My Reiki Story: Helen Cruse

This is another in our series of “My Reiki Story” posts that we will be adding to the Reiki Evolution blog, where a Reiki person talks about their journey with Reiki. In first “My Reiki Story” we hear from Helen Cruse from Ayrshire…

In 2004, I collapsed with severe abdominal pains, the peak of several years of increasing pain to which the doctors couldn’t find a resolution to. After 7 months, and a hysterectomy they discovered severe endometriosis – the back of my womb was attached to all my internal organs, and the hysterectomy left me with hundreds of internal stitches, and severe depression.

Despite the relief from part of the problem, I was left with recurring pain, which at it’s worst, left me tearful and physically sick. The solution was medication every day. I decided to look for an alternative. “Reiki” kept creeping into my research, and I initially disgarded it, having met someone before who practised Reiki, the same way she practised every alternative which came past her – each was “the one”, and each made her more infinitely powerful than the last.

However, treating myself to a pedicure one day, I met a Reiki master in the salon, who suggested I have a try, just to see.

My initial intrepidation turned to wonder, as I lay on the bed, completely relaxed but experiencing the full spectrum of emotions as she touched in various places on my body. When it was over, I lay there, stunned, not quite sure what had been happening, but knowing that this was something I had to look further into.

The next morning was even more of a wonder – I woke at 6 am, full of the joys of spring and took a walk along the beach, and vowed that I would do something more with Reiki if this was how it was to make me feel.

I investigated further and discovered Reiki Evolution on line, I made contact and booked myself into a course almost 4months ahead – I wanted to “prepare myself” fully. However, upon receiving the book, and the MP3s, I began my practise and discovered that I could head off the pain, I could be more relaxed, just by the meditation.

I contacted Margaret, the Reiki master in Glasgow, with whom I had booked – and asked if I might bring my course forward. I was delighted to get a place – only weeks after receipt of my book.

Nerves on the day were soon put aside, everything Margaret told us about Reiki made sense. Reiki, I discovered was second nature to me. It was was I did to myself to try and make myself better, it was what I did to my children to comfort them.

After my course I practised daily and laughed out loud when I felt the energy flow into my tanden and gurgle on it’s way back out into the universe. A year later I completed my 2nd Degree with Margaret, and began to practise on family and close friends. The strangest thing about practising Reiki is that previously, I would not “invade” someone else’s physcial space – touching people I didn’t know was foreign to me, and something I avoided.

I was asked if I would like to provide Reiki as a Therapy at a local house which provides holidays for families with children with cancer,and without hesitation I accepted. My husband wondered if I would be able to cope – practising on family and close friends was one thing, but he didn’t think i would cope with strangers. At the house, I seem to have found my place. The experiences I have had there are not always recountable. I’m meeting with families in a very traumatic time in their lives, and often it is breaved families. Despite the difficulties this presents, I’m always very happy to provide them with an hours respite from the ache of their day, and I have not had one person who has not smiled when they have left. Hearing a bereaved parent say that they feel better than they have felt in a long while is an very, very happy feeling.

I’m delighted to have Reiki in my life.

Thank You Taggart!

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  1. Thank you Helen
    And may you go from strength to strength.
    Reiki blessings to you and all whose lives you touch.

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