National Gathering Oct 6th 2012: here’s the schedule for the day


Only about seven weeks to go to our 2012 National Gathering at Baden Powell House in London, and I thought I’d share the schedule for the day so you can see what we’re going to be getting up to.

9.00am – Arrive
9.15am – Welcome
9.30am – Three workshops lasting for 1hr 15mins each (See NOTE #1)
10.50am – Free tea/coffee and biscuits for 45 minutes
11.35am – Drop-in sessions lasting for 60 mins (See NOTE #2)
12.40pm – Group distant healing session in the main hall, with Sarah Berrisford
12.55pm – Hour lunch break
1.55pm – Three workshops lasting for 1hr 15mins each (See NOTE #1)
3.15pm – Break for 30 mins
3.50pm – Drop-in sessions lasting for 60 mins (See NOTE #2)
4.55pm – Closing session in the main hall: Kotodama chanting with Hannah Shine
5.10pm – Ends

NOTE #1: Three main workshops

We are hosting three main workshops, lasting for 1hr 15mins, and these will be repeated twice during the day so that people can attend two out of the three. Here are the workshops:

  • “Discovering your intuitive self” with Tina Shaw
  • “EFT for personal transformation” with Martine Moorby
  • “Energy Cultivation Techniques” with Rhonda Bailey in the morning and Thalbert Allen/Maggie Tarling in the afternoon
  • Everyone attending will already have made their choice of workshop online. If you haven’t, contact Taggart King now.

    NOTE #2: Drop-in sessions

    These are hour-long sessions, most of which you can just mill into and out of as the mood takes you. Again this session is repeated twice during the day so people can attend as much as they can. We have:

  • Reiki share, hosted by Faiy Rushton (morning) and Sarah Berrisford (afternoon)
  • “Ask a Reiki teacher” – an opportunity to ask questions and chat to a group of Reiki Evolution teachers
  • Reiju empowerments – receive a Reiju empowerment, or more than one if you like, from a group of Reiki Evolution teachers
  • Bookable session (fully booked now): “Seeing auras” with Irene Forsyth in the morning, and “Reiki meditations” with Marilyn Harvey in the afternoon
  • So have a bit of a Reiki share, go and have an empowerment, and chat to a Reiki Evolution teacher for a while, or have an hour-long Reiki share, or listen to questions and chat with our Reiki teachers for an hour, any combination you like!

    I know I’m getting excited about the event and I hope that everyone who attends has a great time, trying out some new things, chilling out, chatting to new friends, and getting a great big dose of Reiki!

    Best wishes,


    7 thoughts on “National Gathering Oct 6th 2012: here’s the schedule for the day

    1. Hi Taggart………So sorry to hear that National Gathering – London has fully booked…:( I only heard about it now…hopefully next time , Warm wishes….Hilal

    2. I would love to come in 2014. I have been attuning and holding Reiki classes for nearly a year….never thought I would but surrendered to Divine and Reiki. I meet with other teachers in Southampton and London and would the opportunity to attend next year. Thank you for your time and help.

      big Reiki Love,

      1. Hi Andrea, we had a lovely time on Saturday at our National Gathering and it would be great to see you there next year. Make sure that you subscribe to our ezine – if you haven’t already – so you get to hear about it in good time. Taggart x

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