Reiki Drum Technique Home Study Course: Distance Learning Online

reiki drumming drum online home study courseThe Reiki Drum Technique Home Study Course is available to all Reiki Level 2 students (all lineages welcome) and is an ideal way of training in the Reiki Drum Healing & journeying Technique if it is difficult for you to attend the live course.

Completing a home study version of this course means you can do it at a pace that suits you and fits in around your lifestyle and commitments.

The course is available as downloads that can be accessed on-line through the internet.

The format will consist of:

  • Reiki Drum Master Practitioner Home Study Manual
  • Course guidance notes
  • 7 x short films/video clips – demonstrating visually what the techniques involve
  • 8 x audio tracks – talking you through the techniques for practical guidance

The course is separated into 10 modules, and it’s up to you how quickly you complete the work. Guidance is given on how many weeks you should allow yourself to complete each module, and feedback sessions with Catherine by e-mail after each module are required as part of the course work.

The Reiki Drum Technique Online Course cost is £210 which includes all course material and your Practitioner Certificate on completion (the drum is *not* included).

We recommend a 16″ Remo Buffalo Drum or similar as an ideal size to use for your training.  If you are needing a drum to be ordered there will be an extra charge of £90 to cover the cost of the drum and shipping/packaging, and you can sort this out with Cathy Birkinhead once you have enrolled on your course.

About the Reiki Drum Technique

reiki drumming distance elarningThe Reiki Drum Technique distance learning course is the fusion of Reiki and shamanic medicine drumming. Popular in the United States, (where it was formed by Michael Arthur Baird of the Infinite Light Healing Studies Centre, and is known as Reiki Drumming TM) it is still very new to the UK.

The technique is broken down into three main types of session: the basic Reiki Drum healing, where the drum is used intuitively over the client’s body to deliver a deep healing treatment, followed by a hands-on Reiki session to fully integrate the work and ground the client; the mental/emotional reprogramming technique, where the intuitive drum treatment is combined with the use of powerful positive affirmations to support growth; and the Reiki Drum journey technique, where the practitioner uses the drum to take the client into a deep meditative state to receive insight, spiritual guidance and healing.

This is more than a professional development course. Much of the practical work is rooted in shamanic practices, and on this course you will experience several journeys and work on your own self healing. Many students find that they release blockages over the course of the weekend, and find it a profound experience of personal, spiritual development and deep healing.

Reiki Drum Home Study Course Contents:

Here is a breakdown of what will be covered on the Reiki Drum course:

Module 1 Preparation of self and creating sacred space
Honouring the seven sacred directions meditation ceremony
Module 2 Origins of Reiki Drumming TM
Differences between shamanic drumming and the Reiki Drum Technique
Scientific research in support of drumming for healing
Reiki Drum attunement
Module 3 Journey – finding your voice
Group drumming session – celebrating finding your voice
Module 4 Developing intuition and working with symbols
Module 5 Journey – meet the healing spirit of the drum
Module 6 Ethics, and what it is to be a healer
Reiki Drum healing technique
Practical drum healing sessions
Module 7 Power animals & animal spirit medicine
Journey – meet your power animal
Module 8 The power of the mind – the importance of positive thinking
Mental / emotional reprogramming technique
Practical reprogramming sessions
Module 9 Reiki Drum journey technique
Reiki Drum journey timeline
Practical journey sessions
Module 10 Group drumming
Cautions & contraindications
Going forward with the Reiki Drum Technique

Reiki Drum Course requirements

You will need to be at Reiki 2 level or above since we will be working with the Reiki symbols. No previous drumming or musical experience is required. The course will qualify you to work professionally as a Reiki Drum practitioner.

Course materials:

reiki drum online distance learning courseThe course is accompanied by on-line downloads including:

  • Course manual/workbook
  • Course guidance notes
  • 8 audio tracks
  • 7 short film/video clips

The Certificate

The course is accompanied by an attractive certificate which will be posted out to you on completion of the course.

Course Fees, Terms & Conditions

The fee for the First Degree Home Study Course is £210.00. The payment is non-refundable.
Your fees cover tuition for a period of one year from the date of enrolment. After that time, if you have not completed the course, you would need to enrol anew.

Ongoing support, advice & development

Once you’ve completed your Reiki Drum Technique course your teacher Catherine will be on hand to deal with any questions or queries that you might have.


“I wanted to merge both Reiki and Shamanism; I had been thinking about how to merge the different things I do and then saw the Reiki Drum Technique course on the Reiki Evolution website.

It ended up being the case studies that I enjoyed the most as I felt I gained most personally here in developing a very personal way of working with the Reiki Drum energies. I feel it has developed me as a therapist.

The activities in the modules were very well structured. Also the course isgood value especially as the drum was included in the price I paid.The training manual is well laid out with enough information that didn’t baffle me. But enough for me that I felt I was confident enough to do the exercises.

I thought the feedback you gave me was spot on Cathy. It was very insightful and helpful information that you emailed back and though I didn’t respond specifically to everything you sent me, I did take it all on board and I think this really helped me when I came to do the case studies.

I can’t think of anything I would change at this point to improve the course, as it worked very well for me so thank you Cathy! I have really felt the benefit of the course; it has helped me connect Reiki and Shamanism. It has helped me work more intuitively and to develop this further I have downloaded Reiki Synthesis from Reiki Evolution for some more tools to use and which I see is close to some of the Toltec Shamanism I have done in the past.”

Janet Burke, North Lanarkshire, July 2014


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