New Self-treatment meditations on MP3


I have been beavering away again with my recording equipment, and I have put together a collection of self treatment meditations that you might like to try out. At Reiki Evolution we like to give our students choices when it comes to things like self-treatments, so they can experiment and find the approach that works best for them, so I thought it might be useful to put together a series of guided meditations to make it a bit easier to get into the groove of a particular approach.

These are the approaches that I recorded for you:

(1) Meditation with the intent to heal – just about the simplest approach you can take!
(2) Intuitive self-treatment meditation
(3) Mikao Usui’s meditative approach to self-treatment
(4) Western hands-on self-treatment
(5) Intuitive hands-on approach

You can order these tracks in an MP3 collection now and be using them in minutes if you like.

Click here to order your meditations now. I hope you find them useful.

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