How to send Distant Healing (Part 3)

reiki distant healing cupped hands method

Reiki distant healing with a bit more ritual attached to it

Distant healing is a very important part of Reiki practice, of course, and is something that is not unique to Reiki. Distant healing (DH for short) is carried out in different Reiki lineages in different ways and there is no one ‘right’ way to perform this process.

How to do distance healing with Reiki

The important thing when carrying out DH is your underlying intent, and the details of the ritual that you use are unimportant. What I would like to share with you today is a more complex version of DH.

Some people like more of an ‘event’ when they send distant healing, with the details of the ritual helping people to maintain their focus. The details aren’t really so important, but if you like your rituals more ‘High Church’ than ‘Low Church’ then perhaps you’ll like this version.

Remember that the bare bones of distant healing are to know where you are sending the energy – to set a definite intent – and to allow the energy to flow, and anything beyond that is personal preference.

Cup your hands together

Below is a method based on one used by my first Reiki teacher, Diane Whittle.

Basically you visualise the recipient and shrink them down so that they fit between your hands. Visualise the distant healing symbol over your hand to make a connection and let the energy flow; you can add CKR or SHK if you wish, as feels necessary.

I like to clear a space on my desk, light a candle and maybe some incense and just sit quietly for a while watching the candle flame and the plume of smoke from the incense stick. It helps me to relax and quieten my mind. It sets the scene for the ritual to follow.

This is what I do next:

1. Settle yourself down and blank your mind for a few moments.
2. Say to yourself that this is to be a distant healing for the highest healing good of [say recipient’s name].
3. Visualise the person (if you know them) and imagine them as they might be in their usual surroundings, home etc. in order to make a connection with them.
4. Imagine the person being shrunk down so that they fit in the palm of your non-dominant hand.
5. Draw HonShaZeShoNen over the palm of your non-dominant hand, visualising the symbol in violet and saying its name three times.
6. Close your other hand over the top so that the person is ‘cupped’ between your hands.
7. Say to yourself’ distant healing… connect’ and imagine a tube of energy flowing from your cupped hands to the person you are treating, surrounding and engulfing their entire body with vibrant healing energy.
8. Visualise ChoKuRei or SeiHeKi as required, saying the symbol name three times, and imagine energy derived from that symbol flowing to the person.
9. Alternatively, just let the energy flow as it wants.
10. Perhaps imagine yourself carrying out a brief treatment on the person
11. Perhaps be creative: flood their body with brilliant white light, flushing away any negativity or disease; imagine some psychic surgery, reaching in and removing diseased parts.
12. You do not have to actively visualise; you can just let the Reiki flow.
13. Continue this for about 10-15 minutes
14. Finish by saying to yourself ‘I seal this treatment with light and love and universal wisdom’. Intend that the healing effect is sealed in and that the benefits will be long-lasting.
15. Say to yourself ‘distant healing… disconnect’, visualising the energy tube disconnecting and disappearing.
16. Ritually disconnect as you would normally, rubbing or shaking your hands, blowing through them etc.

In this example we dedicated the distant healing to the recipient’s highest good, which means that we were neutral in the process, not directing the energy to achieve a particular result.

We approach distant healing in the same way that we approach treating another person: we have no expectations, we stand aside and we allow the energy to do whatever is appropriate for that person. The energy is drawn through us according to the recipient’s need without any interference from us; we have no thought or desire about the outcome

Over to you

If this method is new to you, why not try it and see how you get on, and let us know how you got on by posting a message below.

Need some help with your distant healing?

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