Using your breath when giving a Reiki treatment

Last week during two of my treatments I was drawn to use the breath over the heart area and this is how it felt.

Each treatment stared as normal using my intuition to work on the area’s indicated then on each occasion a strong urge to gently blow over the area (taking a peek) I found was working over the heart.  My inner sight showed a mist around this area and gentle blowing about 6 inches above the body as if blowing dust from a surface, seemed to clear this rather than removing it with my hands.

Upon discussing this with one of my clients, she said that through-out the treatment she could see wonderful colours and detected where I was working, when I was over the heart area, it was as if she was letting go and could see the colours moving out blowing away and new colour coming in.

As I said this was a first time for me using the breath during a treatment I advise students to go with their intuition and be open to what comes to mind.  Enjoy your treatments and no matter how many years you have been working with Reiki each treatment is a new experience.

Brightest blessings



reiki training course tyne wear newcastleLinda Vickers is one of Taggart’s Reiki Evolution team of teachers, based in Tyne & Wear.  She is also a therapist, practising from her home at Hetton le Hole in Dragonfly Hut in the beautiful garden.  Her Reiki courses are also held in a special room in her home where she also teaches other workshops.  Her therapies include, reflexology, Indian head massage, crystal healing, hopi ear candles and meditation.  She also holds a monthly Reiki Share and various open days.


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