Hertfordshire Reiki testimonials: Hannah Shine

hertfordshire reiki coursesAt Reiki Evolution we routinely ask our students to let us have their feedback about the training and support that they receive. We have set ourselves high standards and want to make sure that our students are happy with their training, and soliciting feedback is a good way of making sure that we are on track.

Below you can read testimonials from people who have attended Hannah Shine’s Reiki Evolution Reiki training courses in Bishop’s Stortford, Hertfordshire.



”More than exceeded my expectations and I could not be happier with the course. Loved it all. ”

June Creak, Essex, January 2010

”Many thanks Hannah for a wonderful Masters weekend and thank you Michael for a fantastic lunch. Lovely meeting new friends. ”

Sue Birkitt, January 2010

”This course exceeded my expectations, wonderful experience. Thank you Hannah. ”

Rita Farrant, February 2010

”Awesome day! Hannah is super and so wonderful – she shares her heart! ”

Michael Miller, Herts, April 2010

”Amazing and fun at the same time. Feeling very competent after this weekend. ”

Michael Miller, July 2010

“Having just completed my Stage 2 I am more than happy to give feedback. I knew in October last year that Reiki was a path I needed to follow. After researching different courses, I was drawn to Reiki Evolution & took the first stage in February this year. I was very impressed with the course materials, especially the CD, which once transferred to my iPod, I could listen to anywhere. The day spent with Hannah Shine was fantastic.

Following discussions with Hannah re how long I should wait before doing Stage 2, I enrolled for the July course. Again the course materials were excellent & the day spent with Hannah was very ‘grounding’ for me. Hannah is an excellent tutor – very enthusiastic and supportive. An added bonus is that her lovely husband does us a delicious vegetarian lunch!

Thank you for Reiki Evolution Taggart; I know I am only just at the beginning of this journey but I probably speak for a number of people when I say it is life-changing. “

Ann Saxelby, Hertfordshire, July 2010

”Hannah, I love your courses and the way you teach. Our needs are taken into consideration and you always give above and beyond! ”

Pauly Chaplin, July 2010

”We had a wonderful time in a great location. I felt very relaxed while we were taking the course. The energy from Reiki seemed to pervade all aspects of the day. This will stay with me always. A big thank you. ”

David Mawdsley, Essex, August 2010

”Everyday I keep hatsurei ho to clean up my energy and to receive universal energy. ”

Hitomi Etou, Japan, August 2010”I had a great day and met a warm welcome from the moment I arrived. Wonderful course, a very giving teacher and fabulous vegetarian lunch! ”

Suzanne Ray, Essex, August 2010

”Interesting and informative within a caring, sharing atmosphere. ”

Hazel Ballard, Essex, September, 2010

”Hannah is an exceptional person. She is warm and sincere and made me feel at home straight away. I really enjoyed getting to know her and the other Reiki students, Cass and Vicky. I am sure we will all keep in touch! ”

Stephanie McEwen, November 2010

”I am delighted with everything I did and learnt today. Hannah is knowledgeable and enthusiastic and conveyed her love of Reiki to us. Thank you so much. ”

Jane Sarkodie, Essex, November 2010

“I have just completed Reiki 2 training with Hannah Shine – the day was excellent, inspiring and full of content. I am very impressed with your manual and CD course materials and the fact that I had plenty of time before the actual day to familiarise myself with the contents. Hannah is an excellent teacher and her enthusiasm and generosity in sharing her skills with others is inspiring and catching. I had a wonderful day and will be recommending your training to others.”

Gina O’Neill, Essex, November 2010

“I felt I had to send you feedback after your help and the generosity of Hannah Shine. Within 2 minutes of arrival I was fully welcomed with a hug, nice cup of tea and biscuit. The building we were to work in was excellent, warm and vibrant in energy.

I found that having your book and CDs before the live course was a great advantage and it helped in a great way with at least a couple of days studying at home if you add up the hours. Hannah made sure I was comfortable and delivered the live course in a very professional and high ability of knowledge. I was given a 3 course lunch which enabled us to discuss the teachings over a nice meal, and Hannah made sure my water intake was sufficient. To be honest I could tell I was in the hands of a Master.

The pace of the course delivery was perfect and to be honest I enjoyed the day immensely with the bonus of coming away with gifts I totally respect. I cannot see how another Reiki School could better the service you give. it certainly enlightened me and I slept in late today in total relaxation and excitement. Thank you again Taggart.”

Ian Pridmore, Essex, January 2011

“I have attended the Reiki Evolution Levels 1 & 2 courses with Hannah Shine and have also received treatments from her. Hannah is very knowledgeable on a wide variety of subjects around complimentary therapies and her wide knowledge adds to the day greatly. It is reassuring to know that Hannah has a very in depth experience and knowledge of her subjects.

Vicky Young, Essex, March 2011

“I just wanted to thank you again for taking the time to take me through the level 2 training on Sunday even though it was just me. it was lovely to meet you and spend a day with you in such a comfortable and relaxing atmosphere and to be offered a delicious lunch!

It would have been nice to have had the experience of working with others but this was more than compensated for by having one on one attention. I found it really helpful to work with you, the empowerments were indeed powerful – very energetic – and the treatment I received totally relaxing; quite wonderful. You gave me lots of new ideas and the confidence to go with my intuition especially with regards channeling the energies of the 2 ki’s. The instructions were all very clear and the charts and other materials you used really helpful.”

Virginia Kennard, Hertfordshire, April 2011

“With regard to the course content, my own view is that it gives so much choice. Stacks of information, techniques, symbols, feedback etc., which gave me the opportunity (ongoing) to see what works for me. Strangely, the things I think I am going to find hard seem to resonate most! I think I am saying that I love the way you provide a whole buffet table of new and exciting dishes to try and we then get to choose what to fill our plates with! It encourages trips back to the table too. The way the course is structured, ie learning beforehand to allow time for more practical work on the day, seems by far the best way to experience learning and to embed knowledge. From my point of view, I can think of no improvements.

Hannah’s course followed the schedule, but delightfully veered off to other interesting and inspiring snippets. The pace was good and no-one felt afraid of asking questions or sharing thoughts and feelings. Hannah also made it very clear that she is available always to answer questions and help wherever she can. The Reiki shares is also a big pull for me as I have never before had the opportunity to share with other Reiki people face to face until now.

I love the new blogs. Very uplifting, informative and so very interesting. I’m soaking it all up like a sponge! ”

Julia Reeves, Suffolk, June 2011

“The course exceeded my expectations. Hannah was a wonderful teacher and guide and the course took place in idyllic surroundings with 5* food too. She put us all at ease and taught it as though we had not already learned it so the bits I was not too sure about were fine and I know I will continue to study the materials and practice all those important exercises and mediations way into the future. I was also relieved there were only 2 other students there as it was very easy to discuss stuff and share experiences. When I first did my 1 & 2 there were a dozen so it was hard to do that and I was so much more nervous and shy then. By keeping classes small I felt there was more to gain.

The pre-course material was excellent although there was so much content it almost put me off! I know I will be working through much of it for years to come. As I was sent the course stuff for all 3 levels it was a huge amount of information but I loved the way it was presented with student comments about each section. If ever I am led to teach commercially I know I will be so grateful for that tremendous back up and support. The CDs were great and I went to bed playing them every night in the hope it would filter through my consciousness while I slept. The DVD brought the words to life and were really helpful as I could practice with them.

I have been a Reiki master for 10 years so did not expect much more than just to learn the Reiki Evolution way of doing attunements/empowerments but I learnt way more than that. I am now confident with the kotodama which I wasn’t previously. I am looking forward to doing many meditations with them. I found your western attunements to be longer than those I worked with originally and after doing my first empowerment and getting the result I did I will always use the empowerments. They flow and right from the start I felt comfortable with them.

Interestingly I gave a friend who is already 2nd degree a first degree empowerment and the results have been stunning. She is very sensitive to the energies and has always been a guinea pig for me. Not only did she experience a huge jolt as I formulated my intention ( I wrote about this on the blog page) but in the week since she has been feeling excellent and has dealt, with ease, with some stressful problems which would normally have reduced her to quivering jelly. This is the kind of feedback which makes it all worthwhile for me as I mainly use Reiki on myself and friends together with a lot of distant to bad stuff in the world. Now she is happy to try the 2nd degree which is a huge step as when she was first attuned to 2nd degree she cried uncontrollably (she knows not why) and she has been worried about doing it again ever since but now she is really wanting to try the next empowerment.

I feel I am really progressing now and look forward to working with the energy for the rest of my life. I believe the weekend is a beginning rather than my learning is done. I like the way you have taken the new teachings that have been discovered. From a personal viewpoint I don’t see it’s necessary to learn or carry out western attunements now.

Thank you so much Taggart for what I know is/will be a life changing experience.”

Patricia Wellfare, Essex, July 2011

“I have to say that Hannah Shine, our teacher, was brilliant. She shared so much knowledge and made us feel comfortable right from the start. We felt we could ask any questions and not feel silly. Being taught in such a small group, I felt we were getting individual attention all day. By getting our study packs in advance, I had plenty of time to go through the material over and over again, so I was prepared for the live day – the CDs were especially helpful (my daughter was taught by yourself quite a few years ago and she was very jealous that I have those CDs to guide me). Hannah gave us lots of encouragement and I am looking forward to going to her next Reiki share and doing Reiki 2. I have already recommended Reiki Evolution to two work colleagues who are looking to study it.”

Frances Donovan, Essex, September 2011

”I loved the venue at someones house, very welcoming and personal- lunch was superb, too!

The course materials are very professional and I enjoyed to learn about Reiki and the course before attending as it gave me plenty of time to practise.Hannah Shine is very knowledgeable and I purchased a couple of interesting books she recommended.

Reiki has changed my life and I am very grateful to have had the opportunity to become ‘part of it’!!”

Yvonne Bavin, Essex, October 2011

“I found my Reiki One Course with Hannah Shine a thoroughly enjoyable and enlightening experience.She was a lovely, very knowledgeable, empathetic person and related well with all those that attended on the day.

It was very helpful to receive such comprehensive and easy to understand reading material and the CD in advance as it gave everyone attending an opportunity to have at least a basic level of understanding together before the course started. I absolutely intend to continue my Reiki journey and study Level Two in the Spring.”

Delia Gibbs, Hertfordshire, December 2011

“As with Reiki 1, my husband Stephen and I had a brilliant day with Hannah Shine on our Reiki 2 course. The manual and CDs arrived in plenty of time for us to swot up and practise before the live day itself. The symbols were a challenge to learn, particularly the third one (I don’t know how students learn them on the same day!). Hannah’s hospitality is second to none and we were welcomed like old friends. We held our learning session in her summerhouse and the whole day flowed really well. Once again, a lovely lunch was cooked by Michael. All in all, I would thoroughly recommend Hannah to anyone – in fact three of my work colleagues were on her Reiki 1 course the day before us.”

Frances Donovan, Essex, December 2011

“I think the course content was excellent, I really believe that having the manual and cd then having the live training day is in my opinion the best way to complete the course.

The course exceeded my expectations and the teacher Hannah was excellent and I could not have wished for a better day, There were 4 of us and I believe that number of students were perfect, and I shall certainly be following the 2nd degree course at a later stage.”

Gloria Barnes, Hertfordshire, January 2012

“My course was full of content, very well structured with support of the CD’S & Reiki knowledge book. I am really excited about doing my Reiki two.

I Prayed to the universe for direction & heard a voice that answered Reiki healing & the name Hannah Shine. She welcomed me with warmth,she radiated peace, calm laughter & light. Her words & teachings during my Reiki 1 course was like a book each page was like a gift of understanding. I her student became a sponge obsorbing every word of Mikao Usui wisdom, I felt like a child that had walked through the dark into divine light & was no longer blind to the beautiful universal energy, it’s power that had resonated within me, but needed understanding to access & an understanding to share.

Hannah became my guide of wisdom of teaching, my healer to my soul. I myself have never felt such power of peace, warmth release & calm in such a long time in my body during my receiving of Reiki treatment. Words cannot explain or express how I felt when I was giving a Reiki treatment the connection of overwhelming love, colours, heat, tingling in my hands as I emerged as one with the universal energy to give healing to another.

Reiki has changed me through my master/teacher Hannah Shine. Her dedication, devotion & passion to Reiki precepts has nurtured to plant a seed of growth in me of learning.  Thank you Taggart King, Thank you Hannah Shine for the this blessing of knowledge & enlightenment. I send you peace, love & light your ever grateful student.

I have hands of loving care.
I have eyes to see what other’s can’t.
I have ear’s to hear the voice that cannot be spoken.
I have now Reiki Evolution the wisdom of Mikao Usui.”

Bernadette Plume, Essex, April 2014

“The course materials were excellent – really enjoyed the books and CDs provided for Reiki one and two.  Me and my mum have much more understanding of Reiki as a whole and feel that our learning was well supported/guided – which was something we really lacked when we did Reiki level one with another Reiki master (not with Reiki Evolution).

Hannah was lovely and we enjoyed the day we spent with her on the level 2 course. We feel much more prepared to continue our Reiki on a daily basis and begin working on family and friends with more confidence. Many thanks!”

Charley Taylor-Bull and Christine Taylor, Hertfordshire, May 2014

“My course teacher was Hannah Shine , and I had a wonderful weekend under her instruction.
My manuals and Cd’s and DVD arrived in plenty of time for me to practise the course content, which I found extremely helpful and varied.  There was a wealth of information included in the pack , which I am sure I will be revisiting over a period of time.
I found the whole weekend inspirational ; Hannah is an extremely knowledgeable tutor and was unstinting in her help and advice.  I was made to feel welcome and looked after the whole weekend.
All in all , a great weekend that fulfilled all my expectations.”
Lynne Ducker, Essex, June 2014

“I thought that the course content was extremely thorough and provided something for everyone in the multi learning approach. I really enjoyed immersing myself in Reiki symbols/sounds and in particular experiencing meditating with them.

I didn’t really know what to expect, other than I knew from doing Reiki 1 & 2 with Reiki Evolution that the course materials would be extensive & interesting.  I wasn’t disappointed, I think that your whole ‘package’ is extremely professional and is particularly useful to have moving forwards both as working reference materials and in guidance for teaching.

The manual and CDs complemented each other well & made studying easier, as when I couldn’t sit down & read something, I was able to listen to the CDs while I was cooking the dinner etc.!!  I found the DVD of the attunement/empowerment really useful in learning what was involved and particularly appreciated the breakdown of sections into manageable chunks to learn!

I found the environment of the live training & Hannah’s approach extremely informative & nurturing and felt that the whole weekend was a special and inspiring experience. Hannah was extremely generous with the knowledge that she shared and nothing was too much trouble.  Going forwards, I feel confident in the support of both Hannah & Reiki Evolution,& I’m so glad that I have trained through you.

Thank you for the copy of the ‘Precepts’ which I received yesterday, it was a thoughtful and welcome mark of what I feel is the real beginning of my ‘journey’ with Reiki.”

Janet Phillips, Essex, July 2014

“I am very sorry for the delay in getting back to you, I have rather a lot going on, both home and work. The 2nd degree course I did with Hannah Shine was brilliant, content great, the manuals and CD S clear and straight forward. The venue was great, and Hannah is an incredible teacher, not to mention a truly lovely person. I am continuing to work with what I have learnt, and am considering taking the next step in a year or so.”
Tricia Jordan, Essex, October 2014

What did you think of the course content? “I found the course content very comprehensive and interesting. It was very easy to follow and having the audio cd really suited my style of learning because it helped me to keep focused.

Did the course meet your expectations? Yes, looking forward to more learnings in the future. I’m interested in the animal reiki courses too so I’ll look at those some time next year. 

What did you think of the course materials (manual and CDs)? The course materials were easy to understand and follow. I downloaded the CD onto my iPhone so that I could listen to it when I didn’t have access to a CD player.

What are your comments about the live training, and your teacher? I totally loved the live training experience with Hannah Shine. Both Hannah and her husband Michael were very welcoming. Contact via email with Hannah before the course helped to calm any nerves that I may have had about the live training/empowerments etc. I learnt so much from Hannah and she helped me in many ways. I think I can safely say that the whole day with Hannah blew me away. Looking forward to my second degree at some point next year with Hannah.”

Caroline Parry, Hertfordshire, December 2014

“I recently attended the first level Shoden course with Hannah Shine. The course manual and CD’s were sent out to me quickly when I signed up and I enjoyed reading the material and listening to the CD’s. It was very clear and easy to understand. I liked the fact that I could work through the manual at my own pace and practice each part. The yellow guidance sheet was also useful.
When I attended the day course, my tutor Hannah made me feel instantly calm and relaxed and welcome to her home. The course definitely met all my expectations and as it was with a small group I felt that it helped to make the training and support she provided us more individualised.
The live training definitely consolidated what I had learnt from the manual and CD’s, I am a visual and kinaesthetic learner so the way this course as a whole is presented suited me perfectly.”
Jenna Redding, Essex, March 2016

“The course content was very good.

The course exceeded my expectations.

The course materials were very good.

The live training was excellent, Hannah was amazing.

Can’t think of how the course could be improved.  I have thoroughly enjoyed learning about Reiki and receiving the empowerment to treat myself and others.  I feel much calmer and have more energy since the live training.  I am now looking forward to practicing what I have learnt and eventually taking my second degree.”

Susan Brown, Hertfordshire, March 2016

“I was very happy with the course content and pleased that I had plenty of time to study it before attending the live training.

The course was interesting and easy to follow – the photographs being a great help.  It was useful having the written material and CDs.  Both have been invaluable:  I frequently refer back to the manual and use your meditations pretty much every day.

On the day of my live training with Hannah Shine, everything I had read just fell into place.  There were only four of us, which made it very personal, and in the afternoon after our empowerments, we were able to practice giving one another a Reiki treatment, which was very special.  Hannah is a delightful lady who did everything to make our day a success.  I came home feeling elated and eager to put into practice what I had learned.  I would recommend her to anyone wanting to start out on Reiki.

I am delighted to find that Reiki “works” for me.  In such a short time it has become part of my everyday life – part of who I am – and I look forward to doing my Second Degree with Hannah before too long.”

Barbara Hide, Hertfordshire, May 2016

“I very much enjoyed my second degree reiki course. Yes there was great  understanding  of knowledge and  empowerment in reiki healing through the context of this course. It  went beyond my expectations in strengthening my  ability in connecting and understanding the different ways reiki came be used through  drawing on the symbols in your minds eye how distant healing, Earth Ki and heavenly Ki are able to emerge spiritual and physical emotional senses, feeling the difference between each symbol and how strong the energies are when used in a treatment and the right way becoming one being natural having faith that you are being guided. I can’t explain how wonderful these power symbols feel when you first work with them, first I didn’t feel anything then bang you are touched and any thing that you need is given and received through the blessing of reiki.

The course material was perfect for me I didn’t learn to read and write until I was in my twenties.Having both the audio cd and the book to work with helped and gave me time and I felt like I had a one to one teacher through Taggart  this was also greatly blessed through Hannah she is such a beautiful lady and her passion for reiki and it teaching embraced the day. Her connection  with her students ensure great understanding supported in her teaching  and demonstrated  a balance of knowledge that was equally shared. I didn’t want the day to end. Hannah is so welcoming, I could have listened to her teachings of reiki evolution a thousand times over as I did with Taggart audio cd. Fabulous day of empowerment and a joining of new friends. Thank you first to Taggart for your teaching and the journey  you have walked to gain this knowledge, the path of selflessness in sharing this gift and choosing the right voices to embrace  the teachings of reiki. I cannot wait to finish and do my master/teaching.”

Bernadette Plume, Essex, December 2016

“I attended my Reiki 2 course on Sunday 4th Dec with Hannah Shine, and as with the Reiki 1 course I attended at the beginning of this year I found it to be a fantastic day. Hannah has a very welcoming manner and makes the content of the day very easy to understand and follow.

The day flowed nicely with time divided well between discussion and practical. I would absolutely recommend her to anyone thinking about doing the courses! I received the course materials not long after booking the course and also found them to be very clear and easy to follow. I thoroughly enjoyed this course and feel better in myself now that I regularly use Reiki.”

Jenna Redding, Essex, December 2016

“Just wanted to say the course content was fantastic,very easy to follow. The course met my expectations really pleased with the course. I love your manuals and cds again very easy to follow and a pleasure to work with. I enjoyed my live training course with Hannah Shine she is a very brillant teacher and I can’t wait ’til I do my second Reiki Course with her. I would recommend anybody that wants to do Reiki to go through Reiki-Evolution as your course contents are done just right. The course couldnt be improved any more as its 100% as it is.”

Sharon Short, Essex, February 2017

“I really enjoyed my reiki course with Hannah Shine. I think the whole format is very helpful and Hannah is a lovely and very experienced teacher. I plan to continue the training after practicing and preparing some more. I would choose Hannah to teach me the next bit.”
Clare Sinclair, Hertfordshire, March 2017
“I had a fantastic experience on this Master Teacher course.
Hannah is always compassionate and insightful teacher, the course exceeded my expectations it is very thorough, and provides lots of interesting references and information in reiki evolution, the Taggart’s message and usi guide of teaching in healing and working with energies on a higher vibration by using symbols the powerful emotional sensation that come with each master layer goes to serve us by showing the strenghth in healing practice.
On the day we were given enjoyable peaceful and excellent surroundings to work in, receivied great food. Very rewarding course a beautiful way of embracing healing on a deeper level, a whole weekend of teaching to inspiring my soul, total awaking of energies.
So grateful to Taggart for your teaching tools that are tailored to each individual’s needs of learning. Your voice is so charming but penetrative to the mind and soul only issue is I kept falling to sleep your voice is very hypnotic which is a good thing but took twice as long to liste to the course cd’s.”
Bernadette Plume, Essex, June 2017
“I loved my course i have done my Reiki 1 and Reiki 2 now.
The course was fantastic 
I enjoyed reading and listening to the course material 
I had both my Training done with Hanna Shine Master/Teacher and she is a excellent teacher i cant wait till next year till i do my Masters with her.
The course is Excellent as it is does not need to be improved.
I have enjoyed my Training on these courses and have recomended you to all my friends.”
Sharon Short, Essex, July 2017


“I felt the course to be incredibly rewarding – the content provided before is just brilliant and I found the way it was written and correlating audio files incredibly easy to follow and relevant. It made sense. During the actual course I found Hannah to be an incredibly warm person and great teacher, putting me at ease from the very start. I did go in thinking “i won’t be able to do this” but realised this really is accessible to everyone. Since completing Reiki 1 I’ve been trying to keep to practicing Hatsurei Ho every day and also self treatments which I’ve found calming and peace during a stressful time.

Thanks, I will be back to complete Reiki 2 soon and hopefully some of the Reiki shares.”

Katy Holliday, February 2018


“I founded reiki 1 course, with mrs. Hannah very good and useful. It was even better than I expected and I really highly recommend this to anyone who wants to get to know and work with reiki energy. After that day I feel different, but in a good way. I am more calm and relaxed. Also I sleep much better and have more energy during daytime. Reiki has really helped me in many ways and I am grateful for this wonderful experience. Mrs. Hannah is an amazing teacher and guide. She really made that day very special and I learned a lot.”

Ajda Cajhen, Hertfordshire, February 2019


“Hannah was truly amazing. I had such a great and beneficial day.
I enjoyed the content of the materials backed up with the face to face session with Hannah.
It truly exceeded my expectations.
It was in a relaxed and conducive setting with Hannah’s husband Michael cooking us a delicious lunch
I look forward to expanding my knowledge at level 2!”

Jane Wadley, Cambridgeshire, March 2022


What did you think of the course content?

“Really clear, informative, in depth and interesting.

Did the course meet your expectations?

What did you think of the course materials (manual and CDs)?

Really good.

What are your comments about the live training, and your teacher, or the home study approach?

I enjoyed meeting my teacher and had a wonderful day. She was extremely passionate and knowledgable.”

Hannah Williamson, Hertfordshire, March 2022


“Hannah was an inspiring teacher, the day flowed seamlessly and joyfully. I had been conscientious in my preparation which I feel enabled me to be able to process the practical elements of the teachings in a positive way. Hannah was well prepared, the space was beautiful and it was also an added bonus to be able to share a fabulous home cooked lunch together. Hannah had knowledge to hand when I had any questions; she was very encouraging, but equally honest, about my ‘hands on ‘skills. I completed the day feeing very uplifted and with a thirst to learn more. I am really looking forward to my Reiki 2 course which I have already booked for october.”

Caryn Pepper, Essex, August 2023


“I have just had the privilege of spending another day in the inspirational company of Hannah Shine to continue my Reiki journey. I am so delighted that I have now completed my Reiki 2 course and am especially delighted that I chose to do so with Hannah. It was a full on day, with lots of information as well as key elements of practical work; all of which Hannah made accessible and meaningful. The course resources are excellent and I thoroughly enjoyed the learning prior to the study day. Thank you Hannah and thank you Reiki Evolution.”

Caryn Pepper, Essex, October 2023