Reiki Home Study Course Testimonials: First Degree

At Reiki Evolution we routinely ask our students to let us have their feedback about the training and support that they receive.

We have set ourselves high standards and want to make sure that our students are happy with their training, and soliciting feedback is a good way of making sure that we are on track.

Below you can read testimonials from people who have been through Taggart King’s Reiki Evolution First Degree Reiki home study course.


”I would like to say to others that are thinking of doing the home study course that in my opinion like you have stated it’s not an easy option but I am so pleased that I chose to follow the course. It does take a lot longer than a live course but doing it this way I have disciplined myself and got into a good routine with meditation and distant healing I know that because of this I am more likely to carry on with my routine indefinitely. It was good to know that if I needed any questions answered you were only an email away. The resources were very good and I will continue to refer back to them time and time again I listen to the meditation CD every day.”

Trish Wilson, Shropshire

“I think it is a brilliant course, I have done home study courses before, mainly with the OU, your course materials have been just as comprehensive as any I have had before. The manual is good and easy to follow, the instructions for the exercises etc are easy to understand. The CDs are invaluable, one of them complements the manual and gives extra detail to the information. I always use the second CD for my Hatsurei and my self-healing exercises. When I have got back to you after completing each stage I have always had really good and helpful feedback. I am looking forward to starting my Second Degree Level in September.”

Janet Brereton, Devon

“I finished the First Degree so far, working on the second and aiming at the Master/Teacher course. Right from the beginning I have been feeling very comfortable. I did not know anything about Reiki Evolution, I was in touch with other Reiki online course providers and from the terrific offer to teach Reiki within 48 hours and even make you a teacher to other doubtful offers everything was included and the overall presentation was misleading and Reiki looked cheap. I read about the founder Usui and I could not really believe what I was reading in all these Reiki Online course offers. Then I came across your website. I felt comfortable and I gave it a try.

I have to say that I am living for many years in Asia and that I am a convinced Buddhist practicing the precepts for layman and a little bit more, having read many of the sutras etc. So whenever from the western part of the world reference is made to Asian matters I am very cautious and sometimes have my fun to read some nonsense and misinterpretation, information collected somewhere but never really being involved in something, when people speak for example from the enlightened Buddha while Buddha means already enlightened or they speak of customs and habits of various races and tribes in Asia and totally missed the point even not understanding a little bit of the real thing, anyway, I read your material and I was happy, nicely written, there is a lot of effort in the booklets, especially the Orange book, I read that first before I even start to look into the course material. What I read is good, correct in the areas where I can judge it and in the other areas when it comes to Reiki and how to practice it very clear, step by step, logically explained and easy to put into practice.

I finished so far the First Degree and I am more than happy, Reiki to talk also about the topic itself did change my life, not that I am richer now in form of money but I am richer in form of how to look at things around me, I am richer in my heart. Being a Buddhist there is already some different behaviour but one thing I have to mention I believe, I am actually convinced that Reiki softened my heart, I went thru some time which was full of changes, not feeling well sometimes (dizzy, increased pulse etc) and I went thru crying, imagine a old guy like me, listening to the Reiki self healing audio having my eyes closed, seeing some colours and then tears running down my cheeks. The tears continued for many weeks and still sometimes it happens today while I go to bed to sleep. Reiki touches a human being in the deepest inside of your body, making it also better to understand the me and myself situation (hope you understand what I mean). Me is the person, I am Hans but that’s my name, myself is different…

Congratulations for your style of teaching Reiki, I am more than happy and I hope that many people will join.”

Hans Valerius, Phillippines

“What did I think of the course you attended? I took Reiki Degree 1 home study. I wasn’t quite sure how this would work, and had precious little background in Reiki. But studying to my own timetable suited me, so I thought I’d give it ago. I thought the structure was thoughtful and carefully guided a newcomer through the history of Reiki right up to a full treatment. The six stages of the home study course were well constructed and led on easily from each other. What I particularly liked was the constant reminder to review Reiki goals and questions. It’s a great way of establishing how far you’ve come in your Reiki journey, even if on a day-to-day basis you don’t notice the distance.

Did the course meet my expectations? Actually, it exceeded them. The home study was absolutely the best choice for me, and drew me in to the subject and practice of Reiki slowly and steadily. It engaged my interest to the point that I began to do some independent reading. And, actually, I came to the conclusion that I was very lucky to have ‘found’ Reiki Evolution. Its ethos of simplicity and keeping things uncluttered are perfect me. I’m not much one for dogma and rules!

What did I think of the course materials (manual and CDs)? I think the course materials (manual and CDs) were excellently put together with thought and intelligence. (And I say that with my professional hat on: I’m a writer and editor by profession.) As a student, though, what really made the course for me was the audio support. It worked incredibly well in conjunction with the manual and was great to listen to in snatches here and there when I needed an aide-memoire. The guided meditations (Hatsurei Ho and self-healing) were the best way imaginable to get started with the daily practice of meditation. Although I largely do these meditations on my own now, there are days when my focus isn’t brilliant and the guided meditations are a great help again on those occasions. I have downloaded them onto my iPod, and so they are always with me.

What are my comments about the home study approach? The home study approach is a great way of finding out, at your own pace, in your own space and time, whether Reiki is for you. There’s no peer pressure to have ‘a whistles-and-bells experience’ (to use Taggart’s phrase) to meditations, empowerments or treatments. There’s no limit on the time it takes to grasp some of the concepts and do the practical work. The teacher feedback is gentle, constructive and encouraging. And with home study there really is plenty of time to get in loads of practical experience at each stage before moving on. The work level required for each stage is clear; the exercises are well explained; the cross-references to the CD and manual are clear and correct.”

S Stafford, Cambridgeshire

“I would like to thank you in leading me through my journey into reiki. I have taken a reiki online course before but I was really unsure of what I was doing and I had a lot of questions not about the course but about myself.

Since taking my first degree with you I have learned to trust more in what I do. My questions were answered in reading the manual and listening to the recordings and any difficulties I had and was mentioned in my feedback you would always give me answeres and explanations.

I also found the course work to be very informative and that re reading and listening to it taught me different things each time and being able to go at my own pace gave me a greater understanding in what I practiced. I am begining to feel a calmer person since studying, more sure of myself and I look forward to continuing on my journey into reiki with you. I can only thank you again very much.”

Linda Willott, Staffordshire

“I am pleased with home study approach, especially that I live in a small town where there is not much choice to join classes I’m interested in. Studying home, I could work in my own pace and built solid foundation over time to work with Reiki. The handbook contains all the information and pictures I needed to understand a subject, its background and purpose. I very much appreciate “Students experiences” placed in this handbook. I’m a very inquisitive person when it comes to learning new things, but I really didn’t need to ask additional questions here, because everything is already in this material. The handbook and a CD are very professionally prepared and made, inside out – it shows respect for a student/client.

I like your course because it is written in a practical manner, easy to follow and without personal philosophy attached. I like professional approach from you as teacher, Taggart. You really represent what you teach.

This course met all my expectations.”

Marta Piotrowska, North Yorkshire

”The First degree course content was thorough, extremely interesting and easy to work with. I would very much imagine that by doing the on-line course you would gain a deeper insight into the background and history of Reiki, particularly if you read the books Taggart suggested on Mindfulness.

I didn’t really have any expectations from the course, however I became thoroughly enthused by it and felt I had learnt a hell of a lot more (not just about Reiki) than I had expected to by the end of it.

The course material was very thorough and user friendly. I love the CDs and the calmness of Taggart’s voice and I found it easy to download everything onto my iPad and iPod, which made it a lot easier to continue to learn whilst out and about.

Taggart was extremely encouraging throughout and not once did he disappoint in answering my questions. It was particularly refreshing to see that he had thoroughly read my feedback and left no stone unturned when replying to my questions.”

Diane O’Connor, East Lothian

”I have loved learning level one Reiki. I found the home study excellent, and connected with Reiki the first time I listened to the meditation CD. I found myself tingling just listening to your voice Taggart, and the connection was great. I have found further pleasure in learning to focus my control through mindfulness and have achieved results with being that Reiki receptacle for the energy to flow through me to assist friends and my very old cat. I feel ready for level 2 and look forward to the experience.”

Alison Dean, Hampshire, July 2012

”The course content was extremely thorough and in depth. I particularly appreciated the lengths undertaken to gain a more accurate picture regarding the history and roots of Reiki. I thought the course did well to attempt to reach the core of what Reiki actually meant to Mikao Usui.

It was refreshing to read information presented in such a neutral and factual way, so as to enable and empower the reader to choose how they would like to perceive Reiki.The course far exceeded my expectations. it was fun, enjoyable and interesting. I never needed to motivate myself to undertake any of the energy work, as I wanted to do it, and it was broken down to make it easy to digest. The feedback I received was warm, supportive and encouraging.

The course materials were fantastic. The manual was clear, concise, and user friendly. The instructions sent via computer were easy to understand. The cds were a great addition, they complimented the manual, ensuring information was fully absorbed. I loved and still love and use the meditation cd daily, this really made the course, as it enabled me to fully engage with the energy, I would have struggled without it.

Home study was by far the best option for me. logistically speaking I was unable to attend a live course. I had the flexibility of studying from my home, at my own pace. This was a far more gentle approach, I believe, than what would have been for me, an overwhelming, tiring and intense live course. Yet though, I probably went far more in depth with home study than I could have going live. I also really liked the personal, one to one aspect, so this was by far the best for me. I will continue to learn in this way with Reiki Evolution.

Regarding Improvements, Why would I wish to change, in any way or form, something that had such a profoundly amazing impact on my life, to the extent whereby I have now found, and more importantly, love me.”

Donna Brown, West Sussex, December 2012

“I decided to try the home study approach as I had already attended many Reiki Courses in the past. Also it was far easier to fit in to my schedule as I am a self employed single mother with very little time to attend anymore courses.

The course and the course materials by far exceeded my expectations. The course content covered everything that I hoped it would plus much more and the course materials were amazing. The manual was so interesting and in depth I didn’t want to put it down. The CD’s are perfect, the tone of voice and music is just right and I found the meditation CD especially helpful.

I am really glad that I chose the home study approach as not only could I do the work in my own time and pace but the weekly exercises and tasks really made a tremendous impact on how I now practise Reiki compared to before.

I cant imagine how the course could be improved and I am also very grateful for the pay monthly option as without this I would not have been able to afford to do this course.”

Victoria Armstrong, Hertfordshire, March 2013

“I have previously been involved with Reiki and am already trained to Reiki Level One.  Now, I carried out my training several years ago on a one day training course, with a lovely lady, but sadly there was no follow up support at all.  There were no training manuals, or guided meditations and although I thoroughly enjoyed the day, I came away with no idea how to practice Reiki.  I recently decided to try again and began looking for someone to teach me, after a morning’s googling I came upon the Reiki Evolution website.  I  then contacted a friend who told me she had found a really good Reiki teaching website and to get in touch if I wanted to follow up – I did and guess what, it was Reiki Evolution!

Initially I was looking to attend a course again, but then I saw the information about the Home Study Courses, it really had never occurred to me that it was possible to learn Reiki at a distance.  I decided to give it a go and purchased both Level One and Level Two courses together.  I have now completed Level One Shoden and have started on Level Two Okuden.

On completion of Reiki level one Shoden:

I thought the course content was excellent, there was a good level of background to Reiki and thorough explanations of the different meditations, the use of diagrams and photo’s to further explain was also really helpful.

The course materials are really fantastic, the book and the audio information used together are really good.  I found myself listening to the audio information, whilst walking, at work and at the gym,(not the meditations) with the manual providing more in depth information. The accompanying course work task information was easy to follow and I could quickly work out what I would be needing to do throughout the course, and because I selected to learn through the home study route, I was able to plan in when I would study and arrange practice sessions with my willing volunteers!  This was also a very flexible approach to fit in with my busy life.

The course has more than met my expectations and I have qualified again at Level One, only this time, I do feel confident to practice, I have a good beginning knowledge and know that I will continue to learn and improve.  I can feel the energy and take my time with each stage of learning, the energy continues to grow and change and it is really uplifting and exciting.  (Interestingly, when I previously trained I never felt the energy).

The Home Study approach definitely works for me, I like the flexibility and if I decide to spend a bit more time on a specific topic to really get to grips with it, I can, it is very relaxing.  I email my ‘homework’ to Taggart at the end of each stage and have always received detailed input back, often with suggestions to try other things as well.  This has worked really well, the support has been excellent.

I can’t think of any improvements to the course!”

Sharon Brooker, Berkshire, January 2014

“First of all I would just like to say thank you very much for all your help with the course which I found very enjoyable.

When I first saw the course content of Reiki First Degree Home Study Course I thought that I would be unable to get through it all but as I progress I was very surprised at how each part just flowed into the next. It is great how it is set out into the different stages.

The course exceeded all my expectations and I am excited and happy with what I have achieved.

The course materials were excellent the manual was easy to read and follow and the illustrations were very good and you were able to see exactly where the hand positions needed to be. When listening to the CD it felt as if I was having a one to one with Taggart right in the room. Also reading and listening helps to seal it all together and the beauty is that you always have the manual and CD to refer to at a later stage when you need them.

I thought the Home Study Course was brilliant. I really enjoyed this as I was able to take my time and did not feel rushed or pressured. Once I emailed off the relevant stages I was pleasantly surprised at how quickly it had been returned completed. Taggart is a great teacher and I would recommend the Home Study Course.

In my opinion I do not see any need for the course to be improved.”

Paulette Carnegie, London, March 2014

“Having only done one home study course before, (which was not very good at all) i was very impressed with the speed that i received the relevant information and the course material.
The content was very thorough, and covered all aspects of what was needed for the Shoden level and also an insight into what to look forward to with the 2nd degree course.

I can say that it exceeded my expectations. Other than not having people in a class with me, it was very much on par with a college course that i took for reflexology a few years ago.
It was exactly the course that i needed and suited me well. None of the airy fairy stuff that i have read about with other courses. There was no pressure at any time, it was all done at my own speed which was great! And at no time did i feel that i could fail. It was just a really nice learning experience.

The course material was very good. I loved the c.d’s mainly because your voice is so easy to listen to, not grating like some i have heard. They gave a nice introduction to what was to be expected at each stage and made the Hatsurei and self healing a real pleasure to do.

The manual was excellent all the relevant information set out in an easy to access way. And everything was in its natural progression of the course. I continue to use the manual when I’m not sure about something or want an answer i can’t seem to find anywhere else, so far it has not failed me.
It has covered all aspects of what i need so far and am looking forward to going onto level 2.

The course may of taken longer as a home study course but i do feel that i have a better understanding of what to do and how to do it this way, because i have had guidance every step of the way and at no time been cast adrift wondering what to do next or how to use the information that i have been given.

I had no real idea of what Reiki was about before this course and it is a whole new learning curve that i am still getting to grips with.

It has been a real pleasure to learn with you and at no time have i felt that i would not continue even with all the questions that Reiki throws up.”

Julia Scott, Lincolnshire, May 2014

“I thought the distance learning course was fantastic. The information was well laid out, the instructions were clear and easy to follow. The CDs were most useful. The course was way above my expectations and I would certainly recommend to anyone.”

Liz Cropper, Shropshire, May 2014

“I really enjoyed the course and am looking forward to moving on to Level 2.

I thought the course content was wonderful, it was really informative, easy to read and follow.  Having the notes which covered each stage and how to proceed really helped, as did the CD’s.
The course met all of my expectations and more.  I was a bit apprehensive at first and wondered if I had made the right decision to learn by home study.  However I need not have worried as I found the course easy to follow and knowing I could read the manual and listen to the CD’s whenever I wanted to was so helpful. I never felt under pressure and was happy to be able to work at my own pace in my own time. I am grateful for all of your help and support throughout the course and reading your feedback, which was always prompt, helped me to stay motivated.
I thought the manual and CD’s were brilliant. I enjoyed reading it and returned to it again and again! It was written in a very clear and concise way and was very informative. I also enjoyed reading and learning about the history or Reiki.   I found the pictures in the manual really helpful, especially when learning Hatsurei Ho and the standard hand positions to use when carrying out treatments. I also found it interesting to read other students feedback and what their experiences were. The CD’s were equally clear and concise, your soothing voice on the meditations really help me to relax and I always look forward to carrying out Hatsurei and the Usui Self Treatment Meditation. I was a bit unsure what to expect when carrying out the empowerments and wondered if I would feel anything at all! However I do feel “something” when receiving them and am totally relaxed and sleepy!
I am happy I chose the “home study” approach as I feel this was best for me. I have done so much energy work and will continue to do so. I think I have learned much more than I would have done on a live course. It can be difficult at times to stay motivated, especially when you are doing lots of other things and are tired sometimes, but I remind myself how much I want to achieve this, what it means to me and how much I am enjoying it. I feel much more confident than I did at the beginning and have come a long way. Doing this course has enabled my to work on my family and friends which has been a big help, and they have appreciated this.”
Christine Hunt, Gtr Manchester, March 2015

“I found the course very enjoyable. I like the distance learning approach it allowed time to really get to grips with what I was doing and got me into a consistent pattern of practicing daily. The course instructions were very clear and the manual and cd’s very easy to folllow. The course  met my expectations and I am glad I enrolled.”

Stacey Beckitt, Avon, April 2016
Improvements:  it was perfect for me, so I wouldn’t change a thing.  Everything about the course has the feel of a well thought out and established product, with a sense of community there as well.
Home study mode: is very much my preferred option (I’ve now completed three MOOCs this year).  It was good to be able to start immediately with some downloads before the printed manual arrived, and to work at my own pace.  I thought the balance of text, audio and practical exercises was right, and helped to maintain momentum – the audio energy exercises helped me to stop concentrating too hard on getting things right and to establish the daily routine.
Materials:  between experience of librarianship and copy editing I’ve become  over-aware of these.  Firstly it’s so good to find someone who can write intelligible English – I was never left in doubt over what were often to me unfamiliar ideas.  The supporting photographs are all relevant, big enough to see, and clearly printed.  The quality of the mp3s and CDs is excellent, with the volume nice and steady throughout.
Content: was just downright interesting – I suppose it would be possible to miss a lot of the background and historical information out but why not enjoy the whole experience.  I found it generating questions as you expected: between the course materials, the website and the blog I was able to answer all without difficulty.  The many quotes from previous students were useful and reassuring.  I never felt the need for a tutor physically present.
My expectations: were very much exceeded.  I’d prepared twice for ordinary Level 1 courses that got cancelled.  That”s made me aware of the experiences I would have missed out on, and the lesser expectations I would have had for my Reiki, if I’d taken that route instead of Reiki Evolution.”
Andrew Heron, Worcestershire, September 2016
“I thought the content of the correspondence course was excellent and I have definitely gained an awful lot from it.  As I had already completed First Degree elsewhere and never felt or experienced anything, I really wasn’t sure what to expect but felt it was something I needed to explore so I started the course with hope as I have always felt that there is more to this world than meets the eye.
The course materials were excellent, not only the content but also the quality.  The CDs are fantastic and I still use them when doing my meditations.
I chose to do the correspondence course so that I could take things step-by-step and at my own pace, and I have to say I thought it was extremely good, and far exceeded my expectations of a home-study course.  By having to give, and receive, feedback after each stage, it was like someone was holding your hand all the way through which I think is very important.
Overall I thoroughly enjoyed the course and it has had a big impact on my life, far more than I expected.  I suppose a part of me was willing to be disappointed after having already completed First Degree elsewhere and not feeling as though I had gained much, but I was far from disappointed.  I fully intend to continue my Reiki journey and undertake Stage 2 (and hopefully 3).”
Melanie Catley, Essex, October 2016
“I really enjoyed the Reiki stage one home study course.
I found it very informative and easy to understand. I had no idea about the history of Reiki and how it has come to be a popular complementary therapy. But now I feel I have a good understanding.
I have found that since joining the course I my life has benefitted from becoming more mindful and more calm and relaxed. I’m so grateful to have had such a good teacher that has so much experience and was able to explain things I didnt understand and always be there to answer my questions.
I would reccommend the course to anyone as I am now able to give Reiki which is a wonderful gift. “

Jo Harrison, Lincolnshire, May 2019

“Having decided to do a reiki first degree I looked around for somewhere to train. The very professional approach of Reiki Evolution drew me in straight away.
I was unsure what to expect really as it was my first on line course, but I was extremely happy with what I received. I chose to do an online course as it suited me at that time. The course is very detailed and left me feeling there was nothing that I had missed out on.
The history of Reiki and detailed step by step modules, guided meditations were second to none. I rarely had any questions as everything was covered and if a question did come up it was covered in the helpful links that I got after checking in with Taggart after each module was completed.
Email support was excellent and continued to help me on my learning journey. I have not missed out by choosing to train on line. I would say I actually have benefitted more as I have had so much practice, more than I would get on a live course.
I felt very well supported and it has continued after my qualification was achieved. This is the first course I have completed where the support and advice will always be there for as long as I need it.
Super impressed and highly recommend Reiki Evolution to anyone. “
Sam Plummer, Cambridgeshire, August 2019
“Course content
The course covered all aspects of First Degree – it’s history, what Reiki is, the myths in a clear manner then onto learning Reiki. The course was easy to follow and one topic easily flowed into the next topic. What was nice at the end was summarising all the points in the ‘homework’ section and moving onto Second Degree Reiki and what to expect from it.
The course met my expectations and more.
Course Materials
The manual and CD’s were very informative – easy to read and follow and good quality too. There were lots of clear precise photographs to follow. I found buying the CD’s as extras helpful as I could listen to them in the car on long journeys. It was helpful to have the meditations and treatments on mp3 to listen to. I loved the music on them and Taggart has a great voice to listen too!
Home study
Being able to do a home study course was an absolute bonus for me. I don’t always take things in first time so it was really beneficial to be able to relisten to the mp3/CD’s to get things right. I took four months to complete the course – bereavement and Covid restrictions – and I felt relaxed that I could take my time to just get on and do Hatsurei ho and daily exercises and make Reiki part of my life and not worry about having a piece of homework to hand in at a deadline at the end of each week. Because there are so many testimonials of other people’s experiences of the activities in the manual, I didn’t feel at all disappointed that I was missing out by not attending a ‘live’ course. There was feedback at every stage and additional reading and I felt supported during the course.
I’m so pleased that I chose to do first degree with Reiki Evolution as it’s been a really good experience. The course has been clear and well set out – there’s plenty more reading material on the blog to read. I’d certainly recommend Reiki Evolution to others.
I don’t think the course could be improved at all!
It’s been a pleasure doing First Degree with you.”
Hazel Strachan, West Lothian, April 2021

“Just to let you know that my certificate arrived safely today. I am well pleased with it, the certificate is an artwork that I shall always treasure. I will definitely by signing up for the Second Degree with you and the distance learning.

In relation to the First Degree course which I found to be comprehensive and informative: It is well written and worthwhile to work through which I have enjoyed immensely. Personally I am relaxed about Reiki and any reservation I had have been dispelled working through the course with you. I am definitely more confident than I was prior to the commencement of the course.

I wanted to learn Reiki following as far as possible Mikao Usui’s method and in your course I discovered that I could, and, without any added extra stuff.

The course is well written, methodical, and easy to follow. I would have no hesitation to recommend it.”

Andrew Pogson, Lincolnshire, April 2021


“I’ve just finished the online Level One course that I was able to complete in my own time (it took me a little over six months). I had already taken a live Level One course many years ago over a weekend and there was no comparison!

I’ve learned so much from the course content, much more than I did during that short, long-ago weekend which, by its very nature, didn’t have the time to teach us much more than the basics.

This time around I’ve been doing a daily practice of Hatsurei Ho and a self-treatment because I really want to, it’s not a chore like I felt it was before, and doing this practice has really made a big difference in terms of the flow of energy I now experience. Plus I’ve been receiving the regular Monday empowerments from Taggart. I also signed up to Taggart’s newsletter and spent hours reading the pages on the Reiki Evolution website, which is a complete treasure trove.

Therefore the course far exceeded my expectations and the manual that you get (along with the mp3s, or CDs if you want them), explained everything fully and clearly. Taggart also e-mails you after you send him your feedback on each completed section, with comment, encouragement, advice and links to relevant pages on the website for more information.

I would definitely recommend the home study approach, which for me has so much more depth to it, and you can get your practice by roping in friends and relatives to be your guinea pigs as you proceed.

Having said all that, I really don’t see how the course could be improved. I think it’s perfect as it is.”

Lili Bennett, West Yorkshire, January 2023


“I did live Reiki Master Teacher classes back in 2007 and now in 2023, I wanted to review and refresh my Reiki Skills.  I was searching for courses that taught close to the same practice as Dr Usui.  I came across Reiki Evolution that offered this approach.  I opted to study Usui Level 1 Home Study Course with them to see how it went.
To be honest, the course far exceeded my expectations.  It was thought provoking where the Q&A section made me think how I can achieve my goals to compete this level.  The course material was presented both audio and printed text, plus, numerous energy exercises to build up my own energy in order to feel energy on others, plants and animals.
Another aspect of the course I liked, it was broken down into sections and can work on the material at my own pace.  I liked the meditations too, nothing too long for my busy schedule, but just right to get the benefit from them.  I appreciated Taggart’s feedback after each section.  This gave me the confidence to use the newly built energy on myself and other’s.
I was so impressed with Level 1 course that I did not hesitate to enroll for the Level 2 with Reiki Evolution…..Thank You Taggart.”
John Charles, Pembrokeshire, December 2023

“I loved the course and the content. I thought it was wonderful how you took me back to the origins of Reiki to understand where it came from. The content was well presented and, based on my personal circumstances, I was immensely grateful that you were generous enough to give your students a year to complete the course.

I appreciated the detailed way the exercises were explained and shown in the pictures, plus the student experiences helped me see how different Reiki practices feel to other practitioners.

All in all I thought it was a great course and it enabled me to expand my understanding of my own energy and how I can channel energy effectively to support other people’s healing which is wonderful.

Thank you very much for everything, this course came just at the right time for me in my life.”

Yasmin Igne, Berkshire, April 2024