Pride in Being

A few years ago, someone named me as egotistical because I so much enjoyed and took pride in the way my horse showed himself off. At the time I was taken aback, as having a major ego issue hadn’t been something I had identified myself with. The person told me all the ‘right’ things about how the ego ‘worked’ and I began to feel guilt that I should take so much enjoyment at he joyous ‘here I am’ being of my equine pal.

On arriving home, it was time for contemplation… Should I be feeling this? Am I a bad person? What do people think of me? The list goes on…

As I sat and pondered, I decided to meditate, I visualized myself with my horse, staying completely passive as he showed himself off. Something wasn’t right, the horse began to look limp and lose his ‘x-factor’.

And that is when it clicked; horses love to be admired, all animals love to be admired, I’m not talking about just saying words of “he’s nice” or “she’s going well”, I mean the energy we emit when we see something beautiful, the energy that is transmitted as our breath is taken away, when a tear comes to our eye, when our body tingles with pure love at the sight and feel of true beauty.

I realised that is not egotistical to admire the union between myself and my horse, it is something that should be loved and enjoyed. It wasn’t egotistical, because I wasn’t comparing, thinking ‘we’re so much better than others’. I was enjoying the moment and conscious of the enjoyment my horse and I were having, it was just us, there and then, nothing else existed; only that beautiful connection.

This brought more questions to my attention… animals respond, develop and mature to the slightest feeling of love and admiration; so what it going on with people??!! We are constantly judging ourselves; weight, looks, graying hairs, wrinkles – when we should be following in the footsteps of our animal friends, admiring ourselves, loving ourselves, loving every imperfection which makes us who we are.

What do you see when you look in the mirror?

I have a task for you, go and look in the mirror, look deep into your eyes and smile, see yourself smiling back at you, look at each part of your body, look deep and smile, allow your whole body to smile. Feel that energy coming from your body, transmitting to everything around you. Smile and the world smiles back!


Sarah Berrisford teaches Reiki and Equine Reiki courses through Reiki Evolution at Epona Equine Reiki Centre inSouth Lincolnshire.

7 thoughts on “Pride in Being

  1. I think it is good that we can all step back occasionally and look at ourselves and who we are. You have a wonderful relationship with your horse and had the wonderful experience of touching the oneness that can last a few seconds but change us for a lifetime and nothing ever is the same again, connecting to that oneness is very special very deep if only more people reached this the world would be a kinder more compassionate place for us all to live, thank you for sharing xx

  2. I just love your thinking Sarah. We all need to feel the love and it is not judgemental.
    Thank you for the reminder
    love & light

  3. Sarah, you are so right………everyone needs to be loved and appreciated and that is when they shine…… Your love of your horses shone through at the Reiki gathering…. your understanding, your soul connection…….. it was a joy to see.

    On a smaller level, my cat Oscar loves to be loved and he gives so much back. In particular, he just loves Reiki and his purring is deafening…..

    Reiki blessings and spread that magic everywhere.


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