knowledgable and I felt I was learning from her .
She had a very calming way and made me feel very welcome . I came away feeling confident and empowered by Margaret.
I will move on to do Reiki 2 in a few months with Margaret.”
Carol McGregor, Perthshire & Kinross, July 2022

“There were 3 of us on the day, each of us with very different personal energies.
Margaret was brilliant, she gave us a warm welcome and was very understanding.
Margaret’s teaching was exceptionally accessible, she explained things simply and elegantly. During the first Reiju empowerment I experienced a deep sense of connectedness and love – I immediately wanted to share this feeling, Margaret reminded me that this feeling was for me, to heal and love myself. Something I struggle to do!

Margaret provided a nurturing space, her own energy combined with her home setting facilitated the gentle calm needed to approach the session. Her compassion, patience and kindness meant that each of us were able to grow in our understanding of reiki throughout the day and gain a deeper connection to the universal life force.
During and after the training we all chatted about the positive changes we felt and the things we had experienced. Much of what I personally experienced, there are no words for.

All in all the course well exceeded my expectations.”

Rochelle McConnell, Argyll & Bute, August 2022

“I just wanted to share my feedback on the course with you. I thoroughly enjoyed learning all of the Reiki 2 information. As with Reiki 1, the way the learning was set out for study before the live course was really good. I followed the order of reading, listening and practicing drawing the symbols as you set out. By the day of the live course I was comfortable and familiar with all the material. The day of the live course was good. It’s really nice to be with people who think the same as me and we could talk about Reiki, energy and other related subjects that I don’t really discuss with other people.”

Michelle Bennett, Glasgow, September 2022

“Firstly can I just say that the Shoden training manual and CD’s were invaluable to me as part of the pre class learning programme as were the step by step instructions and reading guide provided by Reiki Evolution. I would urge anyone considering taking the courses to purchase these and although you can print them out yourself and use the mp3 recordings I found having the very professionally produced hard copy version and CD’s so much better for me as a novice and so nice to keep and reference in the future.

The day itself was packed with learning, discussion and practice although not at all overwhelming. Margaret has a very calming way about her and you could really feel the positive energy she has. We ended up being in her house from 10 am till 6pm!! as like all good Scots Margaret was in no rush to get rid of us and I think if we didn’t have family to get back to we’d still be there!!

I think the course was well worth the money and I have already booked level 2 in November and received my training manual and CD. I also thought it was a lovely and very unexpected touch to receive through the post the other day a printed A4 colour certificate of my training day.

I don’t think I could offer any suggestions to improve the Reiki Evolution experience you seem to have that covered!! Including Facebook support groups and weekly emails. I have also been taking advantage of the Monday empowerments sent out by Taggart and can honestly say I have felt myself change for the better over the past couple of months since commencing the programme.

Thankyou for your continued support and so looking forward to see what the next level brings.”

Avril MacGregor, North Ayrshire, September 2022

“I did my reiki 1 with Margaret and I am so glad I did. Not only did she explain everything is such great detail but her energy was so calming and beautiful.

The course content was great and the CDs are so easy to follow because Taggarts voice is so calming and soft. I found the layout of the course was really well spaced out and everything flowed at a lovely pace. Margaret put out some drinks and offered us some snacks when we had a break. The physical side of the course was my favourite. I felt more connected than ever and I have Margaret to thank. She has deepened both my spiritual connection and understanding.

Since the course I have incorporated reiki into so many different aspects of my life. I feel much more at ease and I now have a better relationship with my own intuition. I have decided that I will be doing my reiki 2 soon and plan on doing the practitioner course too.”

Cara Fearnside, Glasgow, January 2023

“I trained in person with the utterly delightful Margaret Craig. Straight away I was at ease in her presence and I instantly knew I was going to enjoy the course. Margaret explained everything so well and always asked if I had any questions.

Having purchased the audio and pdf handbook I had a little knowledge of what to expect. This helped tremendously as I had completed all of the meditation audios.

I’m excited as to where this journey is going to take me in life”

Laura McKinlay, South Ayrshire, January 2023

“I thought the Reiki Level 1 course was really good. Margaret was so welcoming and friendly and the session went smoothly and quickly. I thought the course notes were very detailed and illuminating. The CDs , particularly the meditations , were also really good.
All in all a great experience!”
Mary McCloskey, Glasgow, March 2023
“I recently did my level 1 Reiki with Margret Craig in Glasgow. She was an excellent teacher: very thorough and attentive. I liked her easy-going approach. Everything was was explained in an easy to understand way. The course material I received was really good, very interesting. There’s a massive amount of information which really helped leading up to the course. All in all it was a wonderful experience.”
Derek Crowther, Lanarkshire, April 2023

What did you think of the course content? – The course was a good balance of the theory and practice of Reiki. Much of this is in the handbook and exercises pre course but I would say it is well balanced.

Did the course meet your expectations? – Yes I would say the course met my expectations

What did you think of the course materials (manual and CDs)? – These are good and great to be able to look back at after the session also.

What are your comments about the live training, and your teacher, or the home study approach? – Margaret was a great teacher, very knowledgeable and covered the course at a good pace with the right amount of focus on each part of the day. Being able to prepare and read materials before and after the course was really useful and helps with different learning style.

How do you think the course could be improved? – I can’t think of anything that would improve on the course.”

Pauline Limond, Glasgow, September 2023

“What did you think of the course content?

Very concise and easy to follow.

Did the course meet your expectations?

Very much so and more.

What did you think of the course materials (manual and CDs)?

The course manual was great.

What are your comments about the live training, and your teacher, or the home study approach?

Margaret was the MOST WONDERFUL woman and teacher and an asset to your team-though I’m sure you know this. My mum and I felt so welcome and cared for the entire day we spent with her. We could have stayed longer she was so warm and inviting. We both learnt so much from her guidance and have been practising everyday since. We are both keen to do our level 2 in due course.”

Laura Gordon, Glasgow, February 2024