Reiki Home Study Course Testimonials: Second Degree

At Reiki Evolution we routinely ask our students to let us have their feedback about the training and support that they receive.

We have set ourselves high standards and want to make sure that our students are happy with their training, and soliciting feedback is a good way of making sure that we are on track.

Below you can read testimonials from people who have been through Taggart King’s Reiki Evolution Second Degree Reiki home study course.



“I did the home study course and I am so pleased that I did. I started the course in February and did not finish until the December the reason for this is because I did not feel rushed to finish each stage and I took my time on each stage to feel confident before I moved onto the next. There was enough information on the course and I felt I was helped every step of the way. I’m very pleased I done the home study course and would recommend it to anyone.

A big thank you and i will stay in touch. Cant wait to do the masters.”

Samantha Hobbs, Kent

“The course content for Reiki Second Degree was excellent with the right amount of detail. It exceeded my expectations greatly and I really appreciated the step-by-step instructions given at each stage. In my opinion, this whole approach is far better than a 2-day weekend course; there is an incentive to consistently work through each stage and continue afterwards. I also appreciated your feedback on each stage and the opportunity to ask questions.

I found Reiki Second Degree more challenging and it required much more work on my part to complete each stage. However, I have been totally surprised and amazed at my experiences and I have uncovered abilities I never thought were possible.

Your approach of using listening to CDs in conjunction with reading text is great for understanding and making the information stick! I found the meditation CD indispensible and continue to use it for Hatsurei and the self-treatment meditations.

Don’t change anything for now! I would say that the course content and materials are perfect for those like me wanting to learn Reiki by the traditional methods.”

Diana Cole, France

“I found the distant learning version of the course (2nd Degree) excellent. I felt very supported all the way along and the feedback from Taggart was clear, detailed and personal – in a good way! I mean it was specific to me and my course experience.

I felt a good student/teacher relationship developing as I progressed. I took my 1st degree level in the day with a teacher format and wondered if this way would be as good and it was. I am going to do the Master level at some point and am not sure yet which way I will choose to do that.

The course content was comprehensive and easy to take in. Taggart creates a manual and CDs that are deceptively simple yet which take you deeply into Reiki on a personal level and which also give you lots of confidence to work with others. I never felt bamboozled by the course content yet it stretched me and I always found it interesting and motivating.

The course exceeded my expectations actually and I think Taggart is an excellent teacher who has obviously honed his skills over a deal of time. I have no improvements to offer at this time and I would recommend Reiki Evolution courses to anyone. My family and friends are well aware of what I think of these courses – I have been raving on about them now for months.”

Charya Hilton, Cornwall

“I wish to thank you for your 2nd Degree Home Study course. I was very impressed with the structure of the course and home assignments, and your positive and helpful feedback. Your manual and CDs are presented in clear and precise wording and explanations. My empowerments were amazingly powerful. I really feel the home study course was the best route for me for my 2nd Degree. It instilled in me the importance of spending time daily developing my meditation skills and really connecting with and recognising the energies. I realised on this course the importance of gaining understanding through personal experience. I honestly feel the course has given me a strong foundation which will stay with me all my life.”

Rose Longden, Staffordshire

“I greatly enjoyed the home study aspect of the course, and the opportunity to work at my own pace, in my own time. The manual and cds are excellent and more than met my expectations. I’ll find them useful for years to come, I expect. I found the weekly ‘projects’ interesting and generally not too time consuming, and I feel as if I’ve gained absolutely loads of experience in each of the areas covered, definitely more than I would have gained on a weekend course.

Overall, I greatly enjoyed and would definitely recommend a Reiki Evolution course to others.”

Lucie Benchouiha, Devon

“I was very pleased with the second degree course. I have learned many techniques and approaches that are very useful. I really like your approach, blending the Japanese and Western Reiki techniques. The course materials were of a high standard: comprehensive guide along with an accompanying audio CD that also contained some guided mediations. As a student I had sufficient time to learn the practices. The feedback from Taggart was excellent. The approach was always from an equal and open atmosphere. This is not always common practice within the Reiki community. It inspired me to deepen my meditations, because first of all; Reiki is a method of spiritual development. It was great to study with Reiki Evolution! Next year, after the appropriate time, I am going to apply for the Master Course. “

Guus de Rooij, Netherlands

“Just to let you know that I got my certificate in the post this morning, I was thrilled!!! Regarding feedback – I would like to say that everything about the course was excellent. The course materials explained everything fully and in detail. At the beginning of each stage I knew exactly what I had to do and at the end of each stage I knew what kind of feedback was expected. I felt as though I was able to do the course in my own time and at my own pace, therefore, when anything more challenging came up I never felt under any pressure to have it done by a certain time. After sending in my feedback at the end of each stage your input on it was always really positive and helpful, I felt as though you encouraged me and gave me the confidence to move on with my work. In time I am hoping to do a further course with you. Thank you for everything!!”

Janet Brereton, Devon

“I thoroughly enjoyed the course. The Okuden Manual information was very clear and concise; the steps of the various symbols, healing methods, meditations, etc. were easy to follow and the examples were very helpful. I also found the Okuden C.D. to be useful and it supported the Okuden manual very well. Taggart King was very supportive, patient and understanding throughout the course. He offered wonderful feedback and advice in all his e-mails.

Overall, I found the course both beneficial to both myself and the people I worked on (in many ways); I feel it has greatly moved me on further in my spiritual development and has also allowed me to find another avenue to help/heal people.”

Hayley Phillips, London

What did you think of the course content? “The content was very thorough. I enjoyed reading about how Mikao Usui trained his students in Shoden and Okuden and how it differs from the Western style of teaching. This bit of history was a nice segue to the energy work. All of the energy segments were informative with plenty of illustrations and practical applications.

Did the course meet your expectations? Yes!

What did you think of the course materials (manual and CDs)? The CDs and manual complimented each other. I took the home study version of Okuden and thoroughly enjoyed the live voice of the CD. The self-guided meditations are invaluable!

What are your comments about the home study approach? The home study approach gave me all the time I needed to work with the energy. I felt comfortable taking my time with each section, learning the techniques and having time to practice before moving on to a new topic. The “step by step” approach in the book worked for me.

I look forward to continuing my Reiki training with you. Becoming a Master is one of my goals. Maybe someday you could expand Reiki Evolution in the USA with my help. I’m open to any suggestions!”

David Black, USA

“First let me say a big thanks to you for all your help, support and positivity. I thought the course content was excellent and well presented in the in the manual and CD.

I particularly valued your patience and the absence of timescales. This was really valuble to me at a time when the rest of my life was pretty stressful. I think working with reiki has helped me respond positively to life’s challenges so I thank you for that, too.

I appreciated the feedback, which was detailed, thoughtful and inciteful. Also, it also came quickly which is very important.”

Neil McCarthy, Nottinghamshire

“I think the course was very complete and gives a very enjoyable way of reading about the history of Reiki and its origins as well as of the different types of Energy to work with introducing different techniques of using Reiki.

The content is so well put together that there are those books-manuals that you can keep coming back to read and refresh your memory and answer your own questions at anytime in the future. Very informative!

The course by far has exceded my expectations. Reiki Okuden Home study course is professional, easy-reading and very well-structured.

The manual and CD were enjoyable to read and listen. A practical approach very important to finish the homework.

I have done Meditations for a long time now but I started using these CDs to Meditate from now on because I have found them very relaxing and very clear to follow the instruction on how to Meditate.

English is not my mother language and I found the course very clear to read and understand.

The Manuals quality is super. All the material arrived prompted and in time as promised to me and looked impeccable. Same quality goes for the Diploma that I have received.

I enjoyed very much studying Reiki with these material for my Home study course and I am looking forward to keep studying my next Level.

I received a lot of support from Taggart responding my emails after each Stage of the course. Feeling 100% happy with Reiki Evolution I recommend it to everyone interested in study Reiki and learn about energy. “

Maria Noel Vargas, Germany

”I have to say that I thoroughly enjoyed the course, which I did as home study. The content was factual and comprehensive and written in an easy to understand way with the emphasis at all times on ‘no pressure’ and enjoyment of the course to get the most from it. All the information was presented with a straightforward, ‘no frills’ manner, so as not to cause any confusion, and getting the chance to do so much more energy work than on the live course was great as you could work at your own pace until you felt confident enough to move on.

The course materials are beautifully presented and are extremely helpful, the CD meditations in particular are just a part of my life now! The website is great and to know that there is ongoing help and support from so many others is very encouraging if you begin to flag a little!

I would recommend the home study approach to anyone, and intend on doing the equine course in the not too distant future by this method. I am sure to find the same high standard of tutoring and mentoring from this course as in previous Reiki Evolution courses, which up until now I had not with other organisations.

Everything provided so far by Reiki Evolution has been excellent and a joy to participate in.”

Kirstie Brown, Isle of Lewis, August 2012

“I thought the Reiki Evolution Second Degree home study course was extremely thorough. If I’d have done the day course, I may well have been pleased with myself, having completed so fast, but since doing the home study I feel I earned the certificate much more and have a deeper understanding of the aspects covered in Reiki II. I think in our society everybody seems to want a quick fix and things so readily available, but I think making students work a little more is a good thing. However, I did feel the demands on the home study were probably extreme in comparison to the live course, and problematic later on finding so many volunteers for repeat treatments (even if they’re, in effect, having a freebie treatment). For me, I forget when I originally signed up, but in reality, it’s going to take much more then 5-7 weeks. At least in my case this seemed to be so. I enjoyed the learning curve though, and feel I have a good understanding of Reiki II, enough to be confident as a practitioner.

I think the course info, manual, CD etc. are very well put together and thorough, and the concept of Reiki Evolution, in taking Reiki back to its original teachings, as far as we can understand them, seems to be extremely valid and not just some bogus notion to simply generate a course. The rest of the Reiki world seems to need to catch up; I feel, especially in its simplicity without the seemingly convoluted system of some of the western Reiki methods. So, all good.”

Martin Coupe, Nottinghamshire, October 2012

”The course content was fantastic! It was clear, concise and easily understandable. I really appreciated that there was an emphasis on practice rather than theory and giving us too much of it. The course absolutely met my expectations!

The manual was one of the most comprehensive and useable I’ve seen (and I’ve seen a lot). The home study was lovely. Such a beautiful gift to take your time!”

Chris Muchow, Colorado, USA, January 2013

“I enrolled on the Level Two Reiki course which I done on line this was a completely new approach to Reiki for me and I wondered how and if initially this would work out.The course found me at just the right time in essence it has enriched fulfilled life for me on all levels leading to potential,open doors and hope also a quite sense of confidence which I felt wasn’t there before.The course content was balanced with plenty of energy work,real time practice,case studies.There is self work to do be ready for this as well as looking further at the history and theoretical development of Reiki. You can do all of this at your pace taking a real in depth look at all aspects of the course material. I found this style of learning being able to  develop my skills at my own pace very enjoyable.The support I have received on this course is second to none I will be doing more study with Reiki Evolution as they really do care about their students. The course in my mind takes a holistic approach to both Reiki and self development. I would recommend starting or furthering your Reiki journey with the team at Reiki Evolution for me it has been an experience more than just a course.”

Deborah Gibson, Bedfordshire, January 2014

“I chose to study the Home Study course as it felt the right option for me. I wanted to take my time and really learn how to practice Reiki and have the opportunity to practice on my band of volunteers! For me this approach worked well as I feel I took the time to learn and practice following a planned and structured course, that was still very flexible.

I have probably mentioned to you before that I have already undertaken Reiki training before coming to Reiki Evolution, and I did this by attending day courses. Although I found the day courses to be really enjoyable and fun, I came away feeling totally unprepared to practice, for me personally, this was not enough. I guess it depends why you are learning Reiki, again for me I want to take this somewhere, potentially starting my own business. And also if you are confident to learn by yourself, I had previous Reiki training so didn’t feel like I was starting from complete beginner.

I have had comments from other Reiki people regarding the ’empowerments’ or ‘attunements’ to the effect that it has to be carried out in person to be effective. Well, very recently I attended a local Reiki share and was fortunate to receive an empowerment, and it was wonderful, BUT no different to when I have tuned in to empowerments at a distant. It is the same and either method seems to work for me.

The course more than met my expectations. I think sometimes you take a gamble when the course literature says, contact by email, good support and feedback etc – I was pleased to find that this was true. I was in regular contact with Taggart and had good, lengthy email responses to the work I submitted.

The course material is excellent, I have a reference point to quickly look things up and I use the audio meditation tracks daily. I have had a think about how the courses could be improved – and I can’t think of anything.”

Sharon Brooker, Berkshire, May 2014

“Having just finished the Reiki Second Degree home study I must say that I have been extremely pleased with the course. I found the manual easy to follow and very informative. The accompanying CD’s were very helpful, as was the help and encouragement on-line. I felt that no question was considered trivial and much appreciated the advice given. It was excellent to be able to work at my own pace and not feel pressured to complete by a certain time – although I was keen to get to the next stage as I wanted to progress! I will enjoy re-reading the manual in the coming months and getting more practice with the alternative exercises suggested. Friends and family have been impressed too and have enjoyed being ‘guinea-pigs’ and receiving treatments!”

Diane Norbury, West Midlands, June 2014

“The home study course is an excellent way to learn in that you can take as much time as you want to cover each stage of the course. Though you maintain you can complete the course in 8-10 weeks I feel that certain stages of the course requires a lot of practice. Of course it depends on the person. For myself though it took me almost 6 months to complete.I spent a lot of time studying the text & reading the text again 2 or 3 times & spent a good deal of time on meditation & practising on people. Once I was happy and you were satisfied with my work I was happy to move on. I found this approach best.

The manual is well thought out & written well. It is easy to understand & instructions to carry out various tasks was easy to follow. I really cannot fault the manual. Likewise with the CD’s meditations & commentaries I cannot fault. The CD commentaries summarises the main points from the manual & is an excellent aid. The CD meditations is an excellent aid to help you get to grips with self treatment, hatsurei Ho etc. Though I do not need the CD now because I Know all the meditations etc I still use it daily as I find the background music so soothing & relaxing. It is a wonderful CD.

With regard to yourself, Taggart, I could not ask for a better mentor. You answered all my questions promptly & on sending you feedback at each stage you replied quite promptly with useful comments. I cannot thank you enough!

I cannot think how you could improve the home study course as everything is explained brilliantly and in plain language & the CD’s are excellent.

Lastly, I am so happy to have found you guys- Reiki Evolution. Your organisation has made such a difference to my life & I hope to have a long association with you for many years to come. If anybody approaches me to study & practise reiki I will point them in your direction.”

Alan Woodward, Fife, June 2014

“I have just finished studying Reiki I and Reiki II correspondence courses with Taggart King & Reiki Evolution.

I found the  course to be thoroughly detailed but not too intensive. You work along at your own speed and if you have any queries there is always someone there to provide you with answers. I preferred this approach to the 1-2 day intensive course.

I have taken about 6 months to do both courses and feel that I have learned more due to being able to spend more time on individual parts of the course until you feel you have an understanding & feel comfortable carrying out the treatments, you also can be reading other books/literature as you go along.

I would definitely recommend the correspondence course as the materials and cd’s are a compact/detailed & very well put together package giving you the information you need to know if you wish to be a Reiki practitioner, the materials and cd’s (meditations & advice) which accompany it are top class and at the end you receive proper certification & Heritage lines for recognition of your effort and achievement.

Well done to Taggart & his Reiki Evolution team.”

Billy Mossie, South Ayrshire, June 2014

“Having studied level two Reiki with Taggart I’m pleased to say i found the course very comprehensive. As a home study course i was able to work at my own pace and the manuals and study guide were very self explanatory. The CDs were an integral part of every day study and will continue to be a part of every day routine.

Sending Taggart a course update when completing each part of the course, helped to keep study on track and offered guidance to each stage to completion. I was very happy with the course layout and content, it has been a truly enjoyable study programme which has continued to help me with my spiritual journey.

Alison  Dean, Hampshire, October 2014

“Can I start by giving you a huge thank you!

I first decided that I was interested in learning all about Reiki many years ago. In fact it was in 2005. I searched and searched for somebody that I felt drawn to and kept coming across Reiki evolution. Eventually I decided that it was meant for me and I travelled to London and did my first Reiki with Tina Shaw.

Unfortunately, my personal circumstances changed and I wasn’t able to do much with it.Well here I am all these years later, knowing that now is my time!

Again I searched and searched as I wanted something a bit more local as travelling was not really an option at this moment in time. I just couldn’t find anything that felt right!

To me Reiki Evolution feels the most genuine and real, so I opted for the home study course.What can I say! I am so glad that I did.

I thought that the materials where absolutely perfect. Easy to follow and understand and the fact that I could keep repeating chapters over and over until I felt confident was brilliant. I feel that I got so much more out of it this way.

I will be recommending Reiki Evolution to everyone I know and I will definitely recommend the home study courses.

Thank you again.”

Christina Mooney, Liverpool, January 2016

“I felt this, my second course with you, was very informative and easy to follow. The information was clear and the photos and diagrams easy to follow.  The course did meet my expectations as I have already experienced first degree with you and the quality was equal to that.  I felt the home study course gave me time to get to grips with the course materials and to practice the techniques at my leisure.  It takes longer obviously than a live course, but I felt it was far more intense.  The materials were of a high quality and are an excellent reference for the future. The regular email correspondence was welcome, helpful and motivating. I would highly recommend the course to others and can’t see how it could be improved upon.”

Lesley Goodwin, Argyll, June 2016

“I really enjoyed the course, as I did with level 1 Shoden.

I thought the course content was excellent, it was really informative, and written in a very clear and concice way.  Having the notes which covered each stage and how to proceed really helped, as did the CD’s.

The course met all of my expectations and more.  Having completed my level 1 training with “home study” I was happy to proceed with level 2 in the same way.  I found the course easy to follow and knowing I could read the manual and listen to the CD’s whenever I wanted to was so helpful. I never felt under pressure and was happy to be able to work at my own pace in my own time. I am grateful for all of your help and support throughout the course and reading your feedback, which was always prompt and informative helped me to stay motivated.

I thought the manual and CD’s were wonderful. I enjoyed reading it and returned to it regularly.  It is written in a way that is not complicated and is very easy to understand.  I found the pictures in the manual really helpful, expecially the drawings of the symbols and their pronunciations.  I enjoyed learing about all the different ways to send out distant Reiki and the “Reiji ho” technique.   I also found it interesting to read other students feedback and what their experiences were. The CD’s were equally clear and concise, your soothing voice on the meditations really helped me to relax along with the backgound music, and I learned so much from the symbol meditations which are powerful, along with distant Reiki.

I was happy I chose the “home study” approach as I feel this was best for me and was much more in-depth. I have done so much energy work and will continue to do so. I think I have learned much more than I would have done on a live course. I found it difficult to stay motivated at times, but I reminded myself how much I wanted to achieve this, what it means to me and how much I was enjoying learning. I feel much more confident than I did at the beginning and have come a long way.  Doing this course has enabled my to work on a much wider range of people over a longer period of time than I could have on a live course which has been really great.

I would like to move on to the Master Teacher course eventually.”

Christine Hunt, Greater Manchester, September 2016

“Very happy to provide feedback as the course was a really positive and enjoyable experience for me.
The content was broader than I’d expected mostly because of the details of admin and the law for practitioners, obviously reasonable for a Practitioner Level course.  I liked the emphasis on trying different techniques for treatment and developing a style, and the repeated emphasis on keeping things simple.  The reassurance you provide about unfamiliar ideas like Reiji ho and distant healing is very helpful, along with the experiences of previous students.  I felt confident working solely with the information provided.
I had very high expectations of the course after my experience of Reiki Evolution at First Degree level, and was not disappointed.  This has the feel of a well thought out and tested product.
The manuals, CDs and MP3s are excellent.  I found the written material clear, unambiguous and well organised.  The photos and diagrams are relevant, and reproduced at a large enough size to be useful.  I like the sound balance on the CDs/MP3s, the music, and the pace of the exercises.
I like home study generally, and found it ideal for First Degree.  Purely because of my own circumstances it became more difficult at Second Degree because of the increased need for subjects to practise on: to be fair, some of the reviews on your website flag this as an issue and I’d just elected to ignore them.  I still appreciated the chance to proceed at my own pace, including reviewing sections as often as necessary for me, and the cumulated total of energy exercises by the end of the course is impressive.
As I can’t think of any improvements I’d want made, I shall finish by thanking you again for a great course!”
Andrew Heron, Worcestershire, April 2017
“I found the content of the course to be excellent. There is a good balance between historical fact, theory and practical guidance. I like the way that the tuition demonstrates that there are many approaches and individual ways of working with Reiki, as this has allowed me to build on my own strengths and intuition, rather than feeling bound by many rules. You are not just told what to do, but given reasons behind Reiki practices and I feel this motivated me explore and learn.
The CDs are really useful and I used the meditation recordings a lot at first. I like how some tracks such as the distant healing track give one way of doing things but that the manual then gives other options, again allowing an individual approach. I must admit that the home study course was not my preferred option, but now, in hindsight,  I feel it was the best option. It allowed time for me to reflect and grow in my practice more like the traditional way of learning Reiki.
It is not the easy option and requires a lot of commitment, time and effort. It has got me into a good routine with my daily practice, however, and I think if I had just done the one day course, I would not have experienced and learned anywhere near as much. It was so fulfilling to feel my connection with the energies develop and grow over a period of time.I also feel ready to start working with the public now as I have had so much experience and know that I have had time to allow my intuition to build and grow; something that takes time.      



I felt that Taggart really listened to my questions and had carefully read my feedback to which he responded in detail. I feel he got to know me as a student even though I have never met him in person and again this made me feel that I was / am a valued student.

I am looking forward to being part of the Reiki Evolution Family and the continued support available.”

Louise Oliver, North Yorkshire, January 2018


“I just want to thank you for the fantastic course you have produced and all the feedback and support you took the time to send, it was so helpful and much more than I ever would have expected from a course. I am very grateful.

You asked for some feedback about the course:-

The course material was very comprehensive, there was so much included and it was very well put together. It covered everything you could want to know and more, in a very interesting and easy to follow way. It was great to have the manual and the cd, they complement each other perfectly and it was good to have the two different ways to learn.

The further reading suggestions were also very helpful.

The meditation cds are so good, they are something I will continue to use as I can’t imagine not having them as part of my daily routine now.

The support during the course was first class and went well above any expectation I had. It was very person centred and so helpful, it couldn’t have been any better. It was like taking the course in person.

I did have my doubts if an distant learning reiki course could work but it suited my lifestyle so thought I would try it and I’m so pleased I did, I don’t feel I could have received any better information, training and support than what I got in fact I really enjoyed doing level one in person but doing level two by distant learning was for me better as I really felt I was learning so much more.

It’s been a fantastic experience and I would recommend the course to everyone. You asked if there is anything that could be improved and I would say no, the course has been so well thought out and put together with such a fantastic tutor, I can’t see how it could possibly be improved.

Thanks again for all the support over the past few months.”

Tracy Napier, County Durham, December 2018

What did you think of the course content?
It was really informative and covered everything I needed to know and more. Everything felt accessible and easy to follow.
Did the course meet your expectations?
Yes and more.  
What did you think of the course materials (manual and CDs)?
Really informative and had loads of information. I liked that other people’s experiences were included in the manual. I also found it useful to have some of the myths or Western perspectives discussed. The resources were easy to understand and accessible. The section at the end including things to think about next was a useful bonus too. 
What are your comments about the home study approach?
The home study option was really good and gave me chance to work at my own speed and take my time to really get to grips with and practice what I had learnt. Taggart gave great feedback at each stage and always responded quickly after I had submitted my work. 
Overall I’m so pleased I chose to do my level 2 with Reiki Evolution as I feel that it was very informative, supportive and tried as much a possible to stay true to the original teachings of Reiki. I would definitely recommend the course to others.”
Sarah Javes, South Yorkshire, March 2021

“The Reiki Evolution course at home is a fantastic course. It is professionally done, the content is brilliant. It gives you everything you need to complete each stage. The manual has everything in it you need to progress in this course and the cd’s/audios are both relaxing and informative to listen to. I would highly recommend this course if you wish to do it in your own time as there are no time constraints or time limits which for me made it a really enjoyable free flowing way of learning. Plus there is always great support from Taggart who is always happy to answer questions or give help when needed.”

Lesley Keen, Essex, July 2021


“I am pleased to give you some feed back on the home study course.

The manuals are first class as is the audio material. They are both well produced, well written and spoken.

The manuals are easy to follow, I read through the instructions and then flicked through the manual prior to starting the various stages, reading the manual thoroughly.

The questions and answers act as a prompt to the content of the manual and the audio backs up the stages in the manual.

I decided to do a home study course because Reiki Evolution is as close to what Mikao Usui taught his students as possible. This is what drew me to Reiki Evolution. The course is comprehensive it is written in various stages with exercises and projects to do. It was good to work through it.

I have enjoyed the experience of going through the courses and they have equipped me for my Reiki journey. They have given me the confidence and skill to practice reiki. I am empowered and equipped because of what I have learned from Reiki Evolution.

Taggart King has given me excellent feedback from my reports at the end of each stage and has also recommended further reading which I have found of benefit.

‘We have walked together in mindfulness, leaning how to breathe and smile in full awareness, at home, at work and throughout the day.’ (Thich Nast Hanh)

Taggart King and I have walked together in mindfulness, teaching me and giving me the opportunity to travel on the Reiki Journey, equipping me to continue learning and practice reiki.

I have no hesitation whatsoever in recommending the home study course of Reiki Evolution.”

Andy Pogson, Lincolnshire, September 2021


“The course was clear easy way of progression on to each part. The level 2 Reiki home study had depth and information and can go over several times at my own pace , which worked into my life by being home study, but still receiving feedback or help when needed from you by email worked great, at a pace that matched me as I took extra time on some parts.

I like that it was broken up into sections.

Whilst I was getting familiar with all the terms, it made sense to not overcomplicate the methods and keeping a simple way of doing Reiki that suits best for my methods, this stayed in my mind when doing the exercises.

By keeping a clear goal and intention from the very start, was to help benefit my life and others. I really like how there was book recommendations and blog articles as additional reading.

Not only have I learnt the techniques but the course has helped learning to get to know myself better and my own energy, which improved slowly overtime I noticed subtle shifts of my own energy when doing the different meditations which has become rewarding and by making it a regular practice.”

Sumlee Forrest, Fife, August 2022


“I found the Reiki Evolution Level 2 Course very fulfilling, in terms of content and practice, and the course exceeded my expectations. Even though it was online, I found Taggart to be an extremely attentive and intuitive teacher and feedback was always prompt and very appropriate to my progress on the course. I am very glad that I undertook Reiki Level 2 with Reiki Evolution, and despite many breaks due to illness, I was able to complete the course in my own time.”

Christabel Moore, Wiltshire, October 2022


“I completed the Second Degree Course a year ago this September and I have continued with my daily practice throughout this time. I am still astounded by the positive benefits of my daily practice, reiki has quite literally changed my life.

Working within the Health and Social Care sector, my job can often present me with challenges and the techniques utilised within your teachings have had a profound effect on how I manage these challenging situations. Being able to be mindful and present in the moment has enabled me to be aware of my reactions, to respond in a non-emotional way and has helped me remain calm under extreme pressure. De-escalating challenging situations and keeping my service users and myself safe is a major part of the job I do.

I wanted to congratulate you on the way the Home Study course is Person-Centred and allows us, as students, to study at our own pace. The feedback you provided throughout the course was reassuring, relevant and informative often presenting further consideration and other perspective to consider. The accompanying literature and audio CD are both of great benefit when studying, being able to draw on the learning material as and when required.

I loved the various meditations and exercises covered in the audio CD and found your narration both calming and comforting. I continue to utilise the audio recordings from time to time, especially when I am in need of the calming soothing tones found within. You really do have a most comforting tone.

In conclusion Taggart, Thank you for creating a course that is accessible, informative, person-centred and “life changing” I cannot recommend your course enough and would encourage anybody interested in energy work to seriously consider studying your course. I hope they find it as beneficial and life enhancing as I have”

Alistair Pearce, Wiltshire, October 2022


“Thank you so much for all your wisdom and feedback, i have absolutely loved my reiki journey to date and i look forward to developing myself as a practitioner. The course has been amazing throughout, and having done the one day in person course at first degree, which was a fabulous experience, i definitely feel as though doing my second degree by home study has really allowed me to develop to a much deeper level.

Thank you again for your knowledge and advice, it has been truly life changing for me. I would highly recommend the course!!”

Jo King, Teeside, March 2023


“What did you think of the course content? The course content was very comprehensive and well laid out. 
Did the course meet your expectations? The course more than met my expectations. 
What did you think of the course materials (manual and CDs)? The course materials were well written / well prepared and easy to understand. They really provided everything needed to move through the course. 
What are your comments about the live training, and your teacher, or the home study approach? The home study approach really suited me as — due to personal circumstances — I am not able to attend a weekend course. I do think this is a harder approach as much more is expected of you! It does allow you to get to grips with the energy work and learning over a longer period of time, which means it becomes much more integrated into your daily life. Taggart was extremely quick to respond to every email I sent. Taggart’s dedication to teaching combined with his substantial knowledge and experience really makes Reiki Evolution home study courses a unique opportunity in my view. I am very happy to have found this route to study and to have found Taggart as a teacher for my Reiki journey.”

Rebecca Wright, County Durham, March 2023