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How to allow your Reiki to flow more strongly

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If you are at the beginning of your Reiki journey or at a point where you aren’t sure if your Reiki is flowing strongly, don’t worry. What I usually say to people practising is to ‘Let Go’ and ‘Let Reiki’. Simply, just let Reiki do what it needs to do, and where it needs to go. We are the channel not the source. Easier said than done when you’ve been amazed by how the Reiki 1 course changed your perspective on life and now as you are excitedly telling others about Reiki the next thing you know they want to experience a treatment from you !

How does that work?

Initially, I believe, while giving a treatment, this beautiful healing energy connects with that person’s higher self–the ‘self that in its wisdom knows exactly what, where and how much it needs. As you already know, Reiki only works when its for the person’s highest good which always needs to be our intention at the beginning of a treatment. Again, we gently remind ourselves that we are the channel, not the source. If we can get our head / ego out of the way, this beautiful healing energy will always flow much more strongly. Remember, it’s not Us / I that is the healer/doing the healing– that’s the Ego speaking.

The example I give in my classes says it best (all Reiki 1’s will have heard this), it was when I gave my very first treatment after my Reiki 1 course in 2004. Firstly, I was thrilled that someone accepted, and then all of a sudden, these thoughts and this pressure of questions dawned over me- What if I do it incorrectly? What if they don’t feel anything? Can this really work?

The Treatment

Through the better part of my first treatment those were exactly the question’s that would come into my mind. My first client had never had a Reiki treatment before, and she was looking for anything that would give her some relief of the pain caused by her severe arthritis for which she was taking morphine. During the treatment, I carefully moved to each of the hand positions as I was taught, trying hard not to be worried but at the same time continually visualising the energy flooding through my crown and into my tanden and then out of my palms. Well, one can guess that after a while, one can become quite tired, really tired with all this constant visualising, so about 50 minutes later I finally relaxed and said to myself, I’ve tried my best and I’m feeling a bit tired but desperately hope it went all right.

The Feedback – Moment of Truth

When I asked the client to come round when she was ready, I was relieved but shocked to hear all the wonderful experiences she had, as well as the heat, colours and energy flowing and how much calmer she felt. I wasn’t prepared, however, for her following comments, where she said that it was only in the last 10 minutes she had felt a surge of wonderful healing energy come over her which she thought was totally amazing and which had made her pain subside. I’m certain my jaw must have dropped but so did the penny. Just as my manual and teacher had said.

“Remember to relax, let go, merge, breath and become one with the energy” I didn’t think it could be as simple as that.

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