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Reiki eBooks by Taggart King

Book: 46 pages.
Price: £4.99.

The Ten Rules Of Reiki

A Small Book With A Powerful Message

Rediscover the Authentic Essence of Reiki 

For over two decades, Reiki Master Teacher Taggart King (founder of Reiki Evolution) has immersed himself in the profound wisdom of traditional Japanese Reiki.

Now, he crystallizes his extensive experience into ten transformative principles, taking you to the heart of this ancient spiritual and healing system.

“The Ten Rules of Reiki” is a guide that stresses the power of daily commitment to oneself, the significance of incorporating energy exercises and mindfulness into everyday routines, and the vital importance of self-treatment. But at its core, it champions simplicity and kindness towards oneself.

Book: 148 pages.

Price: £7.99.

The First Degree Companion

Articles and Advice for Beginners to Reiki Healing

Traditional Japanese Reiki Unveiled 

With 25 years of experience in teaching original Japanese Reiki, Reiki Master Teacher Taggart King presents a clear and focused guide tailored for first-degree students.

“The First Degree Companion” compiles 29 select articles from over a hundred writings, providing an essential foundation to this spiritual and healing system. Dive into practical insights, learn about core principles, and enhance your Reiki practice.

This book is a must-have for beginners and those wanting a refresher on traditional Reiki’s true essence.

This is a a lucid and focused guide to the foundational practices of this spiritual and healing system.

Book: 134 pages.

Price: £7.99.

The Second Degree Companion

Articles and Advice for the Reiki Practitioner

Delve further into the world of Reiki with Reiki Master Teacher Taggart King from “Reiki Evolution”, a seasoned teacher with 25 years of dedication to the original Japanese style.

“The Second Degree Companion” carefully curates 32 articles from a vast repertoire of over 100 writings, specifically chosen to enhance the practice of second-degree students.

From refining techniques to exploring deeper spiritual insights, this guide provides the essential tools to unlock the next level of your Reiki journey.

A must-read for those committed to expanding their knowledge and connection to this ancient healing system.

Book: 71 pages.

Price: £7.99.

The Reiki Symbol Masterclass

Unconventional Approaches to Symbol Mastery


This is a small book but if you work through the exercises and meditations contained within it, you will gain a deep, deep understanding of the use of symbols within Reiki and you will have learned things that are not taught on the vast majority of Reiki courses.

What you have here is a complete and unique approach, a powerful, freeing and inspiring system for using, creating and experiencing the energies.

This book contains ideas about symbols and Reiki that you could almost regard as Reiki ‘heresies’.

Book: 88 pages.

Price: £7.99.

The Reiki Intuition Masterclass

Unconventional Approaches to Intuitive Mastery

Unlock Your Intuitive Potential: A Comprehensive Guide for Reiki Practitioners

Tap into the power of your intuition and elevate your Reiki practice to new heights. In this groundbreaking book, International Reiki Master Teacher and intuitive guide Taggart King presents a comprehensive and detailed roadmap for developing your intuitive abilities, enabling you to treat each client as a unique individual and effortlessly discern energy imbalances.

Drawing on a rich blend of traditional Japanese wisdom and modern intuitive practices, this transformative guide is designed to help Reiki people of all levels expand their intuitive capacities. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced practitioner, this book provides a wealth of exercises and approaches tailored to various learning styles, ensuring that you’ll find the techniques that resonate with you.

“In this comprehensive, informative and fun book, Taggart provides a multitude of detailed, practical exercises and guidance on strengthening sensitivity and intuition. Additionally, and seldom found in other publications, Taggart explores more advanced techniques on how to work with Reiki, and intent, on a deeper level for the benefit of both you and clients. I highly recommend this book to those who have undergone Reiki training and wish to obtain practical answers to deeper questions that may not have been covered in their tuition courses, and to explore their experiences of Reiki at a higher level.”

A Gordon

Your Reiki Workout

Exercises and Meditations to Explore the Wonder of Reiki

This book started its life as a collection of ‘self-help guides’ that focused on: getting started with Reiki, becoming more sensitive to the energy, developing your intuitive side and exploring the use of intent.

What I have done is to take these guides and re-write and expand upon them, so that you have here a practical workbook that you can use over time to explore the potentials that Reiki has to offer.

I have also included all the work that I have done in developing “Reiki synthesis”: a way of using questions, language forms and a breathing technique to create bespoke symbols for yourself and others, and to deal with unhelpful emotions or beliefs. Reiki synthesis focuses specific energies on freeing you from what is holding you back in your life, releases negative emotions and beliefs and creates specific energies to move you forward in the most powerful and positive way.

This book will be of interest to anyone who is interested in exploring and experimenting with the energy and who wants to learn a unique and powerful system for self-transformation.

PDF eBook: 210 pages. Price: £12.49


“Spot on! I’ve been teaching reiki for many years and I must say I wish this book had landed back then! I’ve put together courses and really would have loved a book like this to refer back to, it’s concise, clear, laid out really well and is informative and a mini support system to boot, if your entering the Reiki world with an aim to become Master/Teacher then having this book in your armoury will benefit you.”

S J Price


Teaching Reiki

A Comprehensive Guide to Running Great Courses

This is the book I really wish had been available when I started running Reiki courses in 1997. And it would have helped me greatly in my journey as a Reiki teacher thereafter.

You’ll find a wealth of advice about how to set up and run your Reiki courses: read articles about planning and structuring your courses; find out how to explain things to students in a way that honours their learning preferences and personality types; discover how to create top quality course materials and how to support your students long-term.

We look at the differences between ‘Western’ and Original Japanese Reiki and I explain how I created “Reiki Evolution” courses, which pass on the essence of Reiki’s original form. Read this book and you’ll know how to teach “Reiki Evolution” style: what to say, what to teach, and even how to teach Reiki in a ten-week ‘Evening Class’ format.

This book will be of interest to anyone who is about to start teaching Reiki, or to established Reiki teachers who are interested in enhancing the quality of their courses.

PDF eBook: 370 pages. Price: £12.49


Excellent and informative book. Great guidance and exercises to follow with ease.

As a 5 Element Acupuncturist and Reiki Master Teacher, I can only say I would have loved this to have been a course support book on my TCM Degree.

It has been a wonderful refresher and one to keep close with those few special books that need picking up all the time. Once started I found I needed to keep reading, it was like a breath of fresh air, the author has gathered and passed on some gems on 5 Elements and Reiki. It has been a pleasure to read and review this book.”

Ann Charlton


Five Element Reiki

A Unique & Powerful Healing System for All Reiki Practitioners

Five Element Reiki is a unique way of working with Reiki. It’s acupuncture without needles, or acupressure without pressing on anything, and without having to learn about or focus on the body’s meridians or their acupoints.

This system, created by Taggart King, is a way of working with the energies of the five elements of Traditional Chinese Medicine so that the meridians and organs ‘resonate’ with the energy you channel, removing blockages and bringing a state of balance on all levels.

You’ll use special symbols and creative visualisation, focus your intent and hone your intuition through a whole series of practical exercises found in this comprehensive guide. You’ll learn the essence of five element theory and understand how imbalances show themselves in your body, emotions and states of mind.

This book will be of interest to anyone who is interested in exploring and experimenting with the energy and who wants to learn a unique and powerful system for self-transformation.

PDF eBook: 292 pages. Price: £12.49


“Whether you are at Level 1, 2 or Reiki Master Teacher Level (regardless of the Reiki flavour you are trained in), this book is very much for you! Within hours of starting to read this book, it has rejuvenated and enriched my own practices with a wealth of information and useful examples too. The more you read the more you’ll have those wonderful ‘aha’ moments. I know I am already benefiting personally from the knowledge I’ve gained, but so will all my family, friends and clients too. Thank you Taggart for creating this incredible, uniting, enlightening book.”

Heidi Gaffney-Evans

Liberate Your Reiki!

86 Articles About Reiki: One Inspiring Vision

In this Reiki book you will find 80+ articles about Reiki, written by Reiki Master Teacher Taggart King. You will discover how to set your Reiki free, free from the constraints, dogma, rules and regulations of Western-style Reiki courses. Get back to Reiki’s original Japanese method and embrace simplicity, flexibility, creativity and intuition.

This book is suitable for people at all Reiki levels: beginners, those who are developing their Reiki, and Reiki Masters/Master Teachers. You will find advice about self-treatment meditations, energy exercises to build your ability as a channel, you will discover how to work with your intuition and embrace the power of intent. Explore different distant healing methods and discover the beauty of Reiki’s original Japanese form. Learn how to use creativity and visualisation to enhance your self-treatments and treatment of others, and ditch all the silly rules and regulations that stifle the practice of Western Reiki in many lineages.

For Reiki Teachers, there is a whole section dedicated to the teaching of Reiki, with advice for new teachers and articles about planning and structuring your courses, what to include and how to explain and describe things in the most powerful way, as well as recommendations for creating course materials, supporting your students and dealing with learning preferences.

Finally, read Taggart King’s “10 Rules of Reiki”, the essential principles for a powerful and fulfilling Reiki practice.

PDF eBook: 370 pages. Price: £12.49



Reiki eManuals for All Reiki Levels

All written by Taggart King



Download 4 Reiki eManuals at 34% Discount

reiki healing books and manuals

If you decide now to order all three Reiki Evolution manuals we can let you have a 34% discount, saving £19.69 on the usual price, and I will also inlcude a discounted copy of my Five Element Reiki eBook.

So you’ll receive:

  • First Degree eBook (Shoden) – 170 A4 pages
  • Second Degree eBook (Okuden) – 110 A4 pages
  • Master Teacher eBook (Shinpiden) – 230 A4 pages
  • Five Element Reiki eBook – 292 A5 pages

Learn the entire Reiki Evolution system, encompassing the original teachings of Mikao Usui, Reiki’s founder, and free from unnecessary rules, dogma and New Age add-ons like crystals, Angels and spirit guides.

Get to grips with what Mikao Usui actually taught and use meditations taught by Reiki’s founder in the 1920s.

And as an extra bonus, receive a PDF copy of Taggart’s “Five Element Reiki” book, a unique healing system that anyone can use. Download them all straight away by clicking on the link below.

Price: £57.46 £37.77


Animal Reiki & Equine Reiki eBooks by Sarah Berrisford

animal reiki ebook pdf download

The Complete Guide to Animal Reiki

Written by Sarah Berrisford from the Epona Equine Reiki Centre in Lincolnshire, “The Complete Guide to Animal Reiki” provides everything that you would expect from a book with this title. It is indeed a complete guide to working with non-humans and covers such areas as:

  • Working with cats and dogs
  • Healing equines
  • Working with farm animals
  • Helping wildlife
  • Working at an emotional level
  • Auras and Chakras
  • Using symbols
  • Opening to intuition
  • Distant healing
  • Animal communication


180 A4 pages. Price: £16.99

reiki ebook: for horses, equine pdf download

The Handbook of Equine Reiki

This comprehensive handbook was written by Sarah Berrisford, founder of The Epona Equine Reiki Centre in Lincolnshire. Sarah has poured into this book her lifelong experience of working with horses, and her vast experience of using Reiki to heal equines.

In this comprehensive and easy-to-read guide, you will read about:

  • Safety issues and approaching the horse
  • Body language and manoeuvring
  • Treating from a distance
  • The use of intent and intuition
  • Reiki before, during and after riding
  • How horses respond to Reiki
  • The use of Reiki symbols
  • Distant healing
  • Working on horse owners


100 A4 pages. Price: £14.99

equine reiki ebook for horses pdf download

“Reiki in the Saddle”

“Reiki in the Saddle” by Sarah Berrisford is a unique and comprehensive guide to using Reiki when interacting with horses while riding. This book contains practices and insights that haven’t been publlished elsewhere and you will build your confidence in using Reiki in a whole range of situations:

  • Improving your connection with the horse
  • Improving the horse-rider relationship
  • The use of HSZSN and distant healing
  • Reiki while hacking and jumping
  • Reiki during dressage
  • Reiki and the warm-up
  • Reiki while showing
  • Riding with confidence
  • Dealing with problem behaviours
  • Sharing techniques with children
  • Using symbols and sacred sounds


160 A4 pages. Price: £15.99


Here you can read further testimonials from people who have purchased our Reiki manuals.

“I have seen a number of Reiki 2 manuals and yours is excellent, informative and detailed. It is just what I need to help deepen my Reiki practice and included some really useful hints, ideas and techniques. It seems like a lot of people are moving in the direction of a more pure, simple and traditional Japanese Reiki practice and, with this in mind, your manual is first class and I can highly recommend it to others on the path to self-discovery!”

Tim Matthews, UK

“The manuals are first class and I shal be using them for my students in the new year.”

John Roach, Shropshire

“The manuals are a very easy read, nicely presented, and I particularly like the fact you stick to the facts…and try to present the beginnings of Reiki without some of the “Western additions”. All in all, fantastic and inspring reads.”

Peter Scott, London

“I am delighted with the prompt and helpful service I received from Taggart King. I made a mistake with my order which Taggart quickly corrected for me. I also received my order extremely quickly and it arrived in excellent condition. The materials for teaching Reiki 1 that I had ordered were attractive, professional and easily used and they created a very positive response to the students I gave them to. I am extremely pleased with the quality of materials and service I have been provided with.”

Angela Green, North Yorkshire

“It is my pleasure to inform you that I received my order safely & promptly. I am very pleased with the Reiki 1 manual and CD. It is marvellous to find a source of reliable & helpful information and resources. My own Reiki Master pointed me in your direction and, in addition to my Reiki training with her, it was the best thing she did for me.”

Helen Meyrick, South Wales

“The Reiki Level II Manual arrived in super quick time, within 3 days of placing the order, in perfect condition. As for the actual manual itself, it has absolutely everything in it, which saves me time & money, going through endless books! I find it easy to read, and follow, with detailed instructions & I love the “student’s experiences”, which I can compare to my own, that is a really nice touch.

“I also find the manual, not only describes everything well, but also, doesn’t “stray” from the facts like some books do. It’s very well written, not too heavy & it’s an excellent reference to go back to, time & time again. I use it everyday and would highly recommend it.”

Janet Shreenan

“Your excellent book ‘Shoden’ was a pleasure to read and re-read. What I like in particular about your course book is the fact that it’s taking Reiki back to its very basics. The book is well written, easy to read and understand, very comprehensive and talking about nothing else but the original Usui Reiki. It’s a very good book for learning as well as for further use as reference. I’m absolutely satisfied!!

“I’ve found out that it is difficult to get a good course book. There are plenty of books about Reiki, but there are hardly any good professional course books for sale. Home made cut-and-paste patchwork course books, of which there are plenty available as well, aren’t of course satisfactory. What bothers me furthermore with a lot of Reiki courses are all these add-ons that actually don’t belong to Reiki, like Bach-blossom therapy, Crystals, 1001 different symbols (you can’t see the wood for the trees…), Colour reading, etc., etc. All these extras are nice to know of course, but I think you should leave it to your students if they want to study this or not. So, I was actually looking for a course book that is stripped of all these add-ons and concentrates on Usui Reiki only. Back to basics. To quote Reiki-master Vincent Amador: “Keep Reiki plain and simple!”.

“The problem was to find a good course book in the Dutch language that meets these requirements. Nothing found. However, as luck would have it, my very first student happens to be English, and looking on the Internet for English course books, I came across your website and there I found exactly what I was looking for.”

Eduard Baaij, Netherlands

“I think the manuals I downloaded are wonderful, and have clearly had a great deal of research and analysis put into them. I would unreservedly promote them as an exemplary written manual to support the newly attuned practitioner.”

Lynne Carr

“We were delighted with the manuals, because they provided us with so much more information on the history of Reiki than we received in our Reiki1 and 2 courses or through other books, like for example Diane Steins’. You have a wonderful way to de-mystify Reiki by looking at it in an objective, neutral way and your explanations and exercises have made us much more confident with our new ability.

“The energy exercises you describe are a very nice way to practise the energy flow and gain confidence with this.

“In ‘Okuden’ again you helped to clear questions about the meaning of the symbols and you give good advice on how to bring the symbols into treatments which helps against the awkward feeling when one tries something new. The advice on legal and insurance matters was also very helpful.

“My husband is training as a medium and so his approach to healing – and mine influenced through that -comes from the spiritual healing corner. It took him some time to distinguish and also see the similarities between the two and your manuals have been very helpful for that. Also now he treats himself and meditates on the symbols and has greatly benefited form that. Reiki gives him better tools for absent healing as well.

“We have sent the second manuals that we ordered to a friend who has just done her Reiki 1. I suppose we can call ourselves very lucky to have had a good teacher and to stumble over your webpage for the needed additional perspective and information.”

Steffi Satchell, Buckinghamshire

“Your material is very well put together and has introduced and intrigued me to some new ideas about Mikao Usui and his teachings and very importantly it has re-energised me and provoked me to continue to learn, practice and teach Reiki.”

Wendy Dawson, Warwickshire

“The manuals are excellent! well set out, easy to read with lots of energy exercises to help develop skills and energy connection. The CDs like the manuals are well set out, easy to listen to, you have a wonderful voice, and well paced. So far it has been a deep and profoundly moving experience for me.”

Marilyn Lacey, Worcestershire

“Thanks Taggart for the CD and First Degree book. I am a new teacher and have found them both very helpful, I will be advising my students to visit your web site. From a personal point of view, I have learnt a lot from the book and it has certainly helped fill in some gaps in my knowledge.”

Carmel Dunmall, Kent

“I have received all of the goods I ordered and am very pleased with the quality and content. I particularly like the Reiki meditations CD. I purchased the manuals for ideas as I am sitting my Reiki Master/Teachers in August and am looking at lots of material to help me with my manuals etc. Again the content is fabulous and I am very happy. There is lots of information in your manuals that had not been made available to me when doing my levels 1 and 2. They have given me “food for thought” with regards to how I intend to set up my manuals. I have already given your cards out to a couple of my therapist friends and have told them about my purchases. I will definitely come back to yourselves when I want to purchase materials.”

Lyn Nisbet, Midlothian

“Over the last seven or so years I have bought many books on Reiki (about two dozen) and almost always found them lacking. I have received more from your manuals than all the books put together.”

Roy Stanworth, UK

“You have put so much effort into the manual and the CDs but the beauty for me is your no nonsense, plain language approach.”

Andrew Hunter, Spain

“I loved the whole format! I have a previous Reiki manual from another source that is not nearly as informative. I have received a level one attunement but have never attempted to use it or do anymore with it because I never really felt comfortable with it. Your information makes it much more user friendly.”

Alberta Phillips, USA

“Thank you for the Reiki books 1 and 2 – so much information and detail and each is a huge source of learning for the 2 levels of Reiki. I only wish I had discovered them both when starting out on my Reiki journey and I will definately advise others to get copies of them.”

Stephen Lovering, UK