Hampshire Reiki Testimonials: Annie Bellows

hampshire reiki courseAt Reiki Evolution we routinely ask our students to let us have their feedback about the training and support that they receive. We have set ourselves high standards and want to make sure that our students are happy with their training, and soliciting feedback is a good way of making sure that we are on track.

Below you can read testimonials from people who have attended Ann Bellows’s Reiki Evolution Reiki training courses in Fordingbridge, Hampshire/Dorset.



“The course was great it has really helped me at a particularly difficult time in my life and I chose you as the materials were very comprehensive and my tutor Annie Bellows was great and tailored it specifically for my needs. I shall carry on to the second level once the summer is over.” 

Kim Manley, Hampshire, July 2015
“Just a short note to say I thoroughly enjoyed my first degree course with Annie today. Thank you for sending the Joining Instructions so quickly and for the efficiency of the whole process. I so enjoyed the whole experience. Annie is an amazing teacher, I had a very special day with her.”
Helen Patey, Berkshire, June 2015

“At all times Annie was knowledgeable and understanding and acted in a very professional manner at all times. She gave her pupils the information in an understandable format has has since encouraged us to use Reiki as often as possible. I would always recommend Annie to others.”

Elaine Peachey

“I found the course to be well structured and well-run. Annie’s style is one, which I found comfortable and easy. Annie was enthusiastic and passionate and maintained contact after my training day, giving help, advice and confidence to progress on the journey with Reiki.”


“After weeks of researching the many different forms of Reiki, I decided the Japanese Mikao Usui teaching would be the path for me. The big problem was how to find a teacher who not only taught this method, but who was genuine. So many seemed a bit strange, in it for the money, or both. Then I read, that finding the right teacher would be easy – I just had to trust my intuition – I did this and found Annie. My day at Damerham was more than I could of hoped for, Annie is a calm and relaxing person who explained everything fully and answered my many questions. I use the meditation CD every day and try to follow the precepts, living in the moment is such a great way to be. Reiki has made a real positive difference to my life and enabled me to help those I love and care for. Thank you Annie, thank you Reiki.”


”I would just like to let you know how much I enjoyed my first degree course with Annie in Fordingbridge. I was so lucky as it was one to one and had an amazing day. I am regularly practising Reiki using the recorded Hatsurei Ho and my husband has started doing it with me. I will soon be looking at doing my second degree. Again, thank you, Annie is a brilliant teacher and I found it a very rewarding experience.”

Mandy Broom, Hampshire, July 2012

”I booked my live course through the Reiki Evolution website. I received all my instructions via email and my tutor called me before the day to ensure everything was in order and I was clear of directions and what I needed.

The course content was as expected from the previous details I had been sent and I studied the course materials I had received as advised. I found CD & Manual very helpful and was glad that I had both which take into consideration all learning styles. The cd in particular has been great post course for meditations.

I felt very relaxed with Annie, she made me feel very welcome and took great care to explain and work through each element at my pace.”

Katherine Hill, Hampshire, July 2012

“I have just completed my 2nd degree course with Annie Bellows. I really enjoyed the course. The materials were splendid, easy to read and to listen to, the CDs were very relaxing, it must be your voice! I met Annie on Saturday 29th and she was very warm, friendly and easy to talk to, a wonderful tutor! Thank you for a super course!”

Kim Dewick, Isle of Wight, October 2012

”I came to Reiki after my mother had initially been on the course with Annie. She often complained of feeling run down and low during the Winter, however this time round she was much more positive and ha more energy. As a teacher I’m always in need of the extra energy, so I was booked onto the course with Annie as soon as possible!

I read the accompanying material which is very easy to follow and not written in the ‘flowery’ style which I had come to expect from courses which talk about self-healing. I felt I was able to come to the course with a good level of knowledge. My suggestion would be that anyone wishing to go on the course should not read the testimonials about what happened when people got their first empowerment – you’ll spend the whole time thinking what feelings you will have when you should be focussing on other things. The CDs are also very helpful and I still use the meditation one daily.

Annie was wonderfully relaxed on the day, and I truly appreciated the way on which she showed Reiki to be adaptable to people’s own lifestyles and comfort. I also found working with another student particularly helpful as it allowed me to practice what I had been taught.

I would recommend Annie, not only because she helps you learn about Reiki, but her teaching style is very practical and her use of questioning and feedback helps you understand Reiki even more. Thank you!”

Polly, January 2013

“I did my Reiki 1 with Annie last week and found her to be extremely approachable and welcoming and she made sure that everyone felt at ease as I had been a bit nervous about attending.

The course far exceeded my expectations – there was constant encouragement and guidance and it felt more like friends having a chat than a “formal” course. The practical session was excellent and it was nice to have feedback when we tried our first Reiki treatments. The treatment I was given from my fellow student, made me feel calm and relaxed and it has been a very, very long time since I have felt at peace in this way. Annie also gave a lot of guidance when I explained that one of the main reasons I wanted to learn Reiki was to benefit my dog who is extremely nervous.

The course materials and CDs are excellent – very thorough but also easy to understand and reassuring. I had been worried before the course that I wouldn’t feel anything and therefore that this would mean that I was not “meant” to do Reiki. However, the course materials and CDs were very reassuring in that it would be fine if I were not to feel anything and that it wouldn’t mean that the Reiki energy wasn’t working (it turned out that I did have quite a reaction whilst on the live course).

I don’t feel the course I did with Annie could be improved – it was excellent and I am now hoping to do my Reiki 2 with Annie in a few months time.”

Tracey King, Rhondda, March 2013

“Firstly I’d like to say a big reiki thank you for all the support and info that I got from my pre course work for my RMT training. I found all the study material very informative and easy to follow,  the guided CD’s and interlinking chapters for study really helped me keep a focus on exactly what and where I should be studying.
On attending the RMT with Annie I found this especially interesting and really did feel lots of stuff on the day, my empowerments and attunements felt great and as I was Annie’s only student on the first day, I felt extra special with 121 teaching. Annie is such a fabulous person and I found myself instantly comfortable in her teaching style.
On my 2nd day we were joined by another student and found some great energy during practice and treatments.
All in all my time studying and been on the live course was fantastic, thanks so much for all the work putting it together.”
James  Graydon-Rhodes, Kent, June 2014
“I’m very happy I attended the course and would like to continue working with Reiki Evolution. Annie was very considerate of my needs and is a truly generous spirit.I think the course notes and CDs supplied are of excellent quality and I certainly feel a profound shift since attending the live course.”
Helen Coren, London, December 2014
“Just a short message to say that I enjoyed the First degree Reiki course. Ann was a lovely teacher and very welcoming.
Studying at home before the day works well so you have some knowledge beforehand and then can make the best use of time on the day with Ann.
Thank you for the certificate and gifts were a nice touch.”
Zoe Hardiman, Wiltshire, April 2018
“I just wanted to feedback to you about my Masters training with Ann Bellows. I had a really wonderful time working with Ann through the Masters material and exercises.
I found Ann to be so welcoming and friendly, it was a comfortable and warm experience to learn from her. Ann shows a lot of patience and the pace of the learning was perfect, and Ann gave me more than plenty of opportunities to ask questions. Ann has a wealth of knowledge about Reiki and I am so pleased the cosmos chose her to be my teacher at this level. I feel really committed and excited for the future as I incorporate Reiki into my life at this level.
I am so grateful to have made contact with you and being trained by Ann, I extend huge gratitude to you both, thank you.”

Julie-Ann Booker, Dorset, April 2019