Reiki Drum Technique Course: Dunstable, Bedfordshire

reiki drumming drum course

Would you like to expand your Reiki experience and add a new therapy to your repertoire? Learn beautiful techniques for deep healing and become a Reiki Drum practitioner on this intensive two-day course.

Reiki Drumming for healing and meditation is an ancient practice.

In tribal cultures the power of sound over the body and spirit is well known, and now in the western world there is research supporting this – making this ancient wisdom more palatable to modern minds.

Research shows that brain activity is affected by drumming, and there are studies showing how the sounds of a drum can help with illness and emotional trauma.

Group drumming has been linked with improving the immune system, helping Alzheimer’s patients, building self esteem, and supporting recovering drug addicts and alcoholics.

These studies are hinting at what has been known by shamanic practitioners over the ages, and shamans today still know as they practice what is often known as medicine drumming.

Reiki Drum practitioners use the drum to introduce Reiki into the client’s body, shifting blockages and rebalancing the energy field. The bringing together of these two systems means that the energy of the drum becomes gentle, protective and works for the highest good of the client just as in a normal Reiki treatment.


The Reiki Drum Technique is the fusion of Reiki and shamanic medicine drumming. Popular in the United States, (where it was formed by Michael Arthur Baird of the Infinite Light Healing Studies Centre, and is known as Reiki Drumming TM) it is still very new to the UK.

The technique is broken down into three main types of session: the basic Reiki Drum healing, where the drum is used intuitively over the client’s body to deliver a deep healing treatment, followed by a hands-on Reiki session to fully integrate the work and ground the client; the mental/emotional reprogramming technique, where the intuitive drum treatment is combined with the use of powerful positive affirmations to support growth; and the Reiki Drum journey technique, where the practitioner uses the drum to take the client into a deep meditative state to receive insight, spiritual guidance and healing.

This is more than a professional development course. Much of the practical work is rooted in shamanic practices, and on this course you will experience several journeys and work on your own self healing. Many students find that they release blockages over the course of the weekend, and find it a profound experience of personal, spiritual development and deep healing.

Reiki Drum Master Practitioner Course Schedule:

The course runs from 9.30-5.30 on both days. As the work is energetically intensive there will be tea breaks mid-morning and mid-afternoon, as well as a 45 minute lunch break. Here is a breakdown of what will be covered on the course:

Day 1

  • Welcome
  • Preparation of self and creating sacred space
  • Honouring the seven sacred directions meditation ceremony
  • Origins of Reiki DrummingTM
  • Differences between shamanic drumming and the Reiki Drum Technique
  • Scientific research in support of drumming for healing
  • Drum selection ceremony
  • Reiki Drum attunement
  • Journey – finding your voice
  • Group drumming session – celebrating finding our voices
  • Developing intuition and working with symbols
  • Journey – meet the healing spirit of the drum
  • Ethics, and what it is to be a healer
  • Reiki Drum healing technique
  • Practical drum healing sessions

Day 2

  • Preparation of self and creation of sacred space
  • Honouring the seven sacred directions meditation ceremony
  • Journey – meet your power animal
  • The power of the mind – the importance of positive thinking
  • Mental / emotional reprogramming technique
  • Practical reprogramming sessions
  • Reiki Drum journey technique
  • Reiki Drum journey timeline
  • Practical journey sessions
  • Group drumming exercise
  • Certificate ceremony

Course requirements

You will need to be at Reiki 2 level or above since we will be working with the Reiki symbols. No previous drumming or musical experience is required. The course will qualify you to work professionally as a Reiki Drum practitioner.

Reiki Drum Course materials

The course is accompanied by a course manual/workbook and your very own drum.

The Certificate

All courses are accompanied by an attractive certificate provided by Cathy Birkinhead.

Course venue

Mill End cottage
Bellows Mill,
Eaton Bray
Bedfordshire LU6 1QZ
Set in the grounds of a 13th century water mill the cottage is a self contained property with 3 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms, kitchen diner, lounge area, private patio and garden that looks over the stream. It also has the original mechanical workings of the watermill inside the cottage! 
The water for the mill comes from the River Ouzel which starts as an underground Chiltern chalk spring just a few miles away…it runs under the cottage, around the garden, along the front of the property as well as connecting with a big lake within the grounds of Bellows Mill site.
The River Ouzel eventually joins up with other rivers further north to become The Great River Ouse.
It’s a magical place for healing work and students have found it a very special experience for the Reiki Drum course. 
N.B – for an extra fee, accommodation can be booked to stay overnight at the property 1 or 2 nights if needed. This can be booked directly with Catherine and arranged as a separate payment.
Accommodation consists of the following: 
1 large double bedroom upstairs 
1 family bedroom ( 1 single & double) upstairs
1 twin bedroom on the main floor.
Shower room upstairs & bathroom on main floor
The venue is often used for weddings and events as well as offering short & long term accommodation…
Here is the website:

Course Fees

The fee for the Reiki Drum Technique Course is £300, with a £150 deposit paid in advance, and the balance paid to Cathy Birkinhead on the day of your course.

Ongoing Support and Advice

Once you’ve been on your Reiki Drum Technique Master Practitioner course we want you to know that your teacher will be on hand to deal with any questions or queries that you might have.

Reserve Your Place

Reiki Drum Master Practitioner course Enrol on course here:

  • May 25 & 26
The Master Practitioner course costs £300. You pay a deposit of £150 now and a further £150 to your teacher on the day of your course. We will use your data in accordance with our Privacy Policy and your booking is subject to our Terms & Conditions.                   


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“I wanted to see if the course was something that would further my healing and understanding of journeying etc which it 200% did.
It has given me great confidence in healing and reiki generally and has opened my eyes up to other possibilities. I feel like drumming is a part of my soul and this course was great for that. I have also got lots more aims and goals since the course. I think it was another piece of the puzzle that helped make the healing journey I am on much clearer.
It was one of the best weekends of my life. Spending time with and learning from like minded people as well as learning so much from Cathy and about myself and power animals etc. 
When you factor in the current cost of the drum is approx £111 the cost of the 2 day course is amazing value.
The group was a good size. It meant that you got to pair up with most people over the weekend.
The facilities & the venue were 100% adequate for my needs during the course. I didn’t  stay overnight at the venue, but the place was so amazing I wish I had! I went home and the energy was very different and made the next day of the course slightly harder. However, if I stayed I would have felt more relaxed and probably got more from the course the next day and also would have given more time to discuss and share experiences!”
A. Forni – Bedfordshire (Oct 22)
“The course definitely helped me achieve my goals, I have been doing the reiki drum healing on clients already. I have now got a client booked in next week for a ‘mental/emotional reprogramming session’. She’s booked in a few sessions to see how she goes.   
Being initiated to my drum I found quite an emotional experience. I also liked ‘honouring the seven sacred directions meditation’. However, I felt I enjoyed all parts of the course, it flowed so well.
I thought there was a lot of content on the course but I felt the timings were managed very well. I obviously loved the meditations and never want to come back from them. :-).  
Its Excellent value for money. I didn’t realise it would be 3 different teachings so therefore we have 3 different healing sessions to give clients.
The manual is good. I have been over it several times. It’s not too long and gets straight to the point. If I have any other questions I know I can ask directly. I haven’t had to ask anything as yet as it’s all in the manual.  
I thought the course was spot on and delivered wonderfully.
Fantastic course! “
C. Fogarty – Buckinghamshire (May 22)

“Thank you for a wonderful drumming course not only was the course great but the tools provided for self-development are excellent and empowering.

I’d never done journeying before and because I don’t normally see anything I wondered how I’d find it. I believe because I was ready for this next part of my development I got some amazing experiences with my journeys. The first day was really good preparation for the second day as everything just all fell into place. Like I said on the course this really was literally the end of one year and starting fresh on my birthday with a new and improved understanding. These insights have enabled me to combine my practices together and find how they are connected in my development.

Now, I am addicted to the drum, I love it. I start the day with honouring the 7 sacred directions, mantra meditation and a dash of reiki – a fantastic morning energizer / refresher. I even drum before I go to sleep in the evening. Since the course I have confidently journeyed regularly on my own and re-visited my guides / power animal to gain further insight and guidance on how I should direct my spiritual development.

So thank you not just for the tools on the course, but also providing a very safe and comfortable environment to work in.”

BM, London

 “A thoroughly enjoyable and informative course which has brought a whole new dimension to my Reiki treatments and practice.”

AK, Kent

 “I wanted to enhance my healing work and to work with my shaman guide who is amazing and it was this wonderful man that guided me to Cathy’s Reiki Drum course. I loved the course and it was so empowering too.

The part I enjoyed the most was taking the client on a journey with the drum and working with the mantras too, although I loved every part of it really. I thought the timing and flow worked out really well. There was no time wasting and it was put together in a very positive way.

I felt the cost was fine and good value, also the group was a perfect size and lovely people. The venue was lovely, homely and very welcoming with a great energy and the training manual was very informative.

I felt the support was great, lots of communication and never a problem when a question was asked. I think Cathy is lovely and was a great and perfect teacher. Thank you xxx”

D.Harrison, Hertfordshire

 “My goals by taking on this training course where to learn another aspect of Reiki and more spiritual learning. Also give me more confidence in performing Reiki on others and a deeper understanding of drumming. I have learnt so much and mostly about myself. This has increased my confidence tenfold.

I enjoyed all aspects of the course! Cathy, my new drumming friends, everything I learnt, My drum, The food, The location. Driving through Whipsnade – the views. The weather. It was all lovely. I liked the way the course flowed. Never bored. Full of content but really relaxed and never rushed.

It was beneficial to have a break between the 1st and 2nd day although I felt I wanted more! Will be lost this weekend without a whole day of drumming. The size of the group was perfect and the atmosphere was lovely and welcoming – Garden, house, parking all good. The content of the training manual was very good. Receiving it in advance gave us time to read through a couple of times to familiarize ourselves with the techniques. Cathy was so reassuring as I doubted my experience requirements and she was lovely throughout very approachable via email and in person. Glad to have been taught by such a lovely lady.

I would recommend this course to anyone who is Reiki trained to Shoden plus. It enhances your Reiki practice and I will be telling my Reiki family at our next Reiki share. A truly passionate teacher, Cathy was a welcomed tutor as she embraced every minute of teaching us. Thank you xxx”

K. Lowen, Hertfordshire

 “I was drawn to take this Reiki Drum course since it appeared on the Reiki Evolution site. I was so pleased when the dates were put up and I was able to make both days – a first for me, not having something else booked! The course has very much satisfied my interests in Reiki Drumming and has made me want to look further at Shamanic ways too – some which I already use and hadn’t realised. The best part for me was the journey to find your voice. It was brilliant, emotional, unexpected and healing all in one.

Everything flowed together perfectly over the two days and I thought it was beneficial to do the course with a break in between as it allowed practise. It was very good value – I’d have paid more, as it’s something I really wanted to do. I thought the facilities where great, everything was perfect.

The Training manual was very informative, gave me a chance to read through what we would be doing on the course and become familiar with it before attending, which in my opinion means you get lots more from the course. I feel I received good support before, during and after my training.

To some things up, what can I say, apart from that I really enjoyed the whole experience. Cathy is a brilliant teacher, she is very welcoming and puts everyone at ease. There was time for questions and discussions. It was lovely hearing everyones experiences, sharing what we were all feeling. The Reiki drum journeys were amazing. The treatments were very powerful yet so relaxing. There really is nothing you could do to improve this course, I will be recommending to all my students! Almost forgot the lovely lunch too – thank you very much!”

S. Berrisford, Epona Equine Reiki Centre, Lincolnshire

“I wanted to work with Sound for healing and had been drumming for a year in a chanting circle so when I discovered there was such a course in ‘Reiki Drumming’ I was drawn to it. I loved the drum circles we had all together. I felt the balance throughout the course was perfect and I was most impressed at how we fitted everything in without feeling rushed and completed the 2 days at the appointed time.  Very well done Cathy!
Initially I felt the course was expensive, but it included the drum and such a comprehensive manual and I now believe it was good value. Facilities were fabulous.
I found it an amazing two days, many thanks for all your generous sharing of all your wisdom. Thank you Cathy x”
B.Lander – Hertfordshire

“The course helped me so much! I feel this has cemented the healing process I began in Reiki 1 and 2, as well as giving a whole other level to my healing work. I really feel it’s what I’ve been waiting for in order to work properly in Reiki.
The most profound experiences were the treatments and journeys, but the sense of empowering and the strength of the teaching means I feel I can do that for others now. If I just did a journeying weekend, I would be the passenger. Having the ability to do it myself makes me the driver and that is an incredible feeling. I have been seriously impressed by all of the other things offered, like the weekly empowerments etc. Thank you so much!!!!!!!!!!!”
J. Ferris – London

“The group drumming session on Sunday morning after the seven sacred directions was what I enjoyed the most – and thank you again for doing that for my birthday x The course is very good value. Absolutely wonderful setting – would have liked to have stayed in the yurt overnight! Perfect manual – didn’t need to add anything to it, very clear and detailed & support received was just right.
The course was certainly one of the most enjoyable I have ever done. I felt the items covered flowed very naturally. But I think the best thing was the participants and Catherine as teacher – they were definitely what made it a beautiful experience”
V. Hill – Oxfordshire

“Great organisation and pre-course information, preparation and care, lovely venue, lovely people, really well planned and thought out course, beautifully held space with love, brilliantly led by Cathy.
Having seen the amount of work and effort that Cathy put into the course, the quality of the venue, the quality of the drum and all the after care and advice that is offered, it is well worth the money.
I felt Cathy was extremely knowledgeable in all aspects of the course and more, and was very open and available to questions at all times.
Cathy, please know that you are sharing your experience and knowledge with love and compassion brilliantly, to people who will go on to spread the love further and it is a great thing you do. You are greatly appreciated and you are helping people to raise their consciousness and vibration one person at a time, which is Awesome. Thank you, thank you, thank you xxxx”
A. Grappy – Hertfordshire