How to send Distant Healing (Part 1)

reiki distant healing meditations

Lets’ explore Reiki distant healing

What I would like to do in a series of articles is to suggest some different DH approaches. Some may be familiar to you; some may be new.

If you discover a new approach then try it for yourself and see how it feels, and come to your own conclusion about what seems the best way for you, the most comfortable ‘fit’.

Distant healing is a very important part of Reiki practice, of course, and is something that is not unique to Reiki. Distant healing (DH for short) is carried out in different Reiki lineages in different ways and there is no one ‘right’ way to perform this process.

The important thing when carrying out DH is your underlying intent, and the details of the ritual that you use are unimportant.

Simplest distant healing method ever!

What I would like to share with you today is probably just about the simplest version of DH that you can find (I may be wrong here!). It doesn’t involve symbols, it doesn’t involve complex imagery or long affirmations.

It cuts things down to their bare bones, the essence of DH.

How to do distance healing with Reiki

The bare bones of distant healing are to know where you are sending the energy – to set a definite intent – and to allow the energy to flow, so you could try this:

  1. Close your eyes and take a few long deep breaths
  2. Focus your attention on your Tanden point
  3. Say to yourself that “this is to be a distant healing for the highest good of ….[the person’s name]”
  4. Focus your attention on the recipient in your mind’s eye/imagination
  5. Feel yourself merging with the recipient, becoming one with them
  6. Allow the energy to flow from you to them for as long as feels appropriate
  7. When you are ready to bring things to a close, feel your attention withdrawing from the recipient by way of ‘disconnecting’ from them, take a few long deep breaths again, and bring yourself back

In this example we dedicated the distant healing to the recipient’s highest good, which means that we were neutral in the process, not directing the energy to achieve a particular result.

We approach distant healing in the same way that we approach treating another person: we have no expectations, we stand aside and we allow the energy to do whatever is appropriate for that person. The energy is drawn through us according to the recipient’s need without any interference from us; we have no thought or desire about the outcome

Over to you

If this approach is new to you, why not try it and see how you get on, and let us know by posting a message below.

Need some help with your distant healing?

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Just close your eyes and I’ll talk you through everything you need to do. Experiment with the MP3s and find out what works best for you.

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13 thoughts on “How to send Distant Healing (Part 1)

  1. On my own through experimenting I have been using that method of DH for several months and some people fall asleep, ( pets as well) and some are very tired the next day and just want to sleep. Also, I keep sending DH to the same people over and over again with little or no results. What am I doing wrong? Thank you.

  2. It people are relaxing, Mary, they will have a tendency to fall asleep, and that’s a good response to your distant healing. And when people relax, that can bring with it some tiredness – you probably know yourself that you can keep on the go, on the go… and when you finally stop and be still, the tiredness catches up with you! That can be what’s happening here: you’re helping them to relax, the tiredness catches up with them, and they do less, to recharge their batteries. With Reiki we should not attach ourselves to particular results or goals – the energy has its own priorities, the recipient has their own priorities in terms of what they do with the energy. So you’re not doing anything wrong, Mary. It would be very difficult to do something wrong with Reiki: you focus your attention on the recipients and the energy flows to them; it’s that simple.

  3. The simplest I know is to write the persons name, or visualise it in the palm of your hand. Put your hands together and think reiki. I’ve done it where I have begun to do this and before Ive even started the procedure the other person began to receive it.

    1. It’s interesting isn’t it, Kevin, that even the intention to send distant healing starts the distant healing, before you actually do it!

  4. Thank you for that Taggart, I like the simple approach you have adopted. I have learned something new from this article.

  5. I often use your meditations when sending though I tend to send to many and the planet. I had a friend who used to text at bedtime every night and one night I missed her text. She sais she tossed and turned until 1am – this was exact time I belatedly sent to her! Never doubt reiki! 🙂

  6. Can one use Distant healing to help the recipient if they have a particular ailment .. or issue Reiki can help ?

    1. Distant healing is often sent to people who have a particular health condition or problem, you know. You send Reiki with the intention that the energy will provide the recipient with whatever they need… and just let the energy flow. 🙂

  7. I practised a similar technique when I was 13 or 14 in a group I used to attend around 1974 ( yes I’m that old) and I had never heard of Reiki. I always felt the energy from the first moment I started emulating what the other members were doing. Which was eyes closed, hands raised around shoulder height and the intention of sending energy where is was needed. We didn’t imagine a single person, rather the group would send the energy to areas of strife or disaster. It worked then and it still works now. Thanks for your insights. The group at the time were followers of Dr George King.

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