Reiki and Qi Gong | Chi Kung

“Projection healings”

Something that seems to be similar to the Reiki ‘treatment’ ability is the practice of advanced Chi Kung (also known as qi gong or chi gong). Chi Kung is an energy cultivation technique similar to, but not the same as, Tai Chi. If you were to practice Chi Kung diligently for 10-20 years you might be able to reach the level of Chi Kung Master. Chi Kung Masters are able to cultivate their personal levels of chi to such an extent that they are able to direct this externally to treat others. Such treatments are called ‘projection healings’.

There is at least one hospital in China that prescribes Chi Kung exercises to treat a variety of ailments, and has a team of Chi Kung Masters who treat people by directing chi externally, aiming the energy at and channelling it into various acupuncture points on the patient’s body. This ability is way beyond the reach of most individuals, and the Chi Kung Master has to continually practice the technique to build up energy reserves that are depleted in treating others: it is the Chi Kung Master’s personal energy that is given out in treating others.

The Reiki attunements seem to give this same sort of ‘Chi Kung’ ability but with important differences: you do not have to stand there for 20 years doing the exercises, when you treat someone it is not your personal energy that you giving out, and when you treat someone with Reiki you do not direct the energy – you ‘stand aside’ and allow the recipient to draw what they need through you. Reiki attunements connect you to an unlimited external source of healing energy that benefits you as you allow the energy to flow through you into others.

Qi Kung is a beneficial practice in its own right, of course, and much of ‘medical’ qi gong will involve exercises being prescribed for the patient to carry out rather than projection healings being performed. If you would like to read a little more about Qi Gong, can I suggest that you visit this web site: Energy Play.


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