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This is another in our series of “My Reiki Story” posts that we will be adding to the Reiki Evolution blog, where a Reiki person talks about their journey with Reiki. In today’s “My Reiki Story” we hear from Gail Vettraino from Lanarkshire…

The popularity of Reiki in recent years has resulted in Reiki being regarded as an holistic energy therapy. Whilst there is some merit in this essentially Western interpretation of Reiki, to experience the true wonder of Reiki, it is best understood from the Japanese perspective. I experienced Reiki from the Japanese perspective through Reiki Evolution a website owned by Taggart King. Taggart is a Reiki Master based in Spalding, Lincolnshire. He teaches Reiki on live courses and unusually online with distance learning courses.

At the time I enrolled for First Degree Reiki online with Taggart, I was emotionally, spiritually and physically wrecked from helping my young sons come to terms with the death of their father. I had been drawn to Reiki for about ten years and always felt amazing after a treatment, energised, positive and even strong enough to deal with an abusive husband. After I had left my husband and he died, I really struggled financially and couldn’tafford regular Reiki treatments, but I knew Reiki was the only therapy that would heal me completely. With the stress of widowhood my health had deteriorated and I had a virtually constant tremor in my leg, my balance and co – ordination worsened and I was using a walking stick. So much for your thirties being the time of your life !

I decided the way forward was to train in Reiki and self heal. But the killer question was, ‘Where do I find the right Reiki Master ?’ Finding the right Reiki Master is like finding the right partner – a game of needles and haystacks ! Having little money and no transport (Reiki Masters seem to delight in deeply spiritual, isolated and generally inaccessible habitats, which is bad news for single mothers !) the idea of doing my training online was a genius concept. Until of course my inner cynic came out to play. I am highly adept at being a technophobe and the idea of regularly emailing Taggart to receive guidance and receiving my empowerments (the ritual tuning into Reiki) long distance irritated my logical nature. But as ever, my intuitive side won and I trained online. The distant empowerments literally knocked me off balance ! The immense feeling of raw energy descending onto your aura is very hard to explain. Initially it felt overwhelming, yet before I realised it, I quickly adapted to the feel of the energy. I can’t imagine life without Reiki coursing through my system. Let’s just say I’m more mindful with my cynicism these days !

I rapidly began to heal on every level and passed my First and Second Degree Reiki quite quickly. It’s two years since I needed my walking stick, the tremor has ceased and my balance, co – ordination and energy levels have improved massively. According to my neurologist, I had a congenital balance disorder that was progressive, incurable and not treatable with medication. In his opinion, drugs would exacerbate my symptoms. So much for expert medical knowledge ! I have returned to work and bought a house, things that simply weren’t possible three years ago. I am currently scheming a way of finding the money to train as a Reiki Master – hopefully my bank manager doesn’t read this !

Well OK, I hear you say. You felt lousy, did Reiki, got better. What’s the significance of Japanese Reiki ? The answer’s very simple – it’s the real deal. Taggart has studied extensively Mikao Usui’s teachings and has replicated them as authentically as possible. By paring down Reiki to it’s simplistic Japanese origins, Taggart reveals the immense power of this therapy. Unlike the Western interpretation of Reiki that sees it as a transference of energy with added angels, crystals and possible leprechauns (it could happen !) to give it ‘va – va voom’, Japanese Reiki connects the person with divine. Although Reiki has its roots in Tendai Buddhism and Shintoism, it remains spiritually neutral. Consequently, a person experiences profound peace from whichever deity makes sense to them. The connection with the divine provides access to the unconditional magnanimous love of the Universe and both body and soul are equally attended to. According to Taggart, Mikao Usui never used the term Reiki – that came later. The use of hands on healing and the significance of symbols was evolved for military medics to use a triage system to treat patients with serious injuries, until appropriate treatment could be given. It was from the military doctors that the term Reiki evolved. Instead Usui described his teaching as a ‘Method to Achieve Personal perfection’. The Precepts of Reiki were instituted by Usui and essentially revolve around the significance of being at peace with yourself and others, being constructive with your life and not being anxious.

The teachings of Mikao Usui were a synthesis of ancient cultural traditions and a reflection of the impact of modernity on Japan in the late nineteenth century. Usui did not use a uniform teaching stratagem, instead he tailored his teaching to the student’s needs. Taggart has replicated this approach by combining ancient wisdom with the convenience of computers. So Reiki, the spiritual linkage between the human and the divine, has become universally accessible through the internet. Hopefully, reading this encourages you to experience the unlimited healing of the Universe through Reiki. Obstacles such as lack of time or transport are no longer relevant, thanks to Taggart’s online training. May your Reiki journey, whether it is in the flesh or in cyberspace be as rich and as rewarding as my journey.

With thanks to Taggart King for his permission to write about Reiki Evolution.

Gail Vettraino

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  1. Hi Gail
    It was so interesting to read your story and thank you so much for sharing this with us………
    I wish you every success in your life and Reiki and I send you Reiki blessings

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