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My Reiki Story – Paula Ghazai

Paula GhazaiThis is another in our series of “My Reiki Story” posts that we will be adding to the Reiki Evolution blog, where a Reiki person talks about their journey with Reiki. In today’s “My Reiki Story” we hear from Paula Ghazai from Kent…

I came to Reiki via massage and other therapies. I worked for ten years within the Beauty and Cosmetic Industry and when I left I wished to continue with the hands-on part of that. I continued to offer massage treatments, training in Aromatherapy and Indian head Massage but would find myself getting really tired after massaging someone if they were not well and in particular if a client had emotional issues such as anxiety or depression I would sometimes even be physically sick.

A friend mentioned Reiki quite a few times but I feel that I am quite an earth bound individual and thought that Reiki was a bit too spiritual and “airy fairy” for me! However Reiki just kept popping up, books, magazines.. so I gave in and researched my subject a little more and on discovering Reiki Evolution and Taggart’s “simply it is” and straightforward approach I decided to do Reiki 1 (April 2007) with Laetitia, as she too had a Beauty Therapy and Massage background. My last attunement was a revelation. I had gone with a totally open mind and no expectation. I felt like I was plugged in to a sort of super grid.. Reiki 2 followed in July 2007.

During this time my father became ill with the first telltale sign of vascular dementia. My Reiki meditations were sustenance throughout.. that gentle yet powerful hum. He just got worse and in 2009 had a devastating stroke which means he is now in full time care. I really kept the Reiki to myself during this time, just offering here and there to family and friends and also did not really have much spare time to pursue any other therapies.
Spring this year I knew the time was right to get going with it all again and I attended a catch up with Louise, it was just the same and oh so new all at the same time. I now offer Reiki, EFT, Hopi Ear Candling and Therapeutic and Indian head Massage. I see Reiki as something that stands alone but also underpins all my other treatment offers and in fact pretty much everything I do and am.. I even stir it into cakes!!

I am in the process of setting up my room and now have a website and will soon be offering a venue for Reiki Shares in West Kent Area

I am sure I will at some point go back to one of the RE teachers for the Masters training and I am sure I will know when. My personal Reiki mission statement would have to be “Don’t expect just accept”

Paula Ghazai

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