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How to do a Reiki Self-Treatment (Part V)

reiki self treatment meditations

How were you taught to Self-Treat?

Most people who are taught Reiki will have been taught some form of self-treatment, a way of focusing the energy on yourself, for your own benefit, and the most common form of self-treatment is what I would refer to as a “Standard Western hands-on” self-treatment method. This is where you rest your hands in a series of positions covering the head and torso and maybe beyond, and let the energy flow out of your hands into your body.

It works well, though some of the positions can often be uncomfortable to get to, or hold for any amount of time, and that can sometimes detract from the blissfulness of the experience.

So what I’ve been talking about in a series of articles are a number of different ways that you could self-treat, perhaps different from what you have been taught.

This is article #5. In previous articles I have been talking about various approaches to self-treatment, mostly meditative, where you either:

  • Meditate with the intention to heal… and just let it happen
  • Follow the flow of energy during meditation and focus your attention on where the energy is focusing itself
  • Direct the flow of energy during meditation by resting your attention on different areas of the body
  • Rest your hands on your body, but do this intuitively, different for each session as your energy needs vary

This is the final article in the series, so I thought I would finish by a very simple hands-on method…

Just rest your hands on yourself and close your eyes

That’s it.

That’s the method.

Rest your hands on your heart and solar plexus, close your eyes, and let the Reiki flow.

Or rest your hands on your lower abdomen, like in the photo above.

Bliss out on the energy.

Let it go where it wants to go and do what it wants to do.

And when you’re done, open your eyes.

Over to you

If this self-treatment method is new to you, why not give it a try?

And post a message below to let us all know how you got on with it, how it felt, what you experienced, what it did for you.

Some more self-treatment ideas

reiki self treatment mp3 downloadIf you’d like some help with your self-treatments, or if you’d like some new ideas to experiment with or pass on to your students, why not download my “Reiki Self-Treatment Meditations” collection of MP3s.

They are suitable for all Reiki levels.

In these five meditations, I talk you through the most simple approach ever… and interesting variations like an intuitive healing meditation, a self-healing meditation that was actually taught by Usui Sensei, a “Standard Western hands-on” method and an Intuitive hands-on method.

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