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Reiki is with you every moment of every day.  When I went to Egypt on a Reiki trip in October, 2006 arranged by Louise Heseltine (what a memorable trip that was Louise!), we were in the Valley of the Kings.   It was fiercely hot, and I was coming out of one of the tombs.     It had been a LONG way down and involved uneven steps.  A gentleman with a stick was just starting his journey down.  I advised him that it was very steep and that he might have a lot of difficulty.   Surprisingly, he heeded my advice and we both walked back up to the top.   I then asked him what his problem was and he said he was in excruciating pain in his back (sciatica).  I told him we were part of a Reiki healing group visiting Egypt and if he would be agreeable to give me his name, our group would send him Reiki that evening…..

When I mentioned this to Louise, she was very enthusiastic and we all sent him some distant healing that evening.

We were in Egypt for two weeks, travelling all over the place – Cairo, Luxor, etc.  So you can imagine my surprise when we went to visit Karnack Temple (consisting of 62 acres of temples!) a few days later, that walking towards me was this same gentleman, this time without his stick!  What are the chances of meeting the same person twice in a place like Egypt!!!   I greeted him and he recognised me immediately.  I asked him how he was and he said:  “Remarkable, you are seeing me here walking so much better!  However, I still have some pain in my left ankle…………”

Without further ado, I got down on my haunches and gave him a blast of Reiki.  Unknown to me, Louise captured that moment, above!   After a few minutes, I asked him how it was, and he was delighted.  He said the foot was tons better!!

We did Reiki and empowerments in many sacred places and thanks to our contacts there (Khaled, the curator at Karnack, and Ahmed) we saw many sacred sites not normally open to the public…..  So thank you Louise for that wonderful memorable trip.

As you can see, Reiki goes with you on holiday, and can be used to help anyone who is in trouble……and you don’t need to pack anything extra in your suitcase…..

Have you got a story to tell about giving Reiki “on the go?”   Would love to hear from you!!

Reiki blessings



hertfordshire reiki coursesHannah Shine is one of Taggart’s Reiki Evolution team of teachers, based in Essex/Hertfordshire.   She is also a multi therapist, practising from her home at Hatfield Heath.   Her Reiki courses are run from her beautiful summer house in her relaxing garden. Her therapies include homoeopathy, reflexology, Bowen technique, head massage, body massage, kinesiology, EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique), Quantum Touch and many others.  She runs monthly Reiki shares at her home.   She has qualified as a Cognitive Hypnotherapist at the Quest Institute in London.


4 thoughts on “Reiki – a very portable therapy

  1. Lovely memories Hannah – we had such a hoot didn’t we? Do you remember the man who took us to Philae Island, the tour guide with the broken arm – we did Reiki on him on the felucca boat on the way across the lake and his shoulder was so locked up before, and he was so much more relaxed and his shoulder dropped back into place after? And do you remember the air stewards on the plane when we did Reiki on them on the cabin crew area onboard? Reiki on the go, a-go-go!!

    Such happy memories,
    Louise. xxx

  2. Hi Hannah and All,
    Received your email with regards to this blog. I agree such happy memories on that Egypt trip. I’m living in Devon now, so if anyone is in the area, please contact and would love to meet up again. love Barbara xxx

  3. Hi Barbara
    How lovely to hear you are now in beautiful Devon………I just LOVED your Watsu treatment and hope you are doing what you love.

    Keep in touch. Reiki blessings

  4. Hi Hannah & the Ricky Group

    What a great time that was, would love to go back again. I was only looking through photos etc of that holiday the day before this blog

    Love Sam xxx

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