My Reiki Story: Annette Newman

This is another in our series of “My Reiki Story” posts that we will be adding to the Reiki Evolution blog, where a Reiki person talks about their journey with Reiki. In today’s “My Reiki Story” we hear from Annette Newman from Hertfordshire…

For many years I was always interested in alternative things, healing being one of them. Over ten years ago I was suffering with debilitating tiredness. My muscles would ache so much and all I wanted to do was sleep, with two small children this was no easy task. I dutifully went to the doctors for help. My liver, kidneys, thyroid, blood everything was tested. The doctor found nothing and suggested I may be depressed, and I should take anti depressants. I knew I did not want this and started looking for another way to get better. A friend of mine had another friend who had just been attuned to reiki, I had read a little bit on this subject and took myself to her straight away. I experienced heat, energy rushes, as if on a roller coaster, and images. I expected to have the one session and feel completely healed and different. This obviously wasn’t the case, and I now know reiki has a subtle way of working for your great of good.

After a few sessions, I decided to look into learning the reiki system myself. I just typed into google ‘reiki, hertfordshire’ and up popped reiki evolution, with a teacher being in the saffron walden area. I booked level one and went on my course. I was impressed with level of information given to me through the post prior to the live course. I had homework to do and reading materials as well as CD’s to listen to. I went along for the weekend and thoroughly enjoyed my time. For twenty days after I had a release of harboured emotions that no longer served me, consequently I cried a lot, and found my emotions were all over the place. On day 21, my world felt lighter, I had released some negativity that I was carrying and my energy levels were starting to return. I struggled with the daily meditations, I am somebody that has ‘monkey mind’ and felt I should have been able to adjust straight away to my new lifestyle, I have since learnt, that it’s ok to have thoughts, my energy work has strengthened with time, experience and trust. I soon went onto level two.

I felt I wasn’t good at reiki,I didn’t trust in myself or the healing. I know now that reiki works regardless, just the intent and it’s there, I am simply a vessel for it to flow. At the time of my attunements, my step father had been taken poorly. I had, as a child, not had the best of relationships with him, having received a form of sexual abuse from him part of me was not bothered by his illness. My Mum, asked me to do healing on him. This I found incredibly hard given our history, but with Mum being insistent I began healing. I felt darkness within him, he see beautiful light and certain symbols. In the next few weeks he was diagnosed with terminal cancer and I continued reiki with him. One particular session and he started to choke near his throat chakra. I reassured him he would be ok and he said to carry on. After the treatment he sobbed and sobbed, but with tears of happiness. He said he was not sure where he would land up after his passing, but an angel came to him and showed him where he was going, to a beautiful place. He said he had not been good some of his life but was thankful for the reiki and what it had given him, he felt evil physically leave him. He later went on to tell Mum he had suffered dreadful abuse as a child, this allowed me to see where he came from and why he acted in certain ways through his life, it gave me an understanding, we both healed that day. He passed peacefully a week later, four butterflies came in just before he died and I have memories of the man that did have good in him rather than someone that acted incorrectly at a certain time. I have a deeper understanding.

A year later I went onto reiki master level just for self development, I haven’t taught, yet! I have been witness to some of the most amazing experiences with my reiki. From helping somebody with drug addiction, to heartbreak to rage. The treatments are diverse and humbling, with every healing different. I have grown in confidence and feel universally supported. Reiki has been a springboard for me to learn other therapies. I am a trained reflexologist, masseuse, do ear candling and many more. I am passionate about health, life and happiness. It has been an amazing journey that I still travel. I have just learnt how to drum with reiki which has taken it to a whole new level. I have also been reading about soul retrieval, which has fascinated me. I am constantly fascinated by how the universe delivers information at times when I need it, and feel it was reiki that has been my platform from which all this lovely good comes from. I have made many friends along the way. I have converted a room in my house to treat people and love to help people. Recently a lady came to me for healing, after the first session I knew she would be enjoy getting into therapies herself. In the last month (just after I suggested to her this) she has booked her level one, an anatomy and physiologly course and massage. She asked advice as to what treatments to learn, I simply said reiki, everything else will follow after that. Her journey is now beginning, how exciting.

If you are thinking about giving reiki a go, don’t think, just do it, change your life. Reiki evolution are a constant support in my life if needed and wouldn’t hesitate to recommend them, enjoy!

I am pleased to say my energy is amazing, I am in full health most of the time and love life

Annette Newman

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4 thoughts on “My Reiki Story: Annette Newman

  1. Hi Annette
    What a moving story you have to tell! And what deep insights you have gained in your Reiki path. It is wonderful that you helped your stepfather in his transition and healing (and for you).

    Keep up the wonderful work in inspiring others to follow your light.

    Reiki blessings

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