Reiki Evolution Books, Journals, eBooks, audio CDs and MP3s

Welcome to the Reiki Evolution shop, where you can find everything from Reiki books, manuals, journals and CDs, through MP3s and eBooks, to special Art prints of the Reiki precepts in Japanese calligraphy.

And if you are a Reiki teacher, you can also use our Reiki manuals and CDs for your own courses, at all Reiki levels, no matter what your Reiki lineage might be: we offer special ‘multipacks’ at greatly discounted prices.


Reiki Books

reiki book, reiki manual, ebook

We use detailed and comprehensive Reiki manuals for all our courses. They are professionally printed, easy to read and provide you with everything you need to feel confident in what you’re doing, no matter what your Reiki level or interest.

Taggart King has written extensively about all aspects of Reiki in a series of popular Reiki books.

And we have a collection of powerful and hepful Reiki journals to help you get the most out of your Reiki.

Reiki CDs

reiki audio cds

We use Reiki audio CDs in two ways: to help our students to carry out meditations and energy exercises, and as a teaching aid.

You can listen to Taggart talking to you as if you were sitting in on a live course with him, or hear him guide you as you meditate.

Reiki MP3s

reiki mp3 download

All our Reiki audio CDs are available as Reiki MP3s that you can download now.

Not only that but we also have a big collection of helpful Reiki guided meditations that are only available as MP3s, and only available through us, for example Distant Healing meditations, Self-treatment meditations and a unique Reiki Inner Smile meditation.


Reiki eBooks

reiki pdf ebook download

All our Reiki manuals, and Taggart’s Reiki books, are available to download now as Reiki eBooks, in PDF format, so you can read them on your Kindle or Tablet.

We also have Reiki ‘starter bundles’ which combine our eBooks with special ‘getting started’ guides and MP3s.

Special Meditations

reiki meditation

Taggart has created a series of special MP3 meditations that are unique to Reiki Evolution. They help you to become more mindful, enhance your energy sensitivity, develop your intuition and better embody the Reiki precepts.

And using his knowledge of NLP and Cognitive Hypnotherapy, he has created a series of Reiki meditations focused on Weight Loss, Reducing Anxiety and Building Self-Confidence.

Reiki Art Prints

reiki precepts print gokai

We have teamed up with Japanese Master Calligrapher Eri Takase and can offer you Gorgeous Art Prints of the Reiki precepts, hand-brushed by Eri in authentic Japanese calligraphy.

These special Precepts prints are unique, not available anywhere else in the world, and they are available in A4 and A3 sizes.


For Reiki Teachers

Although the Reiki manuals and CDs on this page are used on Reiki Evolution courses, they are also available for any Reiki Master to use on their own Reiki courses.

Many teachers throughout the UK and beyond (Canada, USA, Australia) and from various lineages order our manuals and CDs to use with their own students.

Discounted Manuals & CDs

reiki books cds for teachers

We have put together special ‘multipacks’ where you can buy a set of 4 Reiki manuals or Reiki audio CDs at greatly reduced prices. Reiki teachers all over the world are doing this.

You can also order A4 or A3 art prints of the Reiki precepts in lovely Japanese calligraphy, which is a wonderful gift to give a student when they complete their course with you.

Certificate Templates

reiki certificate example template

Create gorgeous Japanese style Reiki certificates using our special templates, brushed for us by Japanese Master Calligrapher Eri Takase. You can use them for all Reiki levels and styles. Available as DVD-rom or download now.



Photo credit: Maria Elena, Petras Gagilas, Paul Falardeau