North Yorkshire Reiki Testimonials: Martine Moorby

yorkshire reiki courseAt Reiki Evolution we routinely ask our students to let us have their feedback about the training and support that they receive. We have set ourselves high standards and want to make sure that our students are happy with their training, and soliciting feedback is a good way of making sure that we are on track.

Below you can read testimonials from people who have attended Martine Moorby’s Reiki Evolution Reiki training courses in Harrogate, North Yorkshire.

“A beautiful day!!”

Craig Noble, West Yorkshire, January 2009

“I was very pleased with the level one course I attended recently with Martine. The content was super and the day was paced perfectly. It was very useful to have received such excellent materials far enough in advance to be able to do some preparation. The resources you sent certainly helped with this. They are excellent. I am thrilled to have become involved with Reiki and intend to continue my studies.”

Gillian Woods, North Yorkshire, September 2009

“The Shoden course in Harrogate with Martine Moorby was excellent in every way. I appreciated being able to read through the course manual beforehand, and was impressed with the professional way in which it had been put together. The CDs were also very helpful, and by the time I attended the course I felt that I understood the basics. From the moment I arrived at the venue, I felt relaxed and welcome. So much so that none of our group chose to leave the venue at lunchtime. We were all enjoying the calm and positive atmosphere too much. Martine is truly gifted as a teacher and guide. I enjoyed the whole experience so much that I have already booked onto the level 2 course with Martine.

I honestly could not suggest any way in which the course could be improved. It met and exceeded all my expectations.”

Sarah Kay, North Yorkshire, September 2009

“Just feeding back that the quality of my course with Martine in Harrogate was very very good indeed. The course met my expectations and was very clear in every way. I thought the manual was excellent as was the CD and for me all three, including the live course work the best. The manual and CD go well before and after the live course. There was no panic about taking notes and covering every single aspect as all the information was in the manual. I think they all combine well together. I really liked our teacher, Martine.”

Alice Adderley, North Yorkshire, November 2009

“The course I recently attended with Martine in Harrogate was everything and more than I expected. Martine’s gentle, humorous delivery allowed us all to relax and feel comfortable together. Martine was inspiring and and her depth of knowledge fantastic. The day ran smoothly, the amount of information just right. Everything was covered and delivered at the right pace.

The pre course material was not daunting, easy to follow and provides enough information to give confidence to carry on learning at home.

I went with a friend and we both loved the day. I can’t think of anything that could improve the course.”

Kim O’Connor, West Yorkshire, March 2010

“Course Materials: This worked very well as I felt pretty well informed before I had my Reiki Level 1 Live. It works really well to have CD’s as well as reading material. These of course are just as helpful after the course for reference and to re-affirm things.

The Live Course: Martine is extremely knowledgeable and very experienced in Reiki. This was very re-assuring for me. Martine’s energy and enthusiasm made the day relaxing and enjoyable. My thanks to Martine for being an inspiration.

I have been making my way towards Reiki for some time now and I am so glad I found it.

I had forgotten that life could be so enjoyable. Family and friends are letting me practice on them and they are already feeling the benefits. I will definitely go on to do Level 2.”

Pamela Robinson, West Yorkshire, March 2010

“I would like to tell you that i enjoyed my first degree training with Martine, she was very friendly and made me feel at ease straight away.

I think the way that way the course is put together is very good, its definatley useful to do the back ground reading and listening before attending the day, so that you are able to just concentrate on the practical side of it on the day, without having to make notes, and so forth, And feel in a rush to take it all in.

I think the mediatation Cd is very useful, as it guides you through the process, without having to concentrate how long you have been on a particular stage, it just guides you through it effortlesly. Your voice is very soothing too!!

I will definatley be looking to do level two in the future.”

Jill Hodgson, West Yorkshire, March 2010

“I attended the reiki 1 course held at Harrogate on 20th March with Martine Moorby. I couldn’t have asked for a nicer, more friendly teacher to introduce me to reiki. Her knowledge of the subject gave me confidence in what I was learning and the motivation to learn more, including having a practise on my friends! So far I have good feedback!

I found the learning material prior to the live course extremely useful and fulfilled my needs as a learner, being able to study the theory at my own pace and then be able to put into practise what I had learnt at the live course, rather than being bombarded with information on the day.

Martine was so helpful and supportive throughout the course and I would not hesitate to recomend her as a reiki teacher.”

Kathryn Hough, North Yorkshire, April 2010

“My Reiki Evolution 1st degree course went very well. Martine taught in a cheerful, relaxed manner, relating closely to the course manual. The materials were despatched in good time enabling ample opportunity for preparation for the live course. It was a busy day and yet I did not feel rushed at any time – all my queries and bumblings were dealt with fully.

I shall definitely be signing up for Reiki Evolution Two, with Martine, towards the end of Summer. I have to say I am finding the meditation CD particularly useful, especially during these early days, when I find my mind wandering a bit if left to my own devices!”

Anne Godson, Lincolnshire, May 2010

”Course materials, as Reiki 1, are excellent and very easy to refer back to when you need to refresh your memory or check something out. The information about setting up as a Reiki practitioner is particularly helpful. The hands on day was again very enjoyable and Martine focussed on our needs as individuals.

Also, many thanks for the follow-up information with leaflets and logos – this is such a great help. I am so impressed and thankful for Reiki Evolution. It’s great to have someone like you Taggart, who is so knowledgeable and professional and who also has the grace to pass this on.

Guess that’s enough of that flattery stuff -I’m making myself queasy.”

Pam Robinson, West Yorkshire, July 2010

“The level 1 session that I attend with Martine was excellent. The environment was relaxing, the content was very good and Martine was very approachable and knowledgeable. I will be booking level 2 Reiki at the end of this week.”

Michele Baldwin, Lancashire, January 2011

“What did I think of the course content? Since I have no previous experience or knowledge of Reiki this is a difficult one about which to be entirely objective. However, the two things that attracted me to join Reiki-Evolution rather than any of the many other “Reikis” was your return to the purity and simplicity of the original teachings and the lack of any hint of ego on your site. On that basis the content was much as I expected it to be.

Did the course meet my expectations? Yes. I expected it to have a very professional and comprehensive approach and it did.

What did I think of the course materials? I spent the last 25 years of my working life as Training and Development Manager in a large engineering concern and must have seen just about every training approach there is to see so, what did I think about yours? Impressive; as befits a manual going to a new and, as yet uninformed learner, it is written in a clear, straightforward and easy to understand manner (the Plain English Society would be proud of you!).

The presentation of the manual allows the reader to maximise their own learning style and set their own pattern of density of learning without any need to compromise and the detailed contents index allows very easy and frequent “reminder dipping”.

What are my comments about the live training, and my teacher? I did the live course and so have experienced both the teacher and the home study training. The combination worked very well indeed. The home study provided a firm foundation for the live day and made the time on that day completely productive.

My tutor was Martine Moorby and she was exactly what I expected after reading her background. She has a gentle, easy going approach that settles a group very quickly and encourages a high level of interactivity. With a first level group it’s easy to let the subject matter drift out of their comfort zone but Martine avoided any chance of that by keeping all explanations clear and simple. As well as being very informative the day was also a hugely enjoyable experience.How do I think the course could be improved? I think it unlikely that you could improve the course significantly in any way.

Venue and/or environment can make or break an otherwise good course. In this case the room was just the right size for the group and was light, calm and comfortable and very conducive to easy learning.

As soon as I have finished this e-mail and sent it I shall be booking for Part 2 – doesn’t that say it all!

John Greaves, West Yorkshire, March 2011

“I would just like to start by saying that I am so glad I found your website and didn’t book my Reiki course through one of the other websites I looked at. I really can’t find anything negative to comment on I thought the content of the course was in depth and easy to understand and it exceeded my expectations of what I thought it would be. Its a very good idea to send the manual and CDs prior to the live course as it gives an idea of what we can expect on the day and also some background knowledge on the subject.

I practice the daily energy exercises with the CD and the more I practice the more energy I can feel. My partner has a sinus problem which means he snores really badly and I used to be hours getting to sleep but since I have been practising Reiki on him and also the daily energy exercises he hardly snores at all and I have been sleeping really well!!

Martine was brilliant on the live course. She was very natural and made you feel at ease. I am really looking forward to the 2nd degree course and will definitely be booking the 3rd degree with you too!”

Victoria Grimshaw, West Yorkshire, March 2011

“The course was exceptional and very well presented in a beautiful and peaceful room. Martine is wonderful in giving and projecting reiki in a way that you cannot help but feel totally energised and yet feel peaceful within yourself. Many thanks.”

Gail Brown, West Yorkshire, March 2011

“I had a wonderful time on the course. Martine made me feel very relaxed and the whole day was very informative and had a lovely flow. I found the manuals and CDs very helpful and I’m sure they will be good to use as refreshers now and again. The meditation CDs are in my view a very important tool to have also. I do plan to progress to Reiki Master when i feel I’ve grown into the Reiki 2, and when the time is right, will be returning to Martine again to do that.”

Sarah Brightmore, North Yorkshire, April 2011

“What did I think of the course content? – Relevant and informative based broadly on the course book material with opportunities to expand on the information or take appropriate little detours along the way. This made it learning that didn’t feel like an arduous learning experience or repetitive. Did the course meet my expectations? – I did ask myself before the course what my expectations were, if any – I was certainly looking forward to it! My answer is wholly ‘Yes’

What did I think of the course materials (manual and CDs)? – really enjoyed the clarity of both and the slight informality of style – it felt like having a chat! Highly useful and I will be referring to them many more times to come – truly a learning tool.

What are my comments about the live training, and my teacher? – the live training expanded on the home study, and the hours spent doing home study prior to the course are vital to gain the most from the day, I feel. Our teacher was welcoming, encouraging, engaging and supportive – couldn’t have asked for more. The combination of home study and live course really does set you up to succeed and grow in confidence.

How do I think the course could be improved? – Honestly, I don’t feel it could have been. Overall a great experience, a special day with an inspiring teacher and lovely course colleagues, in a perfect setting!”

Rebecca Home, West Midlands, April 2011

“What did I think of the course content? – My experience from Reiki 1 gave me high expectations – they were very well fulfilled. Did the course meet my expectations? – Yes. I expected it to have a very professional and comprehensive approach and it did.

What did I think of the course materials? – Manual every bit as good as the excellent Shoden manual. What are my comments about the live training, and my teacher? – I did the live course and so have experienced both the teacher and the home study training. The combination worked very well indeed. The home study provided a firm foundation for the live day and made the time on that day completely productive. My tutor was Martine Moorby and she was just as good as she was on Reiki 1. The same gentle, easy going approach that settles a group very quickly and encourages a high level of interactivty works at every level. Another highly informative and hugely enjoyable day.

How do I think the course could be improved? – I still think it unlikely that you could improve the course significantly in any way. Once again the excellent venue and environment made a solid contribution to a great day. The room was just the right size for the group and was light, calm and comfortable and very conducive to easy learning.”

John Greaves, West Yorkshire, April 2011

“The course was good and I feel that it met my needs. It is helpful going through the pack and cd beforehand so you don’t experience ‘information overload’ during the day. The day itself was more practical which was good as it gives you a chance to practice everything. I felt leaving that all my questions had been answered and that if any more questions come to mind I can get in touch with Martine.”

Heather Deane, Cleveland, April 2011

“I have to say I thoroughly enjoyed the course, I was abit apprehensive when I arrived however Martine instantly put me and the two other students at ease. I am SO glad that we worked through the book before the course date as agree it would have been heavy going! I worried that I had not studied enough however when Martine worked her way throught the stages it seemed to click into place and I felt quite comfortable by the end of the day at being able to practice giving a treatment to one of the other students. It was really nice to have Martine explain our findings and reassure us that there are occasions when there is nothing however it still is working and that to use intuition and go with the flow as it were when working with a client :o)

As you know I have already enrolled in the second degree course as I would like to be able to work on other people and to progress through the Reiki methodology more – my primary aim in the short term is to self heal and then I will feel happier knowing that if I am ok then whoever I treat will also benefit.

Course materials: When I opened the book I was initially put off as it did look heavy going, so I took my time and read an hour or so a day, looking at it now, it isn’t at all! – the practical exercises were good and the pictures were self explanatory and very easy to follow imo ! I did like how you had put feedback from other students – it was nice to know about some of their experiences and what their findings were – even from some who had no reaction – important to show that as we all, I guess want obvious results when in reality it may not be the case for some students but it is for their clients.

CD – as you know one was faulty however you immediately rectified that :o) … one thing is your voice is SO hypnotic! I would lay in bed initially to listen to them and would fall asleep! .. happened a few times!

The course very much met my expexctations and more, Martine made it very easy going and I am looking forward to my next course, which as it happens is on my birthday!”

Karene Ambler, West Yorkshire, July 2011

”As requested here are my comments on my Master/Teacher course with Martine.

Course content – Certainly plenty of it. A lot to learn but well presented both in the pre-course material and on the live two days making it reasonably easy to “link and follow”.

As you know from my comments on the previous courses I spent over 20 years in industrial training management and so I admit I do take a bit of pleasing. However, once again the content, presentation, depth and phasing were just about spot on. I can offer no suggestions for significantly improving the course right through from 1st degree to Master.

Thank you for introducing me to the Usui Reiki system and for the changes it has brought into my life.

Now I have achieved Master level the real journey begins and I look forward to it with great anticipation.”

John, West Yorkshire, October 2011

”I want to say that I thoroughly enjoyed the course with Martine. The venue was comfortable, central and easy to find. I found Martine to be a very pleasant, knowledgeable practitioner, and happy to answer my numerous questions. She fostered a comfortable and friendly environment where I felt comfortable in treating the other student there, despite having only practised on my husband before the course!

Before the day of the course, I had assumed I had very little intuitive ability. But Martine encouraged me to recognise the intuitive ‘flashes’ I had during the course, and to build on these in the future. The day was a good mixture of theory and practical activity and Martine was very thorough in her teaching of the course materials, and of the practise of Reiki.

One other important thing is that Martine encouraged us to contact her with any questions or concerns we had following the course, or any matters we were uncertain about in our future Reiki practise. She also invited us to participate in the Reiki shares that are held in Harrogate at monthly intervals, where people can meet and discuss ideas and practise Reiki techniques in a friendly environment. I would have no hesitation in recommending Martine to potential students of Reiki at all levels.

I received both level 1 and level 2 texts and CDs well before the course I attended, and had a chance to read through them beforehand and practise a few of the suggested techniques before going to the live training day. I have found all the materials to be excellent sources to refer back to and to re-read regularly. I practise one of the meditations every day, as well as Hatsurei-ho. I also try to self treat regularly, using some of the therapeutic positions recommended. I can’t think of any way the course could be improved on at the moment, as both the course materials and I’ve training exceeded my expectations.

I have also joined the Internet forum that is available to Reiki Evolution graduates, and look forward to participating in that as time passes.”

Sarah Simpson, Lancashire, December 2012

“I found the course material very good & easy to follow. I was inspired on the live day, Martine was a wonderful teacher & very approachable & knowledgeable. I cannot wait to start my level 2.”

Sarah Green, North Yorkshire, October 2013

“I attended my First Degree Reiki course in Harrogate with Martine Moorby.
The pre-course materials were superb; a comprehensive preparation especially in terms of background and theory which prepared me extremely well for the actual training day.  I found the meditations particularly useful and I am continuing to do these regularly.
Martine is an outstanding tutor. The atmosphere was relaxed and fun. She has a superb sense of humour which puts people at ease. She communicates information in a way that is easy to understand. Martine has a wealth of knowledge about the subject, as well as a clear understanding of how to deliver information; always confirming that we were actually learning what she was teaching us. The day was very practical and this reinforced my learning and prepared me for practising my new learning outside of the classroom with my friends as volunteers.
All in all this was an amazing experience for me. The course met my learning styles and I am very grateful to have been referred to Reiki Evolution. I am finding that the self healing exercises are having an increasing impact on my thought processes and this is helping me to be calmer, kinder more relaxed in general.
I am very much looking forward to attending my next course.”
Claire Ritson, Co. Durham, February 2015
“I was very happy with the course. The manual is very readable and I use the meditation CDs a lot. The training day was inspiring and enjoyable. Martine is such a good teacher! I did have several things about which I was unsure and was going through a bit of a self confidence crisis, but she explained everything really well and really boosted my confidence! She also made me think about different ways of using reiki that I hadn’t thought about before and I’m starting to put those into practice.”
Stephanie Hardcastle, Humberside, February 2015
“I am very impressed with the content of your course, I have studied to Master level with another tutor and yours is far superior in content, and in particular like the way that you teach and express yourself. After reading the 1st degree manual I honestly felt that for the first time that I could talk to someone about Reiki, describe what it is and where it came from, I have not felt the confidence to do that before.
The course exceeded my expectations as my previous tutor did not provide a manual and often said “google it”.
I loved the fact that I received all the manuals and cds so that I could study and practice before the training day which meant on the day I knew what to expect and what my tutor was talking about. Martine was very professional but also very welcoming, she asked thought provoking questions and we had a laugh as we worked our way through the day.She answered all my questions clearly, her teaching style is relaxed but focused and by the time I was returning for my second day I felt I was returning to an old friend.
Martine also gave me the wonderful opportunity to go and observe her teaching a First Degree class, which was very helpful to me as I prepare to teach others.I will be taking up the offer to use your manuals for my students because I am so impressed with them, I had started to write my own after my previously training but was struggling with how to do it and what to say.
Many thanks.”
Janet Ward, Denbighshire, November 2016
“I just wanted to let you how much I enjoyed our Reiki training on Saturday – one of the most relaxing and uninterrupted days I have had in a long, long time. The hours just flew by and I really felt the impact of the empowerments. I did some Reiki on my 6 year old son last night and he told me it ‘made him laugh inside’ and would like me to do it again!”
Helen Normoyle, North Yorkshire, January 2017
Delighted to give you feedback.
1) Course Content
I found the content of the course interesting & uplifting & illuminated for me the wonders of Reiki.
2) My expectations 
I wasn’t sure what to expect although I had done some background reading before your materials arrived. My hope for the course was that I would gain a better understanding of Reiki & learn skills & techniques which I could us in my own life & for the benefit of others. Your course met these expectations & I have experienced a different outlook on life – thank you.
3) Course Materials
These were clear & well set out & ensured that I got the most out of the training days…
4) Live training & teacher
My teacher Martine was great & we really had a connection.
The whole experience was one that I will treasure, it was also very useful to meet the other students.

Jacqueline Newton, North Yorkshire, March 2017

What did you think of the course content (Master/Teacher course)?
The info provided was really enlightening and although it did take me ( as you had instructed) hours to undertake the conversion, this journey was hugely beneficial as it provided much a lot of missing detail and context.
In addition the way that Martine delivered the course was actual the highlight as she worked at my pace and was able to answer all my tricky questions even if on occasion outside of course content.
Did the course meet your expectations?
Exceeded these and I believe my own development was enhanced significantly during this journey.
What did you think of the course materials (manual and CDs)?
These were great thanks
What are your comments about the live training, and your teacher, or the home study approach?
Martine was brilliant and enabled the home study to sink in.

Kate Hamilton-Harris, Tenerife, February 2018

“I had a fascinating two day RMT live course with Martine. Friendly & welcoming. I was provided with an environment to flourish, any questions or queries I had were answered, Martine showed me that I am more intuitive than I think & I feel confident continuing my exciting, & for me, personal lifelong journey with this wonderful healing energy. Thanks Martine.

All the study materials I was sent made a lot of sense & continued on nicely from my Level 2. I recommend Reiki Evolution as an uncomplicated, straightforward path to begin your Reiki journey…it’s worked wonders for me.”
Paul Bell, Cleveland, February 2018
“I have recently completed my first degree with my sister with Martine in Harrogate. What a wonderful experience. the day was well paced, relaxing, social. Martine explained everything extremely well and there was plenty of opportunity to ask questions. the content was adequate and interesting. It certainly met with expectations, I invisaged a classroom setting but it was so much more relaxing and enjoyable than expected.
The course material was good, I much preferred the audio to the manual personally, I learn better this way. I love the precepts. I cant imagine I could find anybody better to train me than Martine. she is relaxed, passionate,  knowledgeable and committed. Tea and coffee flowed in abundance (with biscuits) and the venue was warm and comfortable. It was fantastic to find Saturday training, many only hold course on weekdays when I am working.
The actual practical session was magical. Both my sister and I are booking onto 2nd degree.”
Sharon Mortimer, West Yorkshire, July 2018

“With all that’s happened in the last year so can say wholeheartedly that this Saturday was the best day I have had in a very long time.

Take into account the opportunity to spend the day with new likeminded, kind and interesting people who were welcoming and fun. Put that together with Martine who was relaxed, fun, informative and easy to understand and follow. She very cleverly taught us things without it ever seeming like a lesson – just chatting and everyone opening up. It was lovely.

The whole day was a revelation and the empowerment’s very powerful. I think the personal effect for me was a little overwhelming for a moment – but a definite chink – there’s certainly work to be done but I hope with daily practice I can make a start. I’d certainly recommend Martine and the course as a whole and I’m very grateful to have been a part of it.

I forgot to mention that Martine was very aware of health and safety with regards to the new protocols with Covid and helped us immensely navigate this whilst balancing it with communication and treatments and not making it a barrier to enjoying the day. I think we all felt the same with regards to getting out and meeting new people especially. Highly recommended ?.”

Cherie Claughton, West Yorkshire, June 2021

“I would like to say that I found the course content well written, well illustrated and easy to understand and follow. The background information on the origins of this form of Reiki was fascinating in itself. The cd’s are wonderfully relaxing to listen to and help make adopting the meditations as a daily ritual simple to ease into.

The live session with Martine was a superb experience. Martine is warm, friendly and made it a joy to spend the day with her learning in depth about this amazing energy healing system. The “hands on” sessions on the day were detailed, informative and a pleasure to take part in.

The attunements were felt as very definite upwelling waves of energy in my body, an “opening” of the Third eye and strong flashes of energy between my shoulder blades. I felt a real sensation of tingling heat in my palms and in my cheekbones. It was rather strange at first but absolutely fascinating to experience.

The Hotel room where the course took place was pleasant and comfortable and not even the additional precautions that had to be taken in the wake of the pandemic, could make a dent in the enjoyment gained from the day.

Overall I would give everything I have done with your school to date 5 stars and I cannot think of any improvements that could be made. I fully intend to take the 2nd degree once a course place becomes available.”

Christine Ross, West Yorkshire, June 2021

“I thought the course was great. Being someone who doesn’t like being indoors much in a classroom I thought it might be a long day, but it flew over because the teacher Martine was great. She kept us interested from start to finish. Her knowledge on Reiki is amazing and she kept us all involved as a group. Being the only man on the course I was a bit worried to be honest, but everyone made me feel welcome. The home part of the course was spot on. It was explained well so I could understand it and kept me keen to keep reading. I’m looking at booking the next stage with Martine once I know I can be available for it.”

Stephen Watson, West Yorkshire, March 2023

“I thoroughly enjoyed the course and thought Martine was a very good teacher. She explained things fully and was happy to answer any questions we had. The course exceeded my expectations, I didn’t think there would be quite so much information to take on board !:)

It was lovely to receive the empowerments although I didn’t feel any all singing and dancing effects, it still felt really nice. The home learning part was great. I liked the mix of reading, audio and practical learning which works well for me.

I really can’t fault the course in any way so I don’t know how you can improve it !!”

Sarah Dean, West Yorkshire, March 2024

“I wanted to leave feedback for my day with Martine Moorby in Harrogate.  Martine was warm and welcoming, and clearly knowledgeable in this work.  I found it all quite life changing really and the whole day was just a positive, uplifting experience.  I slept so well that night for the first time in months, and if I self-treat with Reiki now I always sleep well.
I look forward to practicing on more people and will certainly be attending the level 2 training.
I found the course material very interesting with the mix of history, others’ experiences and practical guides. The audio files were helpful too.”
Jane Heuston, West Yorkshire, July 2024