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Keeping it simple

Reiki has certainly been transformational in my life. Since around 1995, my life was turned around and I was, and still am on a very gentle and simple way of life. Don’t get me wrong, I have had many challenges coming in, which would have sent me to *ga ga land*,  but on reflection of these times, I know that I have been sustained and protected by these awesome energies.

Even when I am not aware of this,  Reiki is always there in the background. Like a *silent witness*, standing back and permitting me to make the mistakes I need to experience, in order to evolve and grow.

What is a mistake?  I believe it is a great opportunity for learning. I am still learning not to beat myself up, when I make wrong decisions etc. I am my own harshest critic really! I tell my students that we are Spiritual Beings having human experiences, not human beings having the odd Spiritual experience.

Ah yes, I should apply this to myself, but coming from a Western culture with a human brain which can chatter ten to the dozen, telling me all sorts of nonsense, I then need to get back to simplicity, and remind myself that I will never reach perfection in this life.


During some of my challenges which I have experienced, it has been an *hour at a time*, not a day at a time. Yet these 5 beautiful Reiki Precepts keep me on an even keel most of the time. I am functioning in a far from perfect human vehicle, which can feel overwhelmed at times by earthly life.

I believe we are here to experience every emotion there is on earth. The soul yearns for these opportunities in order to develop and evolve.

I have spoken about challenges. The joys of Reiki far from surpass this. There is meditation, where I can be taken to the most beautiful realms of peace, the daily energy work and the simplicity.

My experiences as Reiki Master/ Teacher bring me an abundance of like minded people who come to train with me,  and in this I am blessed! It is a 2 way process, I learn from my students and each of them brings along their own unique gifts.

The Universal Reiki energies supply me daily with all of my requirement.


I could go on and on, but I’m sure you know what I am trying to convey. Words are always inadequate, are they not???


Warm Wishes


Margaret Craig

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