How to send Distant Healing (Part 4)

reiki distant healing using a prop

Using some sort of a prop for distant healing

Distant healing is a very important part of Reiki practice, of course, and is something that is not unique to Reiki. Distant healing (DH for short) is carried out in different Reiki lineages in different ways and there is no one ‘right’ way to perform this process.

How to do distance healing with Reiki

The important thing when carrying out DH is your underlying intent, and the details of the ritual that you use are unimportant.

What I would like to share with you today are some methods that use ‘props’ to represent the recipient.

As a prop, you can use a teddy bear or other cuddly toy, and by sending Reiki into the teddy bear’s head, or chest, or arm etc you are directing the energy to that part of the recipient, at a distance.

Some choose to use a pillow to represent the person, with one end of the pillow representing the recipient’s head and the other end representing their feet.

Some people are taught to use their upper leg or legs to represent the person to whom distant healing is being sent, with your knee representing their head, and the part of your leg next to your hip representing their feet.

Some people use both legs, with one leg representing the front of the recipient, and the other leg representing the back of the recipient’s body.

Props can help you focus

These props are there to help you to focus your attention, to focus your intent, and are not a necessary part of the process: distant healing can be carried out simply ‘in your head’, in a meditative state, but for those who like to have something tangible to work on, they can work very well, with the practitioner resting or hovering their hands over the different parts of the prop’s ‘body’ and imagining that energy is flowing into that area, directing the energy into that part of the recipient’s body at a distance.

Over to you

If these approaches are new to you, why not try them out and see how you get on, and let us know by posting a message below.

Need some help with your distant healing?

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Picture Credit: Björn Láczay

3 thoughts on “How to send Distant Healing (Part 4)

  1. Thanks for this Taggart.

    I have a *big cuddly teddy* which I have used over the years for D.H. I used him also at the beginning of my Mastership years ago
    when I was inially connected to Reiki, via Traditional Reiki, to practice the Reiki attunements. He is now a very empowered *grandmaster* ha ha! {I joke here of course as there is no such title as grandmaster in Original Usui Reiki}

    The other methods for D.H. are ritual as you say, although I don’t feel the need for this most times. I keep my practice very simple, our intention is the driving force, as in all Reiki practice…..


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