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A Reiki Chakra meditation for you

reiki chakra meditation

All a bit New Age?

Working with the chakras has ended up being taught quite commonly on Reiki courses, mainly because Reiki spent a long time travelling with the New Age movement and picked up various New Age ideas like working with chakras, and Angels, and Spirit guides and the like.

There’s nothing wrong with working with these ideas or principles, of course.

But they’re not anything to do with Reiki, so these things wouldn’t have been part of the original system that Mikao Usui taught, or even the system that Dr Hayashi passed on to Mrs Takata, or even what Mrs Takata taught.

They’re not really anything to do with Reiki but they end up being bundled with it.

And for that reason, we don’t really focus on chakras at Reiki Evolution: we focus on the Tanden (Dantien in Chinese), an energy centre in the abdomen, the centre of your personal Universe, the place where your creativity and intuition reside.

But let’s do something with chakras anyway!

In any case, lots of Reiki people do chakra meditations and like chakra meditations so I thought I would be fun to put together a guided meditation for you, but with a bit of a “Reiki Evolution twist” to it.

You can find it below and I hope you like it.

Listen to my Chakra meditation

Get yourself comfortable, click ‘play’ and close your eyes. I’ll do the rest!

Over to you

Once you’ve listened to my Reiki chakra meditation, please post your feedback below to let me know how you got on, and what you experienced.

It will be great to hear what you thought of it.

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