Podcast: Sound Healing

Mel Diamond


I am very pleased to be able to share with you a talk given by Mel Diamond at the Reiki Evolution 2011 National Gathering.

Mel hosted a very popular workshop on sound healing at the Gathering, and Regent’s College must have resonated to its very foundations with what we ended up doing!


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Taggart KingThe 2012 National Gathering will be held on October 6th in central London, where there will be more interesting talks to listen to. You can book your place now by visiting this page: 2012 National Gathering. To qualify to attend, you need to have Taggart King in your Reiki lineage.

2 thoughts on “Podcast: Sound Healing

  1. Wow! Took me right back to Mels fabulous Sound workshop as I listened to the podcast. Thank you for making this available Taggart.

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