Linda Vickers

Leads a “Reiki Crystal meditation” session at the 2024 Virtual Reiki Evolution National Gathering on 31st August

A lover of life, all life, wife, mother, grandmother (Nana), our homes have been filled with children and pets from day one. 

My garden is my happy place, anywhere in nature where the water element is. My journey began when I touched this sweet earth as yours did.

Energy has fascinated me, sacred geometry, colour, music, vibrational frequencies the angels and elementals.

A listener.

Crystals and Angels:

I love guiding participants into meditation, focus on the breath heart/brain connection, relaxing the body then allowing the journey to unfold. The energies that come into the space where you are relaxing are unique to you and your own personal journey. My Reiki Crystal meditation is stepping into the space of the crystal kingdom a magical place of healing and deep connection to the Earth.

How to enjoy this meditation

Find a cosy place where you will not be disturbed a blanket to snuggle beneath and a drink of water for grounding after your meditation. If you wish to have a favourite crystal, hold this in your right hand. Make the decision to allow yourself to feel the beautiful crystalline energies to wrap you in their loving embrace.

Presently I am found only on Facebook as my website provider retired: Healing Zone.

Crystals and Angel workshops, Angelic Reiki

I do run small private group workshops upon request, with the crystals, angels working with energy in many forms along with a structured dates for Reiki and Angelic Reiki teaching.


Zoom Hatsurei ho and Angelic reiki evenings these are FREE for anyone to join.


An evening of physical hands on healing treatment, giving the healer time to relax and enjoy as I feel we all need to receive as give in this very busy changeable world.


Linda Vickers