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This is another in our series of “My Reiki Story” posts that we will be adding to the Reiki Evolution blog, where a Reiki person talks about their journey with Reiki. In today’s “My Reiki Story” we hear from Alexis Crabb in Spain…

Many times I have read testimonials or heard people describe how Reiki changed their life, how they found Reiki or how Reiki found them. Here is my story.

I believe that my Son, Jack lead me into Reiki through his interest in Martial Arts. This interest began in his tenth year and at the time I was horrified. I had no knowledge or interest, only seeing the ‘Martial’ not the ‘Art’ and being unaware of the discipline and spiritual elements. Whenever possible I discouraged his interest fearing that the hobby would interfere with his school work and later his studies. I hasten to say, I was mistaken he has become very successful in his professional life and still regularly practices Martial Arts for relaxation.

When Jack completed his university studies he wanted his independence so decided to move into an apartment. After my husband was tragically killed in an accident

I was living alone and was about to give up teaching to focus on my work as a canine behaviourist and private personal counsellor. I had more time for myself, more time to think about my spirituality and the rest of my life. Jack kept in touch regularly and would sometimes come to lunch. It was on one such occasion that he excitedly told me about his recent achievements in Martial Arts. He had become a Master and qualified as an Instructor. He went on to mention that his friend’s on-going back injury had recently improved after receiving Reiki. Jack suggested that I might take up Reiki for myself and that it would be good to use with dogs, plants and something extra to offer my counselling clients. An avid reader he had been researching alternative therapies and Reiki had been of the most interest to him.

The conversation we had that day aroused my interest so I began to think about Reiki. In fact, I could not stop thinking about Reiki. What was this Reiki? Where did I start to learn? After reading a few books I turned to “Ask Jeeves “. There were hundreds of Reiki sites to choose from. I am a practical person, careful with money and pride myself on having a lot of ‘common sense’; so the search was destined to become a time consuming process. After hours sitting in front of the computer I found “Reiki Evolution”. I instinctively knew it was the one for me. My birth sign is Libra so not a quick decision maker. I balance the ‘for’s and against’s’ carefully and usually proceed with extreme caution. On this occasion there was no time to waste I felt compelled to ‘throw caution to the wind’ book the course, send the cheque without considering the cost. In fact, I could not wait for the day to arrive to begin my Reiki journey. I was excited! It was a considerable sum of money for me at that time but I have never regretted the ‘investment’. On the contrary taking Reiki into my life has been and still is a wondrous experience that has brought me so much ‘Joy’.

In childhood I was frequently told that I was stupid and worthless, as children will, I believed it. Of course, I have proved otherwise but there are times when I feel a little unsure of myself. After taking Reiki Level 1… I had a few doubts. Would the energy work for me? My first client was a real sceptic his attitude made me more nervous but I soon began to relax as I felt the energy flow through me into him. The result was so reassuring that I never looked back. When I return to England the same client always asks for Reiki.

Soon after Reiki came into my life I met and married my present husband. On the day of the wedding my Reiki Teacher promised to send me some Reiki. At the time I thought little of it. I awoke on my wedding day to grey skies and torrential rain that continued all morning. As I left the house the Sun appeared, it was amazing everything seemed to have a golden glow so beautiful. The sun stayed with me throughout the ceremony, photographs and reception. It was as though we were all enveloped in a huge ‘Golden Bubble’. I still think of our wedding as a ‘Golden Day’. Was it the Reiki? I believe it was! What do you think?

I have had so many “sensitive life experiences” always seeming to have been looking in on the happiness of others. Since my marriage and beginning my Reiki journey life has changed for me. I have found happiness, contentment and “inner peace” of course there are still up’s and down’s…and the inevitable problems of life. But they don’t seem so bad now! Reiki Evolution was definitely the right choice for me.

I have since moved to Spain; my Reiki Journey continues to open new pathways: sharing the gift of Reiki with others, writing regular articles for newspapers, magazines, public speaking and organising events…the first Reiki Event was, “Celebrate Reiki Day in Spain”.

If the reader considers making Reiki part of their life look no further; because in ‘Reiki Evolution’ you will have found the ‘Best’. To find the best in Reiki…
“Do not only look for the Joy …bring Joy to what you do!” Reiki will give you what you need: physically, emotionally and spiritually!

I wish you the same “Happiness” and “Inner Peace” that Reiki has brought into my life.

Reiki Blessings…Alexis

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  1. Alexis……..your story gave me goose bumps when you talked of your wedding day. I wish you every happiness and every success always….
    Reiki blessings

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