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It never fails to inspire me how this word *intention* can be so subtle, yet so powerful.

Apparently, in the non-physical realms, (for use of a better word), as we think , we are there, as we intend, it happens etc. etc………………

I have worked with the Universal energies for many years and I can still be absolutely amazed at how powerful our intentions can be.

It is us who make it complicated and complex.

At times sometimes we can feel very much on our own,  especially if you are like myself, and don’t experience any whistles and bells  with angels floating around the room!

Initially it is wonderful to get proof when we first start to work with Reiki, but like most things, it balances out and starts to calm down. The *honeymoon phase* may be over for a while, but rest assured, it will return when you are least expecting it.

This is what I love about channelling this energy, it surprises us time and time again.

We don’t always get what we want though. It can manifest in many different guises, and that is why it is very helpful to be open, to be alert and to surrender to what the energy is presenting to us.

Live the 5 Reiki Precepts. Be mindful. It is all happening NOW1

Be childlike and trusting and put no conditions on anything!

When something does manifest, for heavens sake *trust* what you are being shown or given. Your intuition is never wrong. It is the language of the Soul basically!

Sometimes we think it is wishful thinking, we are imagining things, or it’s my mind playing tricks.

Our Western chattering minds can tell us all sorts of untruths about ourselves, that we are not developed enough, that we cannot sense anything, and that everyone else is getting something except little old me!!!

Getting our heads out of the way for a start is a good thing, asking Reik to assist us to be more open and trusting helps.

You know, we are Light Beings having a human experience while in body. So why, as a Spiritual Being can’t you believe in yourselves? You come from Light and you will go back to Light.

{You have just forgotten this temporarily}

You are part of the whole Universal Cosmos. And it is awesome, is it not? You are Reiki, (and Reiki is just a word which came up later in Usui’s time on earth)  but now you know this *consciously* due to the courses we offer at Reiki-Evolution.

O.K. I have went off track and twittered on a bit,  and I want to keep my message simple and uncomplicated.

Reiki is meant to enjoyed, not endured!

My students are very precious lovely Souls, who yearn for deeper and further knowledge, and I always talk a lot about Intention at the courses I host.

What I put out, comes back to me. I am very much aware of these Universal Laws, therefore it is important to keep our thinking as kind and loving as we can. Example if we put out aggression, if we are judgemental of others etc, then that’s what we’ll come up against.

Intolerant and unkind people! Usually with unbalanced egos!

But yes, they are learning too and have a right to be here

We are all playing out a drama prior to an agreement we made at some point!.

For some it is challenging and painful, while others seem to skate through life. Who said life would be fair anyway? We create our experiences, consciously or unconsciously.



A number of years ago, I had a student who completed all of her Reiki training with myself. This lady was paralysed from the waist down, due to a major road accident years before.

She gets around very capably in her *jet set buggy* and has the most beautiful and positive attitude to life. Nothing is a problem she can’t overcome. She has walked the road of the *suffering* so to speak, and life’s challenges will not hold her back from what she has to do.

She runs Reiki courses on a regular basis.

Now, remembering that this lady cannot stand, has no physical power from the waist down, manages to transmit the most powerful Western Reiki attunements at her Master classes, purely by *Intention*

She also transmits the Reiju Empowerments very beautifully, while sitting in her chair, all by *Intention* (And Usui Sensei did this also!) Without any rituals. All pure Intention!!!

I have received from her and have experienced her transmissions, and have been witness to the uplifting and wonderful energies when she is working.

This is *Intention* at work. She believes, *no she knows who she is* . A Lightworker!, following her inner guidance.

And can I say that this Soul could teach us all about *humility*

She works quietly and powerfully.


Another example I would like to share with you is about a student of mine who came along to do her Reiki Two with me a few months ago.

In the afternoon when we were going through the level 2 techniques etc, I was explaining to  her the *many hands* method.

She brought in her ethereal hands and was being gently guided by the energies. She then asked me if it was O.K. to direct some of these energy hands to *her own back* which was painful and uncomfortable. I noticed that she had been stooping a bit.

“Well, why not, I said, “we are all working as one, we are one, we are connected together as one energy, yes bring some of these hands around to your own back, and intend that the Reiki energy flows into your own back.

(I was very tempted to put my own hands on her back, but wanted to see what would happen)

Lo and behold, after a few moments she started to feel a warmth coming in, like a soft soothing balm being applied to the affected area, just being in the moment and experiencing this was a very powerful revelation for her and the other students.

Yes, we are all one!


This is the power of *Intention*

No doubting, just trusting and being open to what is. It. may not always be what we would expect, but Reiki only works for the greater good of all concerned.

I wish each of you a magical and transforming Reiki journey.

May your path be strewn with opportunity and growth, and of course much joy!

Like the Angels, lets take ourselves *lightly*


Warm Wishes

Margaret  Craig

glasgow reiki course scotlandMargaret Craig is one of the Reiki-Evolution team of teachers offering Reiki training at all levels in and around Glasgow and beyond since 2001.

Margaret has a nursing background which she discontinued a number of years ago. She is trained in many of the Complementary Therapies which she also practices. Hypnotherapy and Past Life Regression work also keep Margaret very busy in her Holistic practice.

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8 thoughts on “Intention in Reiki work

  1. Wonderful, Margaret! It is so nice to read the anecdotes you have posted.

    Where thought goes, energy follows…….. Thanks for this great insight!

    Reiki blessings

  2. Lovely as always to hear from you Hannah!

    Yes, it’s amazing how uncomplicated and simple Intention can be……… Just trusting with no expectations.

    I know that for me, it’s just about getting into that lovely *oneness* state and stating my Intention to our Universe.
    They listen, of course they do!!!

  3. Thank you Ann…………..

    And time is now going in so fast, don’t you think?

    Embrace every moment, and remember who we are. “Right Now” is our true reality.

    Reiki Love and Hugs to you Anne
    from Margaret xxx

  4. I have had the meaning of intent magnified tonight. I did my first Reiju empowerment on a very very sensitive pal who is already 2nd degree. I explained what was needed and sat her down. I stood in front and I thought about what I was about to do and placed my hands together to ask for help at which point she squealed and nearly fell of the chair. She composed herself and I carried out the empowerment. Afterwards I asked her what had happened. She told me she received a jolt as though she were plugged into the national grid. The intent was all she needed and I believe that is what Usui has said in his teachings but it has never happened like that for me before. Utterly amazing! She said the empowerment felt totally different from previous western style attunements I have given to her. I am so grateful for receiving the Evolution teaching from Hannah last weekend and look forward to giving my other students the Reiju empowerments.

    1. Hi Pat
      Wow! What an amazing experience! You did tell us about this very sensitive soul and wondered what might happen when you gave her the Reiju!

      You are a very gifted Reiki healer.
      Reiki blessings and look forward to seeing you at the July Summer Buffet reiki share. Sounds crazy calling it a Reiki share since what we will be sharing is gorgeous food prepared by all my lovely Reiki students and myself…….!!!

      Can’t wait!


  5. Thank you for your article, it raised some interesting points.
    Around 30 years ago I “discovered” the “ability” to “heal”
    But around the same time, the UK government brought in the ruling that requires “alternative practitioners” needed to have a qualification from a recognised body and insurance cover as well.
    There was only one course to “qualify” at that time. The taster session cost £40 plus I had to find travel and accommodation costs.
    Then at the end I found there were a further 8 modules at £400 each!
    That was the end of that.
    Much I later discovered Reiki, but all the courses were around £1500 so that was that.
    Then Amazon, through a “local offer” did Level 1 & 2 Reiki for £19. Great. Signed on did both.
    Attunement one, well there was something vague at the time, but attunement two, there was a glitch in y email and I had to request again. Never “felt” anything.
    In 2015 I did levels 1,2 & 3 for £39 but never “felt” any attunements.

    Intent. I’d never heard of that until about a month ago from a different web site

    If I ever use Reiki, the comment made here by one of your students about “ethereal hands” sounds familiar. It is always like something takes my hands and places them where they need to be, but never to physically touch anyone.
    As for intuition, I have only just begun to appreciate there is such a thing, as I’ve always dismissed anything other than my hands being placed where necessary.
    As for symbols and hand placements, they’ve never “felt right”
    So thank you once again for some interesting insights.

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