Just For Today, I Am Free From Worry…

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Some years ago, I attended a Reiki gathering at West Wittering, Sussex………… There I met many other Reiki practitioners and am still in touch with Diane  Thompson from Reiki Evolution all these years later……

One of the guest speakers was a Reiki Master from the Caribbean………… tall, slim, very energetic and with a smile that lit up the room……….

He spoke for an hour on one precept:  “Just for today I am free from worry”…..

“What is worry”?   He asked us to define this…… several hands were extended nervously as three or four people tried to do this………..he thanked them all graciously and then added his own considered definition:

“Worry”, he said, “is an unnecessary expenditure of energy over a situation we have no control over”…………… He repeated this slowly………..

“Take an example” he said…………. “If you have carefully done a pile of washing, put it all on the line outside to dry, and then you have gone off to work.   What happens if it starts to rain while you are 30 miles away?  Do you sit at your desk and worry about it?  Is there any point?  Does anything change?   So you see my friends, worrying about it does not bring your washing in!  However, if you have a kindly neighbour who you can telephone, you might be able to redeem the situation……”

This is what happens in our lives – a problem arises and usually, we worry about it and get nowhere.   Instead, if we can send Reiki to a family member in hospital instead of worrying about it,  that would be more productive, and beneficial.

So, stop and think whether you can do something about a situation (sending Reiki, for example) before expending your energy unnecessarily……….

Each time I read the Five Precepts, I am humbled by their profound simplicity and relevance in our lives today……..

How can anyone have worries when there is delicious ice cream to be had at Buckingham Palace!

hertfordshire reiki coursesHannah Shine is one of Taggart’s Reiki Evolution team of teachers, based in Essex/Hertfordshire.   She is also a multi therapist, practising from her home at Hatfield Heath.   Her Reiki courses are run from her beautiful summer house in her relaxing garden. Her therapies include homoeopathy, reflexology, Bowen technique, head massage, body massage, kinesiology, EFT and many others.  She is currently doing a cognitive hypnotherapy course at the Quest Institute.





12 thoughts on “Just For Today, I Am Free From Worry…

  1. Thank you for that lovely storey. I am a Reiki Master and Reflexologist and have been for 20 years. I had a wonderful spiritual experience with Reiki in the early 90’s when I was feeling very down and negative, not long after learning Reiki 2. What I saw was so loving and reassuring and was wonderful proof of the symbols which we use. Reiki is so special and so loving and I use it with the therapies I practice. I feel so blessed to have Reiki in my life.

    1. Hi Pauline
      I too am a reflexologist and have been for about 20 years as well!…. isn’t it wonderful when you know the Reiki is flowing while you are doing someone’s feet?
      So lovely to hear that Reiki has been such a big part of your life!

  2. What a lovely piece, Hannah, thank you for sharing. I love the saying that “worry is an unnecessary expediture of energy…” We all know worry isn’t helpful and I’m sure for those who read your blog it will put things into perspective. I shall be sharing this with anyone who will listen! 🙂

    Lots of love,

    Ann xxx

  3. I am second degree Reiki channel and practicing it from past three years. The statement “worry is an unnecessary expediture of energy…” is very true and I will follow it and send Reiki when I face worry next time. Also, I will be interested to get some technique to get rid of Anger.

  4. Great article Hannah – I do my washing in the tumble dryer these days, less to worry about! Having said that I do have plenty of other things that niggle at my thoughts – this is the hardest precept for me and a life time’s work to put it to one side I think! I’m putting a link to this blog on my facebook page (Silver Moon Reiki)
    so all my “likers” can enjoy it. THANK YOU my wise and wonderful friend! xxx

  5. What is your favourite translation of the reiki precepts?

    My studio/workshop is now ready for treatments and for my other hobby of calligraphy and I would like my first big piece of calligraphy to be a translation for the wall – I have the original in a print from Taggart.

    Thoughts would be good – love and light

    1. Hi Lesley
      The simple translations are often the best. The one I like is what is on Taggart’s postcards, because he does not say “Do not worry” instead here it is:

      Just for today….
      I am free from anger
      I am free from worry
      I am humble
      I am honest in my dealings with people
      I am compassionate towards myself and others

      Mikao Usui 1865 – 1926

      Reiki blessings and good luck in your Reiki path

      1. Thanks Hannah
        I do have some postcards and use them for my students sometimes – or as I feel. I do like the wording but have seen so many different ones that I was not sure just which to use.
        Rather as there are some direct translations from the Aramaic of the Lord’s Prayer that are essentially the same but quite different.
        About to give my first Okuden day on Saturday to ‘christen’ my new room. Feeling very thrilled to have this place – especially as the energy in there is so lovely.
        Thank you for your good wishes
        Love and light

        1. Oh Lesley how wonderful that your healing space is to have your first Okuden day. Sending Reiki blessings for a wonderful day.

          I have an A3 photo of Mikao Usui which I put up at the window and I feel his benevolent eyes gazing at us with approval!

          Will be thinking of you – the day will just flow and Taggart’s Teaching Guide is just wonderful!

          Love and hugs

  6. Thank you Hannah
    It was a truly wonderful day and my student enjoyed her experience and Taggart’s teaching guide. She had undertaken reiki 1 with someone else so had the guide from that too. She loved the simplicity of everything and thought it well worth the wait – she had a longer wait than we expected whilst we finished my space.
    I did my morning hatsurei in there today and it was very special.
    Blessings to all

    1. Well done Lesley……..Yes, I too have been to other Reiki teachers but somehow, it just did not feel right. But as you know, the teaching and learning materials that Taggart provides is second to none…..
      Take care and all the best always
      Reiki blessings

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