Reiki Evolution National Gathering 2011

Taggart KingHi Guys,

Well, that was an amazing day! On saturday October 29th we held the first ever Reiki Evolution National Gathering at Regent’s College in Central London. 80 Reiki Evolution students came together for a day of learning, fun, friendship and energy work, some coming from as far as France, Spain and even New Zealand! It was a real honour for me to spend time with such a lovely group of Reiki people and the day all seemed to end far too quickly: I could have camped there all weekend!

We listened to talks on Equine Reiki (Sarah Berrisford), Sacred Space (Martine Moorby) and Sound Healing (Mel Diamond), we learned to say the Reiki precepts in Japanese and chanted one of the kotodama – Shinto mantras the predate the use of symbols within Reiki.

There were workshops on Reiki & Crystals (Linda Vickers), Developing Intuition (Tina Shaw) and Taoist Yin Yoga (Sue Norman), on Sound Healing (Mel Diamond), Health in your Fingertips (Hannah Shine) and a Shamanic Power retrieval ceremony (Kay Gillard)… all held in the lovely surroundings of Regent’s College, quiet and peaceful even though it is right in the centre of London.

When we announced our National Gathering back in April, I was so shocked when the whole event sold out in 10 days, and I think we could have filled a room twice the size, easily, so for next year I have booked a bigger venue, in the hope that everyone who wants to attend can attend.

I’ve put together a little photo montage so that you can see what we got up to:

And here are some comments from people who attended, so you can see what they thought of the day:

“Thank you for organising Reiki Evolution’s National Gathering yesterday in London. I learnt so much and it was very enjoyable, with many beautiful moments. Everything was spot on. I’ve been looking at Hannah’s photos – such a happy group of Reiki healing channellers.”
Kay Kitchen

“Yesterday’s event was just wonderful! I really didn’t want it to end. It was so nice to meet new Reiki friends and connect with old ones. It goes without saying that the energy of the day was amazing…. Chanting together, laughing together, learning together what a great Reiki community you’ve created! 🙂 thank you”
Sian McGonigle

“I enjoyed the day and congratulations to you as it all ran smoothly and the timing was perfect. All very interesting and enjoyable. Reiki, Yoga and Shamanic Journeying, every day should be like that.”
Annie Kennell

“Altogether a lovely day, wonderful people, terrific atmosphere and I learnt so many new things. It was really great to connect with so many fantastic people as well. Really loved it. Was bouncing with happy by the time I left but I dare say that was obvious! I have just booked my place on the 2012 shindig. I’m looking forward to that already!”
Sarah Clive

“I personally gained so much from the National gathering. I feel more confident and eager to extend my practice. It was good to meet so many wonderful people. The workshops were very informative, and practical. I certainly know more now than I did before I attended.”
Mo Rice

Thank you
I need to say a big “thank you” to my team of talented teachers for all their help in making the day such a great success: Sarah, Mel, Martine, Linda, Tina, Sue, Hannah and Kay. I also need to thank everyone who attended, for your positive attitude, for your support, for making the event such a joyous occasion.

2012 National Gathering
I am already making plans for the 2012 National Gathering, which will be on Saturday October 6th 2012, and I will be releasing details of this in the next few days so people can book reserve their place. The new venue is a lot larger, with an assembly hall and three separate workshop rooms, morning tea, coffee and biscuits will be included, and there is even inexpensive accommodation onsite, for those who need to stay overnight; a perfect combination.

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  2. Hi all
    Just to say what a great day I had with friends along as well and meeting lots of new people. I enjoyed the classes I attended and also the talks given by Taggart, Linda ( taught me) Sarah,Mel, Martine. So thank’s Taggart for having the foresight to bring us all together, talking about getting together I am not sure if it is coincidence but one of the names on the feedback above was a Mo Rice and it is not a very popular name so if it is Mo Rice who lived in Sutton Coldfield can you get intouch with me it has been many years since we last got together but time has split our friendship and I lost touch. Here’s keeping my fingers crossed.

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