How to do a Reiki Self-Treatment (Part III)

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How were you taught to Self-Treat?

Most people who are taught Reiki will have been taught how to heal yourself using Reiki, a way of focusing the energy on yourself, for your own benefit, and the most common form of self-treatment is what I would refer to as a “Standard Western hands-on” self-treatment method. This is where you rest your hands in a series of positions covering the head and torso and maybe beyond, and let the energy flow out of your hands into your body.

It works well, though some of the positions can often be uncomfortable to get to, or hold for any amount of time, and that can sometimes detract from the blissfulness of the experience.

So what I’m going to talk about in a series of articles are a number of different ways that you could self-treat, perhaps different from what you have been taught.

This is article #3. Last time I described my “intuitive Reiki self-healing meditation” where you followed the flow of energy and focused your attention on the areas where the energy wanted to go. This was a beneficial practice because resting your attention somewhere helps to boost the flow of Reiki, making the treatment more intense and focused in the areas that your attention is dwelling on.

So now we can build on the idea of the energy focusing itself where your attention is dwelling, by carrying out a meditation where you allow your attention to rest on five different areas of the head, spending a few minutes focusing on each position. This is a self-treatment method taught by Reiki’s founder, Mikao Usui.

The Usui self-treatment meditation

Here’s what to do.

  • Make yourself comfortable in a seated position, maybe with your hands resting in your lap, and close your eyes
  • Start to become aware of your connection to the energy, your connection to Reiki
  • Notice how that connection feels, with the energy engulfing you and building within you in just the right way for you in this moment
  • As the energy flows, just remind yourself that your intention now is to heal, to heal on all levels, to rejuvenate, to rebalance
  • Just say to yourself, “this is my time to heal now”
  • Allow your attention to focus on your forehead, by the hairline, and allow the energy to dwell there, building, intensifying
  • Move your attention so you focus on your temples, on both sides of your head at the same time
  • Move your attention so that you focus on the back of the head, and on the forehead, those two areas at the same time
  • Move your focus so your attention comes to rest on the back of your neck, the base of your skull
  • Move your attention to the crown, the crown of your head, focus your attention there
  • And finally bring yourself back when you feel ready, and open your eyes

So this method doesn’t involve physical hand positions, or symbols, and it doesn’t necessarily require visualisation either, because while you might choose to imagine that there are hands treating those areas, you can just as simple allow your attention to rest on those areas and the energy will flow there.

In each position, you merge with the energy and you allow it to flow, to do what it needs to do.

What is different about this meditation, though, is your attention: you direct the flow of energy by focus your attention on a particular area. This is a powerful thing to do because where you focus your attention is where the energy focuses itself.

By allowing your attention to rest on the areas of need, you intensify and boost the flow of energy because “where thought goes, energy flows”.

And you can just be there as a bystander in the process, observing, experiencing, in a neutral way: merged with the energy and following the flow of energy.

Over to you

If this self-treatment method is new to you, why not give it a try?

And post a message below to let us all know how you got on with it, how it felt, what you experienced, what it did for you.

Some more self-treatment ideas

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