New Book by Sarah Berrisford: “Reiki in the Saddle”

I am really pleased to announce that Sarah Berrisford has written an new book called “Reiki in the Saddle – using energy, visualisation and intent within our horsemanship” and for those of you who have already ordered Sarah’s “Handbook of Equine Reiki”, this new book is a perfect complement.


Here is some information about Sarah’s new book:


Sarah Berrisford describes how to include Reiki within your riding, with practical exercises categorised into riding disciplines. This book is aimed to help improve the connection, understanding and overall experience whilst riding, for both horse and rider. Issues which you and your horse may be encountering are explored with simple visualisations, use of intent and energy exercises to help you overcome the problem. Although mainly aimed at persons with some knowledge of Reiki, persons who are inexperienced in this department could well find this book an interesting read and be able to use some of the visualisations and intent exercises. This approach is simple and intuitive, free from dogma and limiting beliefs, and will provide the reader with confidence to begin using Reiki in the saddle.

The book is available in a professionally-printed format, or as an immediate download.

You can order your copy here: Professionally printed manuals

Or order your immediate download here: Download your eBook here

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