Reiki audio CD track listings/MP3 collections


Here are the track listings for our various Reiki audio CDs, so you can see exactly what each CD contains.

The CDs are available as downloadable MP3 collections too, so the same tracks are available in a downloadable format.


Reiki First Degree CD track details

  1. Introduction
  2. What is Reiki?
  3. Where did Reiki come from?
  4. What learning Reiki can do for you
  5. Following the original system
  6. The precepts and mindfulness
  7. The 5 precepts in Japanese
  8. Reiju empowerments
  9. Daily energy exercises
  10. Self-treatment approaches
  11. Giving and receiving treatments
  12. Different treatment approaches
  13. Full treatments: starting and scanning
  14. Full treatments: the rest of the treatment


Reiki Second Degree CD track details

  1. Introduction
  2. Following the original system
  3. Mikao Usui’s precepts
  4. Reiju at Second Degree
  5. Earth ki and Heavenly ki
  6. Oneness and distant healing
  7. Using symbols when you treat
  8. Working with intuition: “Reiji ho”
  9. Reiji ho meditation/instructions
  10. The power of intent


Reiki Meditations audio CD track details

  1. Track 1: Hatsu rei ho
    Experience the daily energy exercises used in the Usui Reiki Ryoho Gakkai in Japan. The track talks you through all the stages, with relaxing music to help you go deep. Comes with written instructions included in your package.
  2. Track 2: Self-treatment meditation
    Experience one of Mikao Usui’s self-treatment approaches, with a musical backdrop, and discover how powerful intent and visualisation can be! Comes with written instructions included in your package.
  3. Track 3: Distant Healing session
    We talk you through a simple distant healing session. You don’t need to worry about timing, because the CD takes care of that for you! This track can be used by people at first-degree level too, since distance healing is perfectly possible at this level.
  4. Track 4: Symbol meditation
    This track is mainly for use by second-degree practitioners and above, though first-degree practitioners can use it too. Learn how to ‘become’ the energy of two of the Reiki symbols, and echo Usui’s way of getting to grips with the energies.