Mini Reiki eCourses

reiki online training guidesThere are lot of people out there who have learned Reiki but who feel that they need a bit of extra help before they feel confident in what they are doing, or are looking to develop their Reiki further by, for example, developing their intuitive side.

Not all students have ongoing support from the person who taught them Reiki, sadly, and many students have unanswered questions, or perhaps feel a little lost.

So to give a helping hand to people who are either in need of some advice or who are unsure of how to get going with their Reiki, or for people who are motivated to move their Reiki on to the next level, we have put together a series of Mini Reiki eCourses.

All the mini Reiki courses are available as zipped ‘PDF’ files which will display on any computer so long as you have a Adobe Acrobat Reader.


Getting Started with Reiki Healing

This is a simple 4-week programme that helps you to become more sensitive to the energy, become a stronger channel for Reiki, use the energy for self-balancing & self-healing, and use the energy simply to treat others.

Get your Reiki off to a good start, or get back into Reiki with confidence.

Costs only: £11.98

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Developing your Reiki Intuition

This is a comprehensive 6-week programme that helps you to develop your intuitive ability with Reiki. Cultivate the right state of mind to open to intuition and allow your hands to drift with the energy, drawn like magnets to the right places to treat.

Intuitive Reiki treatments are a very special way to work.

Costs only: £11.98

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Developing your Intuition Further

Once you’ve completed the ‘Reiki Intuition’ programme, you’ll want to take things further, I expect: intuit at a distance, perceive chakras and their deeper levels, use visual constructs, scan your body and dowse. Lots of cool stuff in this five-week programme.

You are far more intuitive than you realise!

Costs only: £11.98

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Special “Intuition” bundle

Order the “Developing Intuition” and “Developing Intuition Further” self-help guides together and we will include a special 7-minute MP3 that talks you through working with intuition when you treat someone.

The MP3 is free and you also save £5.99

Costs only: £17.97

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Directing Reiki using Intent

Follow this 5-week programme and explore the use of intent to direct the energy. Learn all about visualisation, focusing the energy on your client, and at a distance, radiate the energy out of your whole body and use the energy on yourself with great precision.

Costs only: £8.38

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Developing your Energy Sensitivity

Follow these instructions over several weeks and notice your sensitivity to the energy develop. We all have the potential to sense more, and with a little practice you might be surprised by what you can achieve.

Costs only: £9.58

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Order all 5 Mini Reiki eCourses together

Order all five eCourses together and save £17.96 on the full price. You will receive these eCourses:

Getting Started with Reiki
Developing your Reiki Intuition
Developing your Intuition further
Developing your Energy Sensitivity
Directing Reiki using Intent

Costs only: £35.94

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Guide to running Reiki Evening Classes

Reiki Evolution were asked to provide evening classes at Sawston Village College in Cambridgeshire in 2001. I taught a ten-week Reiki practitioner course, covering Reiki First and Second Degrees, to 12 people. The course proved so popular that I had a waiting list of 25 people for the new course that started in January 2002!

I now no longer run evening classes, but it was a wonderful adventure, lovely to be able to echo more the original way of teaching Reiki: over a longer period of time rather than in a couple of days. The students built up a lovely sense of community as they progressed together.

For the benefit of any Masters who are thinking of teaching Reiki at evening class, I have put together a complete guide to teaching Reiki in this way.

Price: £15.58



Here you can read testimonials from people who have purchased our eCourses.

“I am pleased with your Guide to Developing Intuition. It was easy to download. It is easy to understand, follow, and gives practical steps that anyone can follow. The encouragement to keep a journal is just excellent as so many fail to use this most important tool of spiritual development. I would recommend this to all who are sincere about developing their intuition.”

Marlena Ponceroff, Reiki Master-Teacher, West Virginia, USA

 “I received my first Reiki attunement 10 days ago and your site has provided me with so much encouragement. I was delighted to be able to purchase the Getting Started with Reiki and Reiki One manual from you, without them I think I would have decided the whole thing was just alot of New Age nonsense – but it isn’t !”

Elizabeth Davies, North Wales

 “I’ve now started to get feedback from some of my students who I gave your ‘getting started with Reiki’ self-help guide to. All Reiki students, without exception, have said that they found the guide extremely useful and I was surprised at how many followed the programme daily for the required length of time. One said that she’d felt very little energy during the day of attunement but after following the homework programme for 21 days the energy came through very strong.

I personally was impressed by the content and now feel a lot better knowing that I am giving my students the best possible chance of success with their own Reiki development.”

Eileen McGlone, Cheshire

 “The Getting Started with Reiki I actually downloaded for a friend who was just about to take their Reiki 1 Course….I thought it would be useful for them. I have read it and find it is easy to follow and has all the relevant information and exercises which will prove very useful for the beginner student, I only wish I had something like this when I was taking my Levels 1 and 2.”

Lynda Small, Spain

 “The guide is great. I love the meditations also and find them irreplaceable whilst travelling for work. Sorry I can’t be critically constructive but I have loved everything and how it’s written.”

Sian Simmonds, Borders

 “The self-help guide has been a great help, very informative. The best thing about the self help guide has been the exercises. I intend to purchase the further guides in the new year when I take reiki level 2. I don’t really think you could improve it any its great as it is.”

Joanne Tinsley, Cheshire

 “I’ve found your ‘tools’ extremely useful, wish I had found your website before I enrolled with BSY! I am receiving my attunement for 1st degree soon, but can confidently say, I’ll be taking my 2nd degree with yourself!”

Julie Orr, Livingston