New Distant Healing meditations for you


To help Reiki people who are experimenting with distant healing, and looking for a method that suits them best, I have put together a collection of six distant healing meditations that you can use, and they are suitable for Reiki people at all levels, including First Degree. You can download the meditations straight away, as MP3 files, and listen to them as you carry out your distant healing.

I have been writing a series of blog posts on the subject of distant healing and if you have read them then you will know that I don’t believe there is any ‘set’ method that has to be used: people can find their own comfortable way of working with the energy and don’t need to follow a checklist set down by someone else. If you’r einterested in trying out a few different distant healing methods to see what seems to work best for you, then why not use these meditations and see how you get on with them.

Here are the meditations that I have put together for you:

(1) Simple distant healing session: no symbols, no props, no complications
(2) Connecting through cupping your hands
(3) Using a prop, like a teddy bear, pillow or even your leg
(4) Distant healing using a book or box
(5) Healing your past, healing past events
(6) Sending Reiki to the future

All the meditations are about 10-11 minutes long and so can be carried out any time you have a few minutes to spare, and the soft background music, and gentle commentary, will help you to enter a lovely, deep, merged state.

Distant Healing meditations as MP3 downloads

Reiki meditation CD, Reiki MP3
Six distant healing methods including sending to the past and future.

Price: £11.98

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And once you’ve been using the meditations, please post a message below to let me know how you got on with them.




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