Live Reiki Courses via Zoom

Given the Covid-19 pandemic and the need to maintain social distancing, it would be unwise to say the least to host live, face-to-face Reiki courses, with participants all sitting in the same room with their teacher for a day or more and practising treating each other in very close proximity. It is not clear for how long these restrictions will need to be in place to protect people.

But for those of you who would like to move on with your Reiki training now, we are offering Reiki training courses, face-to-face, via Zoom.

Initially, we will be offering Second Degree courses.

How will it work?

The Zoom training will follow the same format as the in-the-same-room course, with your teacher saying the same things, demonstrating the same things, talking you through energy exercises and meditations, just as you would if you were sitting in the same room as them.

You will see them, you will hear them, you will talk to them, they will offer feedback and suggestions and deal with your questions, just like you were in the same room.

You will receive the same Reiki initiations as you would have done had you trained at your teacher’s venue, and of course these are identical in form and effectiveness to the ones you would have received face-to-face.

You will be able to interact and share experiences with the other students on the course, of course, and even have a chat over coffee (you’ll need to provide that!) in the breaks!

For the course to work properly for you, you will need to have a person on hand, in your home, to act as a volunteer for you to practise hands-on work, and this takes place during the afternoon session of the day course.

But because it would be a bit of a long day spending all day on Zoom, what we will do is to split the course into two 3-hours-or-so sessions, carried out on different days. It is on day 2 that you would need a volunteer to be available for you to practise on; Reiki is a hands-on, practical art, after all!

Who can I train with?

A number of our trusted teachers are offering Zoom courses. Here they are:

Essex: Zoe Smith

Cornwall: Laetitia Latham-Jones

Tyne & Wear: Linda Vickers

West Midlands: Esta Robertson

East Sussex: Annie Harmstone

Kent: James Graydon-Rhodes

Edinburgh: Annie Robertson

Essex: June Sayer

To find their Zoom course dates, just click on their name above. The Zoom courses will be marked with a small logo

You use that page to pay your deposit, to reserve your place on your course, and we will confirm your place and provide you with the information you need.