Lose weight with Nentatsu ho meditations

Nentatsu ho and Seiheki Chiryo ho are names given to treatment techniques that have come not from original Japanese Reiki but from later Japanese Reiki, as practised by the Imperial Officers and passed on in the Usui Reiki Ryoho Gakkai (Usui Memorial Society).

The two techniques are variations on a theme and involve using Reiki as a ‘carrier’ to convey affirmations or thoughts into you, or a client, to ‘treat’ bad habits and addictions or to modify thought patterns and limiting beliefs. Seiheki Chiryo means ‘habit treatment technique’ and Nentatsu Ho means ‘send a thought technique’.

So there is an established tradition of using Reiki to enhance the effect of affirmations or to boost the power of suggestions to alter people’s habits or to introduce or alter emotions or enhance habits, thoughts, responses or behaviour.

And that’s interesting because in the West has developed completely separately the use of spoken suggestions to help alter people’s behaviour, emotions, responses, beliefs and motivation. I am thinking of hypnotherapy and the use of Ericksonian suggestion patterns which are such a powerful way to help people to change things for the better.

Now, you may know that I trained as a Cognitive Hypnotherapist with the Quest Institute at Regent’s University and I have used my knowledge and experience of creating hypnotic suggestion patterns to create a series of Nentatsu Ho Meditations that combine the gentle power of Reiki with the potency of Ericksonian hypnosis.

So I have for you here a collection of unique Nentatsu Ho Guided Meditations, which I have tested extensively on a large group of Reiki volunteers they work fantastically well.

So I have three collections of meditations of you:

  • Weight loss
  • Ditching anxiety
  • Building confidence

On this page you can access the weight loss meditation, and read testimonials from Reiki people who have used the weight loss MP3 for 28 days.


“I love the weight loss meditation (WLM). The first difference I noticed was that I ate more slowly and thought in greater depth about the food and how full up I felt and how sustaining it was going to be. Then, after a few days I realised that I had stopped ‘snacking’ between meals. In fact my chocolate and biscuit consumption is down 99.9% and remains that way even if I can’t listen to the meditation for a few days.

“Basically I have added lots of extra nutritional foods to my diet and am on the edge of actually enjoying broccoli and spinach even though cauliflower may be a step too far at the moment. I am certainly eating a more healthy diet and am feeling more comfortable inside my clothes and expect that eventually this will improve even though right now, I am still basically the same dress size. Of course the slower the progress the better as I am no stranger to ‘crash diets’ which of course don’t work because of that denial that works against the desire for chocolate. This, slower more healthy was I can eat chocolate, cake and biscuits if I want to, however for the most part I just don’t want to any more. This in itself is a revelation and something I never envisioned! I will continue with the WLM as I want to keep the momentum going. Who knows where it will lead.

“In terms of other factors such as anxiety and confidence, I was never really in need of a boost for either and so really I detect no difference in these aspects. It was my relationship with food and addiction to carbohydrates that needed the help. So thank you.”


“I found the meditation very deep, in fact I fell asleep quite often. But it was also a very lovely meditation. It WORKS. I eat quite healthy as my husband is diabetic, but unfortunately I love chocolate,sweets,cakes and biscuits. But let me tell you no more. I don’t need them. My meals are smaller, I really just can’t eat as much as I did. All the goodies have gone. I do occasionally eat a chocolate, but not everyday like I used to. I wanted to lose half a stone, I have two pound left. I have more energy and have joined an aqua gym go twice a week. My clothes are fitting properly.”

“Thank you Taggart it is amazing”


“I must admit I found it hard to believe that I could lose weight just by listening to a meditation but thought I’d give it a go anyway.
Due to certain experiences, I have always eaten my food very quickly without much thought about how it tasted.
Listening to the meditation taught me to slow down my eating & really savour the flavours thus enjoying my food more I also found that I wasn’t eating so much & felt fuller… I feel a lot healthier.”


Lose Weight

Reiki-boosted gentle suggestions will just wash over you and can change long-term the way you relate to food, allowing the weight to just ease off of you.

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