Kay Gillard

Leads a “Shamanic Reiki: Attachments and Cord Cutting” session at the 2024 Virtual Reiki Evolution National Gathering on 31st August

Kay is a Reiki Master Teacher and shamanic healer based in Glastonbury, Somerset.

While her background is in magical and psychic work, she began her Reiki and shamanic training in the same week in 2004.

In the last 20 years she has worked to weave her skills and experience together, and created her unique Shamanic Approach to Reiki courses, introducing contemporary shamanic and sound healing techniques to Reiki people.

About Kay’s presentation:

This talk will introduce the shamanic concept of the Web and explore our interconnectedness with people, beliefs and situations in our lives. Some of these connections and entanglements form barriers to our healing and happiness.

Kay will explain how to overcome the fear of cutting cords, and how to approach the task in a skilful and targeted way while still operating with the compassion we all know to be part of the Reiki way.

In a practical demonstration of the power of this technique, Kay will lead a shamanic self healing meditation where you will have the opportunity to safely cut one of your own cords.

Upcoming “Shamanic Approaches to Reiki courses (Reiki 2 and above)

Upcoming Shamanic Approach to Reiki courses for Reiki 2 and above:

13 July 2024 – Reiki Block Removal
Shamanic techniques of extraction, to remove stuck energies and release trauma from the client’s body while holding and rebalancing the client safely with Reiki energy. Includes deep self healing and advanced perception exercises as well as one-on-one practice.

14 September – Reiki Cord Cutting
Shamanic techniques of cord cutting and releasing attachments, including in depth discussion of the technical processes and potential results. Includes deep shamanic journeying to explore the Web and heal yourself, as well as best practice to work collaboratively for your clients for their healing and freedom.

09 & 10 November – Reiki Sound Healing
A unique mix of shamanic journeying, Reiki drum healing techniques and the power of working intuitively with the voice. Over the two days we will explore the three Reiki kotodama that correspond with the Reiki 2 symbols and shamanic techniques of medicine drumming, all combined with the Reiki energy healing you know so well. You will learn techniques for your clients, but will also participate in and receive powerful community healings like no Reiki treatment you have ever experienced.

Ongoing – The Reiki Skills Lodge: free monthly development classes on zoom
Once a month (usually the first Monday evening), Kay hosts a 1.5 hour session with a talk on an aspect of Reiki followed by a practical healing meditation.


September 2024-February 2025 – Unconquerable: self-healing mastery
This six month live, online course is a deep journey into the self-resourcing that is necessary for healers (Reiki healers and others) who are in it for the long haul. A rich path of self healing, it is also a personal journey into understanding who you are as a healer and magical visionary in this world. It is a path to power, a way to create change in the world without becoming drained or losing faith.