New Reiki Synthesis course launches

Saturday September 15th saw the launch of our new “Reiki Synthesis” course, with an group of intrepid Reiki explorers coming together at Regent’s College in Regent’s Park, London, to learn all about this new way of working with Reiki. It was a tremendous day, I thought, with a lovely group of talented Reiki people who all worked very hard and got to grips with the new methods admirably.

Tina Shaw was on hand to help and be a guinea pig for me to demonstrate “Reiki Emotional Integration” – a new method that uses a guided breathing exercise and bespoke symbols to help someone to let go of negative emotions like sadness, anger, fear, guilt, low self-esteem, frustration etc

Here is what some of the attendees had to say afterwards:

“I can’t wait to put this into practice!! I think some of my clients will really benefit from this technique, especially the ones with physical problems that stem from suppressed emotions and feelings.”
Tamara Diaz Garcia

“Overall, the course has left me feeling uplifted. I enjoyed moving away from set symbols and being able to create appropriate symbols specific to individuals and/or situations/emotions. I feel the techniques will really add to Reiki treatments.”
Rhonda Bailey

“This was extremely well run. Taggart is a calm and friendly teacher, making you feel welcome and comfortable. Very well explained and lots of exercises to practise the techniques on. Excellent!!”
Jayne Diggles

“It was a very novel approach working with symbols never used before and had a powerful effect which certainly made me think. I really enjoyed the combination of NLP techniques and Reiki and can’t wait to try them out as I think each gives the other another dimension.”
Lyd Holland

This course is available to anyone with Second Degree or above and I am holding another Reiki Synthesis course at Regent’s College on Saturday December 1st. If you’re interested or intrigued, take a look at the Reiki Synthesis page, which describes the course in more detail, and you can book your place on that page too.




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